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Pdf Kindle Geocentrism 101 Author Robert A. Sungenis

Ndard cosmology book Cosmic background radiation is not evidence for the big bang Chapter 11 but it is evidence that the earth is the unmoving center of the universe Chapter 10 In fact Stonehenge aligns with geocentric cosmic background radiation story P217I had no idea that there. 227 format Paperback and others and has a text language like Engli.

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P38 Theoretically the 5 sextillion stars in the universe could be placed in such a way that they would counterbalance the gravity of the sun and eep it a safe distance from the Earth and accordingly the earth would act as the center of mass for the universeYup this is not your sta. Are many interesting things in this book 244 pages isbn 9781939856.

This is one of Sungenis s recent books defending Geocentrism the belief that the Earth is the unmoving center of the universe In the author s words P2 Did you now that experimental evidence from over one hundred years ago to the present day shows the Earth is motionless in space. Popular PDF Epub, Geocentrism 101 author Robert A. Sungenis There.

Robert Sungenis is the president of Catholic Apologetics International — an international evangelistic organization dedicated to teaching and defending the Catholic faith CAI produces books audio and video tapes holds conferences seminars and debates

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