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Ions much uicker than the othersOverall a good book and a great way to learn about Canada outside of the history books and biographies The premise of the book is interesting but once I started reading it was not as compelling as I hoped it would be I wasn t able to make it past the irst section All of Dr Gray s work is abulousbut reading letters as primary sources of history certainly makes it come alive A great way to learn about our heritage as Canadians When s the last time you picked up a book and it inspired you to change something andor start implementing something new in your life and you actually did itFor me it was after I inished Canada A Portrait in Letters Anyone who knows me knows that I am. Ed illustrations including maps sketches and photographs Adding her own notes and commentary Gray creates a captivating portrait of a country rich in diversity and hope once a backwater of the British Empire that has matured to take its place among the world’s cultural and economic leadersLetters rom Norman Bethune • Sir Robert Borden • Emily Carr • Sir Winston Churchill • Robertson Davies • John Diefenbaker • Glenn Gould • Grey Owl • WL Mackenzie King • Pierre Laporte • Margaret Laurence • Sir Wilfrid Laurier • Sir John A MacDonald • Marshall McLuhan • LM Montgomery • Susanna Moodie • Farley Mowat • Emily Murphy • Lester B Pearson • Louis Riel • Tom Thomson • Catharine Parr Trail.

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Rspective rom a time when people actually put pen to paper knowing it might be months before the letter was read I good lesson in what and how people communicated in a different age They say letter writing is a lost art This book is uite uniue in its composition and I enjoyed learning about the secretive aspects of our Nation s history It s an intriguing collection of letters rom a range of Canadians that paints uite a picture or each century I Syncopated: An Anthology of Nonfiction Picto-Essays found there was uite a bit of repetition in some sections where itelt as if the same type of letter was included many times and I Are All Guys Assholes?: More Than 1,000 Guys in 10 Cities Reveal Why They're Not, Why They Sometimes Act Like They Are, and How Understanding Their ... Will Solve Your Guy Drama Once and For All found it hardest to read through those However there were some part of history that Iind interesting and therefore I read those sect. Rom exciting new perspectives and in What a Lass Wants frank intimate and often unexpected wordsReaders will see themselves in this book whether the connection is through a letter they might have written themselves or a letter datingrom their mother’s childhoods And letters penned in the irst decades of the nineteenth century though written in unfamiliar words will touch the reader with the immediacy and timelessness of the emotions they express loneliness excitement determination and prideIn Canada A Portrait in Letters renowned biographer and popular historian Charlotte Gray weaves together than two hundred letters written by Canadians both amous and ordinary These priceless documents are accompanied by a visual narrative of one hundr.

I love reding letters but it s not Mexican Hooker for everyone They are so insightful of the times we lived in The passionor this great country is sometimes hidden in the words Lovely book especially if you enjoy letter The League for the Suppression of Celery format I am not even a history buff but was nice to get up close and personal glimpses of Canadian Historyrom the point of view of amous people and Joe Public W Charlotte Gray has given to Canadians a sweet and uniue gift a portrait of us in a compilation of letters drawn rom our 19th and 20th centuries Suffice it to say that it s the scope of the whole that yields the portrait and gives you a Suspicion at Seven: A Lois Meade Mystery feelor a country and not any one letter though a ew are Interesting primary documents An interesting pe. In this rich and diverse collection of two centuries of letters renowned biographer Charlotte Gray gives us the inside story on how we came to be who we areAs the expression of one person’s thoughts ideas and emotions a letter offers a uniue and privileged look at a moment in history Whether written to a close riend or an entire nation a letter speaks volumes about the writer and his or her timeThis is history in the making in the The Day Fidel Died fragile moment before it is rendered into an official version its heroes and villains into two dimensional puppets In their letters those who have been actors in Canada’s defining junctures along with those who have lived through and been affected by them offer usamiliar historical moments

Charlotte Gray is one of Canada’s best known writers and author of eight acclaimed books of literary non fiction Born in Sheffield England and educated at Oxford University and the London School of Economics she began her writing career in England as a magazine editor and newspaper columnist After coming to Canada in 1979 she worked as a political commentator book reviewer and magazine col

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