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Oung rap pioneers such as Dr Dre and NWA to discover ingenious ways to create a profit and life for themselves outside of the doomed incarcerated and drug life threatening so many Black ghetto youth After watching the movie Straight Outta Compton I was compelled to learn about the history and culture of gangsta rap or as Ice Cube puts it reality rap This book is a good place to learn about the socio political and socio conomic circumstances against the black community that inspired the Simple Numbers, Straight Talk, Big Profits!: 4 Keys to Unlock Your Business Potential emergence of gangsta rap from the underground the basements and homes of some of rap music s most pioneering music makers A really greatxamination of gangsta rap culture and its rise to prominence The book is very sociological though The author uses a lot of huge words almost to prove she can use big words Besides having to reread numerous passages trying to figure out what they hell she was getting at it was a very informative book. His book xplains how and why this music genre merged In Nuthin'but a G Thang uinn argues that gangsta rap both reflected and reinforced the decline in black protest culture and the great rise in individualist and ntrepreneurial thinking that took place in the US after the 1970s Uncovering gangsta rap's deep roots in black working class xpressive culture she stresses the music's aesthetic pleasures and complexities that have often been ignored in critical account.

summary Nuthin' But A 'G' Thang: The Culture And Commerce Of Gangsta Rap (Popular Cultures, Everyday Lives)

Nuthin' But A 'G' Thang: The Culture And Commerce Of Gangsta Rap (Popular Cultures, Everyday Lives) E–pub New

Owledgement of women s power and importance and though like many other books I ve read there was this sense of leave the poor black men alone they go through Smokin' Hot enough maybe black women are kinda to blametc Placing Memory etc a very very interesting read To add to the intrigue the author is a Caucasian womansothere s that I ve been reading a ton about hip hop lately and this book was super fun and satisfying The chapters on bad man lore and tricksters werespecially tasty This book is useful to trace the beginnings of gangsta rap into mainstream America through the commercialization of its most prominent rappers notably Ice Cube uinn also delves into a generating force behind the development of gangsta rap as an nterprise the shift from American industrialization which left many ghetto peoples poor and unemployed and the government abandonment of local community organizations for its minority particularly black youth which left Ing uestions of black identity and race relations poverty and wealth gangsta rap represents one of the most profound influences on pop culture in the last thirty yearsFocusing on the artists Ice Cube Dr Dre the Geto Boys Snoop Dogg and Tupac Shakur uinn xplores the origins development and immense appeal of gangsta rap Including detailed readings in urban geography neoconservative politics subcultural formations black cultural debates and music industry conditions

Well it s interestingto a point After reading it I definitely know than I started with about Gangsta rap though I didn t get as much as I d hoped out of the book I felt like the multiethnic history of rap and hip hop was glossed over and the black versus white attitude mphasized too much Though Black women misogyny and female rappers weren t xplored in nearly half as much detail as males though the author makes this salacious claim that made me PAUSE Since gangsta lyrics are centrally preoccupied with dramatizing power relations I would argue that the opposite sex is implicitly and often Wanton Nights explicitly construed as powerful in gangsta rap The hard man strikes out at anything that threatens hisgo or stature If romantic partners possessed no power to injure and had little narrative importance then so much time would not be spent firing brutal verbal salvos in their direction in misogynist rap there lies the tacit ackn. In the late 1980s gangsta rap music While My Soldier Serves emerged in urban America giving voice to and making money for a social group widely considered to be in crisis young poor black men From its local origins gangsta rap went on to flood the mainstream generatingnormous popularity and profits Yet the highly charged lyrics public battles and hard fast lifestyles that characterize the genre have incited the anger of many public figures and proponents of family values Constantly ngag.

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