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Of all I d like to address veryone who compared this novel to Harry PotterEvery book that reuires training at a school does not need to be compared to Harry Potter Don t get me wrong I love Harry Potter as much as the next person In fact it s Ostopathie crnienne : Manuel pratique even 2 on my Favourite Books of All Time list but 1 JK Rowling did not patent books about schools 2 Books about schoolsxisted long before Harry Potter cough Enid Blyton cough and 3 Books about schools will Keeper's Compendium: Blasphemous Knowledge Forbidden Secrets exist long after Harry Potter Comparisons to Harry Potter as marketing ploys really get on my nerves If there were magic being taught at this school I d understandbut they re being taught to be scholars and how the Library functions There is absolutely no magic in this book Well there is alchemy which isn t being taught but no spells or potions UghPSA As this is a dystopian novel it might interest you to know that there is also uite a bit of death in this novel which I found to be uite unexpected There are also a number of surprising twists and turnsInk Bone is centred around Jess who comes from a family of smugglers They smuggle books because the ownership of physical books is now illegal and punishable by death because when you steal a book you steal from the world in the year 2025 Everyone is given blanks which very much resemblesBooks on a tablet or a codex which is a In Over Her Head Chloe Babineaux Private Investigator expensive version of blanks and the books that are loaded onto there are strictly controlled The world is run in a dictatorship type manner by the Great Library who control the world s knowledge because asveryone knows knowledge is power The Library s motto is actually tota Säure-Basen-Einkaufsführer est scientia or knowledge is all The Library would rather the world go up in flames around them than let any harm come to the books People who work for the library wouldven die to protect the books from harm They also use automaton lions sphinxes and soldiers which are awfully scary There are many who protest the Library s control including the smugglers who profit from selling valuable books to those who can afford it and the Burners who set fires to the books and Color Atlas of Human Anatomy, Vol. 3 Nervous System and Sensory Organs even themselves in protest with Greek Fire We also have the perverted ink lickers whoat the books in order to completely possess its knowledge One of the best aspects of this novel however is its diversity All of the characters are from around world practice various religions and have different sexual orientations Scholar Christopher Wolfe and High Garda Captain Niccolo Santi are not only the children s mentors but also a wonderful gay couple Wolfe was actually my favourite character Jess Brightwell and Morgan Hault are both English and so bloody cute Glain Wathen is Welsh yet also the bad arse muscle out of them all Thomas Schreiber is a German inventor and a giant teddy bear 3 Dario Santiago is a pompous Spaniard LOL And finally Khalila Seif is a Saudi Arabian Muslim genius And I absolutely love The Facial Nerve every single one of them yesven Dario haha All of these characters meet at the Great Library of Alexandria in Egypt in order to fight for their places within the Library s workforce Some will Surgery for Cochlear and Other Auditory Implants end up as Scholars archivists others willnd up as part of the Garda soldiers and in rare instances others will Uncommon Leadership: How to Build Competitive Advantage by Thinking Differently end up as Obscurists alchemistsIf you haven t tried this book yet I highly recommend it Amongst the plethora of YA dystopia this is definitely a hidden gem D THERE IS A HIJABI IN THISA HIJABIIN YA FANTASYI M CRYING SO MUCHGIIIMMMMMEEEEE DNF page 37Dry Dry DRYI gave this book 37 pages but I didn t feel anything for it Despite having an interesting premise that would appeal to most bibliophiles I felt like there was nothing there to hook me immediately There were animatronic lions and statues and then steam powered carriages for some reason this book is set in the near future so it was really odd It felt like a smattering of other successful stories right now in the market had bits picked from them and this was what was trying to be cobbled out of it Let s notven mention the we have to keep books read ducation from commoners thingThere s just no warmth or heart here to keep me interested Dear bookworms of the world You need this book in your life If you don t buy read and love this as much as I did well I ain t gonna be your friend no With much love Faye Okay I kid I ll still be your friend nevertheless but do you think I m kidding about the awesomeness of this book Let me tell you something I don t always give books 5 stars But when I do there are two categories 5 stars and 5 fucking fantastic starsWhen you have a story with a male hero who fricking loves books in an alternate history fantasy setting who travels with a group of amazing friends and a sarcastic strict likeable mentor and who ventually goes against a LIBRARY CORPORATION that is keen on controlling how books are used and made well I m sorry but doesn t that just scream 5 fucking fantastic stars to youI really really really love this book I read it with an open mind a month ago not knowing of the premise or t REREAD June 2017Because I remember NOTHING I decided to reread this before heading onwards with the series And omg I m so glad I did This book is precious and so book loving and the appreciation for novels is just giving me life I nearly up it to 5 stars but the romance still annoys me AlasAlso fyi the audiobook is incredible The narrator is British and Jess London accent is my favourite thing The narrator puts so so much Multichannel Marketing Ecosystems emotion into it it just made the book come really alive Plus Wolfe has a Scottish accent and I m 5000% a fanuick Bucket Of Newish Thoughts Jess is actually adorable and my favourite I still wish we knew about Brendan THE LEVEL OF BOOK LOVING IS AMAZING Like Jess is traumatised from seeing someoneat a book Same son same I still don t really understand the Extending Symfony 2 Web Application Framework entire magic system The library sucks man Wolfe x Santi are the ultimate ship in this book I still am peeved at how Jess gets so consumed with Morgan that he packs up his brain into a hollow bucket and posts it to Guadeloupe I mean Mate Focus here Morgan is also like one foot in the manic pixie dream girl grave KAHLEELAAAAAAA She wears a hijab and is the smartest and also the best 3 I find it ironic how opposed to fake books this is and like I m legit sitting here listening to an audio instead of an actual physical copy HA I forgot what Thomas did for Jess at thend hoLD me I m crying i HAVE SO MANY EMOTIONS I REALLY LOVE THIS BOOK DARK PSYCHO LIBRARY SYSTEMS Bring me the seuel ORIGINAL REVIEW August 2015 XCuSE mE I CAn T BrEAThE It s a book about books ABOUT BOOKS It s about book smuggling and book burning and book controlling It s incrediblealthough to be honest I did have a rather long list of uibbles about it But I njoyed it I really Ritual Alliances of the Putian Plain: Volume Two: A Survey of Village Temples and Ritual Activities enjoyed it The characters were complex AND DIVERSE OMG I AM SO HAPPY and the story wasxciting and bookish and bloody The last 50 pages gave me goosebumps AND made me suawk a laugh out loud Although that might ve been a trauma laugh Probably STILL I love this bookIt s set in an Alternate Universe So not dystopian It s like a fantasy world set in 2025 where owning your own books is illegal The Alexandria Library never got destroyed and kinda controls verything And I mean verything It s got a very 19th century vibe to it so I figure that s when the printing press SHOULD have been invented but since it wasn t they killed the dude who invented it okay Wish You Were Here: An Essential Guide to Your Favorite Music Scenes—from Punk to Indie and Everything in Between everyone is really rather stuck in thatra Books progression I have to admit though the world building confused me There s magic Maybe They can like send bookspeoplethings with a kind of teleportation And they have these blank books that can be written in and wiped by the Weird Controlling Library People SO IS THIS MAGIC OR SCIENCE OR WHAT I was so confused It actually soured the beginning of the book for me Like in particular the book starts off with Jess as a 10yo smuggling a book across town BY RUNNING Doesn t running draw attention to you I have no idea why he wasn t sneaking but instead running and I have no idea why when he passed this line or something The Day Christ Was Born everyone stopped chasing him THE BEGINNING OF THE BOOK MAKES 0% SENSE TO ME Buuuutworldbuilding aside I seriously loved it I really loved Jess He was a pretty non nonsense sort of guy but he liked books Like LOVED books Like he will risk bodily harm to protect a book Omg I love you Jess His family are all book smugglers too but his dad wanted him to sign up for the tricky task of getting hired by the Alexandria Library sobasically he d have an inside mole I love books about families I only wish this was MORE about the smuggling side but I think that ll come in later books Jess also has a twin Brenden who seems like a regular adorable psychopath Exciting I hope he features in the next books tooThere s also a stack of other characters Seriously i You have ink in your blood boy and no help for it Books will never be just a business to you Few people if any havever set yes on a book in Jess Brightwell s London And yet no one is illiterate and writing is consider. Jess Brightwell believes in the value of the Library but the majority of his knowledge comes from illegal books obtained by his family who are involved in the thriving black market Jess has been sent to be his family’s spy but his loyalties are tested in the final months of his tra.

GIVEAWAY find out the title of the seuel to Ink and Bone and win in a copy of Ink and Bone Review posted on The Eater of Books blogInk and Bone by Rachel CaineBook One of The Great Library seriesPublisher NALPublication Date July 7 2015Rating 4 starsSource Review copy sent by the publisherSummary from GoodreadsIn an xhilarating new series New York Times bestselling author Rachel Caine rewrites history creating a dangerous world where the Great Library of Alexandria has survived the test of timeRuthless and supremely powerful the Great Library is now a presence in The Seventh Witch every major city governing the flow of knowledge to the masses Alchemy allows the Library to deliver the content of the greatest works of history instantly but the personal ownership of books isxpressly forbiddenJess Brightwell believes in the value of the Library but the majority of his knowledge comes from illegal books obtained by his family who are involved in the thriving black market Jess has been sent to be his family s spy but his loyalties are tested in the final months of his training to And the Miss Ran Away with the Rake enter the Library s serviceWhen he inadvertently commits heresy by creating a device that could change the world Jess discovers that those who control the Great Library believe that knowledge is valuable than any human life and soon both heretics and books will burnWhat I LikedMy first Rachel Caine read Isn t it pretty Take a look at the spine if you have a print copy hardcoverspecially so gorgeous It reminds of how the spines of old books used to be Not flashy with the book s title printed across but very much like an old bound book s spine Excellent work there NAL with the book s spine and cover And Trickle Down Tyranny: Crushing Obama's Dream of the Socialist States of America excellent work Caine for writing a very intriguing novel which InjoyedJess comes from a family of book smugglers in a time in which it is illegal to own printed novels Everything can be accessed from the Great Library in Alexandria but owning books is against the law Jess is sent by his father to the library to train with other students to get a position in the Great Librarian but also to be a spy for his family and get books his family to smuggle But soon Jess realizes that much is at stake than his family s business and that the Great Library isn t what it seems His loyalties will be tested in many ways and Jess will be forced to choose a sideThis book is so OMINOUS Right from the start I was slightly worried for Jess The The Pocket Wife entire book has a suspenseful and dark tone I was always wondering when Jess would get caught or when the next person would dietc I was on the The Color of Our Sky edge of my seat trying to figure out what would happen next This book moves a bit slow but the mood is very dark and ominous Someone was always being killed or worried about it Scary Not that the book is scary But dealing with print books and hiding who you are a print book smuggler would make anyone uneasy to say the leastThis book is written in third person limited to Jess Jess is a very intelligent boy who really appreciates print books His father is very hard on him and sends him on deliveries all the time instead of his time brother Brendan And then Jess s father pays to have him take thexams to receive ducation at the Great Library With about twenty other students Jess goes to Alexandria Jess is uiet yet clever nimble and street smart A jack of all trades I think I like him though I struggled a bit to connect with him initiallyThe supporting characters are one of the best and most well written part of this book Jess is the protagonist but there are several other students that play critical roles in this novel There were twenty at first but only six spots are open Dario Jess s roommate in Alexandria is a handful but I think I like him when he was first introduced but he s a handful Khalila is a poised and intelligent girl Thomas is a friendly giant with a very creative ngineering mind Glain is a cold Welsh girl Morgan is a late arrival mysterious and odd Wolfe is the Scholar who is in charge of the students and he is ruthless and a bit scary Captain Santi keeps guard of the students and Scholar Wolfe might be my favorite character He s an interesting one once you get to know him All of these characters are You might start out disliking one or two but will fall for all of them by the Obsession endThere IS romance in this book And I love it because for about 80% of the book the romance is pretty much not important It doesn t really start arising until about 50% of the book butven then it s just there It s not a plot mover it s not all Cabaret: A Roman Riddle encompassing or consuming It s sweet and I love watching Jess fall for the girl It s a subtle romance though you know it s coming when the characters meet No love triangle And to make things better there are other pairs of characters involved in their own romances in the book as well One made me particularly happy one the train is when weJess makes the discovery you ll know which I mean when you read the book I KNEW ITSpeaking of I KNEW IT there was somethinglse in this book that I had my suspicions about from the beginning AND I WAS RIGHT I m very paranoid and suspicious and as soon as I read about this one thing in the book I was like hmmm but couldn t they be doing this with this and I was right Very vague I know but I m feeling triumphant Good instincts will catch itThe characterization is really good Jess grows a great deal in this book He has to choose sides and paths and decisions again and again over and over and he proves his intelligence and perceptiveness and maturity over and over I personally thought he developed uite a bit as a character and not just him He reminded me a bit of Darrow from Pierce Brown s Red RisingThe world building is amazing Caine is a painter with words the setting and imagery and descriptions are captivating and lovely There are many different scenerylandscapes in this book and Caine makes ach one uniue in its own way The world building is very well written Caine definitely did a good job of creating this world and story Though I can t wait to dig deeper in the next booksThe plot is slow I will say that as a negative below the story moves slowly It s an interesting story and I was anxious while reading I see this as a good thing but the plot is slow There is plenty of scheming and deaths and betrayals and twists and true natures revealed and all kinds of shenanigans The nding had me sad and angry and scared and wanting much much In a positive way if that makes senseOverall I very much njoyed this book I m looking forward to the next volume in this series I need it So many things to be fixedWhat I Did Not LikeLike I said above this book s pacing is slow It took me longer than usual to read this one and obviously it s not due to the book s length this book is short or genre it s a futuristic fantasy type which I do love The story is very interesting and I was never bored but it s a slow moving book in my opinion Would I Recommend ItYes I would Fantasy fans contemporary fans basically anyone who likes books try the book about books This book was pretty impressive and definitely got me thinking about books in general I could not live without my print books Anyway this is a Young Adult book but it is highly suitable for adults It almost reads like an adult book Younger teens could read this one the content isn t too bad the violence is the heaviest stuff and it s not badRating4 stars My first Rachel Caine book a successful I m not sure I ll ver read her vampire series but I know I ll be continuing with this one So I d just like to point out that I was a weird child growing up I adored mythology than any other type of bedtime story and I began reading both The Iliad and The Odyssey at age 10 I know weird Having said that I was heartbroken when I later discovered that these were the only two Ancient Greek All Roads Lead Home epics surviving out of theight that were written now known as the Epic Cycle The thought of destroyed books makes me despair in agony Now I m certain that I m not the only person who still gets motional over the destruction of the Library of Alexandria ALL OF THOSE BOOKSGONE GONE FOREVER NEVER TO BE SEEN OR READ EVER AGAIN Luckily Ink Bone brings into uestionwhat if the Library of Alexandria had never been destroyedWell according to Rachel Caine had the Library of Alexandria survived the world would be Fahrenheit 451 on steroids Finally I ve come across a dystopian novel that I ve genuinely njoyed This was sooo original and I loved very second of it Thus I am awarding this novel 45 stars They ve all got stories Jess thought I need to know them Best of all he could know them He could learn anything here It felt like limitless possibilities I m not going to lie I considered putting this on hold for a second time whilst I struggled to get through the Prologue and Chapter One But once Chapter Two began the plot was so well paced for the remainder of the novel that it completely made up for it Despite this being a very short book only 350 ish pages it feels much longer but it s completely worth itFirst. Ruthless and supremely powerful the Great Library is now a presence in very major city governing the flow of knowledge to the masses Alchemy allows the Library to deliver the content of the greatest works of history instantly but the personal ownership of books is xpressly forbidden.

Ed sacred across the worldInstead of books veryone has blanks think reader but run by alchemy and magic where they can rent as many books as they want respond to messages and conduct their lessons on But no one has a book as in an actual printed book because having one is punishable by deathJess Brightwell and his family are book smugglers They find printed copies of books and sell them to the highest bidder And if they get caught they will hangJess father decides he wants an inside man Someone who could have access to the handwritten texts of the greats and who could influence the right people to turn a blind ye And so Jess is going to apply for one of the most dangerous grueling and brutal jobs in the world He s going to become a Librarian The first purpose of a librarian is to preserve and defend our books Sometimes that means dying for them or making someone lse die for them The Great Library of Alexandria has spread its tendrils in very major country It promotes literacy while keeping the population in check The Great Library may have once been a boon but what is it today What does it give us It suppresses It stifles Jess and 30 other students from across the world compete for six librarian spots uickly they realize that this will be no picnicAnyone can be sent home at any time And Jess is learning that the world isn t uite as stable as the Great Library wants them to thinkJess is fairly confident he can make itbut the longer he stays the he realizes that he has no idea of how or Just Cause even if he canver get outWhat a brilliant start to a seriesIt s so rare to get a YA series with a male lead this ntire book was a breath of fresh air Jess was down to arth ntertaining and absolutely ndearing Watching his struggle as he transitions from a scared kid to a bold survivor definitely kept me hookedI m also so impressed by Caine s world building She took such a fundamental concept the printed word and built a society around its absence I was thoroughly fascinated by how she just took this idea and ran with it though as a huge library lover I did have a really difficult time associating anything negative with librariesOverall I cannot wait to read what she writes next With thanks to Berkley Publishing for sending me a free copy in xchange for an honest reviewYouTube Blog Instagram Twitter Snapchat mirandareads Happy Reading Phew What a journey this book was I ve read books about books before but nothing comparable to this one I presently have a great deal of motions inside me because of this story and really I had no idea that this author would be so ruthless You have no clue how many people die how many deceptions and manipulations occur It was a journey because when you look at the first and last chapters you realize how much happened how much changed and how things will never be how they were beforeThe beginning was lent xtremely so I almost regretted buying the hardcover after reading the first chapters The writing felt so methodical and I simply couldn t find it in myself to care for anyone Jess lives in a family of book smugglers which when you think about it looks pretty darn interesting For me things got truly interesting when he got admitted to this special school to study the library and its lements something I had no idea would happen before starting it can I just mention that I love delightful surprises and boarding schools A very delightful surprise indeed as we met plenty of new characters with uniue personalities From that moment characters Jess mostly stopped feeling one dimensional and I stopped thinking of the writing as being xtremely methodicalJess was a character who didn t share much about himself Since this story was narrated in the third person you can imagine how that made it difficult to connect or warm up to him Luckily him being the hero after a while you get used to his introverted self and can definitely guess what his feelings can be toward whatever person or situation since they were rarely thoroughly described detailed My favorite characters turned out to be Wolfe and Santi who are both mentors well the first is and the second always assisting him This hopefully doesn t come as a surprise if you know in the slightest bit how I love my characters to be but you ll understand better when reading I m only going to say yay diversityEven if you don t nd up caring too Fiesta Moon evidently about the characters or may guess that you wouldn t it s still worth reading if only to take a dive into the world building which I have to say was completelyngrossing I bet you ll want to swim for a little while in it Writing this review I keep thinking of the fact that the next instalment will be in my hands in about a year and I m truthfully sad because I really really came to love so much about this series Even the Harry Potter similarities there were a tiny few didn t bother me in the nd although they struck me during my readingA solid book I am on book tour currently and now appreciate very author who The Taste of Night ever lived because this stuff is CRAY It s like doing a convention for 3 weeks straight but you re flying to different citiesvery day and since i m a REALLY picky sleeper I m starting to feel like someone s trying to murder me if the bed has a low thread count Anyway I loaded my Kindle up with reads in anticipation of traveling a lot and this book was 1 on my list to get to first And I loved itI m a big fan of Rachel Caine from her romance novels and I know her in real life because I fanned out when I met her over her books several years ago haha She wrote a few series we ve read in my Vaginal Fantasy book club so imagine my surprise when I read this and it s not a girlie romance at all it s a YA novel with a boy protagonist And it s SO GOOD This series is a fantasy love letter to books When I was reading it all I could think about was how much I loved going into a library as a kid and flipping through the books and finding new worlds How it was forbidden to draw in a book and how terrible it was to mess one up in the slightest Books were special This series is set in an alt world where printing presses don t xist the Library in Alexandria never was burnt and knowledge is controlled by an all powerful Library capital letter Our hero is a member of a family who smuggles actual books so you re dropped immediately into a fantasy world that s rich with conflict Anyway I don t want to give away but there are amazing themes about freedom and the average person s right to knowledge as well as the permeating feeling of REVERENCE towards books I felt very guilty that I was reading it on a kindle lol and wanted to run out and buy a real live book immediately after reading Anyway if you love books this is a great read It s YA in tone but not too kiddie there s some dramatic stuff that happens but it sets up for some great twists in the next book which I ll be sure to pick up A uick fun read We re nothing but secrets Books alchemy secret tunnels books friendships rivalries books and villains who become heroes Oh and did I mention books Oh so many booksI might complain very time I read that ridiculous X meets Y marketing strategy but I have to admit that Harry Potter meets The Book Thief meets Fahrenheit 451 is a pretty good descriptor for this book The main character Jess is indeed a book thief and they re are people called Burners who you guessed it burn books for political protest in this alternate world where the Great Library rules The truth was what the library wanted it to be So you might be wondering where the Harry Potter part comes in Well let s imagine for a second that HP wasn t so much about wizards as it was about alchemists and that Harry didn t go to Hogwarts but instead went to The Great Library in Alexandria Egypt Where there are teachers who may or may not be The Trust evil leaders who almost certainly can t be trusted and all the friendships and rivalries you wouldxpect from teenagers competing to be scholarsI can t say it s a perfect book but it is damn A Scandalous Regency Christmas entertaining From the beautiful descriptions of Alexandria to the frightening presence of the Library s leaders from the competition to the importance of friendship and the mix of funny and touching friendship dynamics Everyone has secrets and the bad guys might not be what you firstxpectAfter this wonderful diverse cast of characters my favourite thing has to be the books Ink and Bone is about love for books the power of books the lengths people will go to for books Also though this may be unintentional I got a sense of an underlying symbolism about the difference between The Return ebooks and physical books in our world Ebooks are convenient universal I read them all the time but does anythingver really compare to having the physical ink and paper in your handsA fast paced xciting read No cliffhanger but perfectly set up for the seuel I can t waitEdit And just in case you were wondering I didn t like the Morganville Vampires series and that had no bearing on my njoyment of thisBlog Facebook Twitter Instagram Tumblr Youtub. Ining to nter the Library’s service When his friend inadvertently commits heresy by creating a device that could change the world Jess discovers that those who control the Great Library believe that knowledge is valuable than any human life and soon both heretics and books will bur.

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