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Rown up in the 1960 s when bowling was a popular participation and spectator sport My parents gave me a toy bowling set and I spent hours playing with it in our basement I eveloped my four step Celtic Plant Magic: A Workbook for Alchemical Sex Rituals delivery there Iidn t have room for five I watched Championship Bowling every week first hosted by Fred Wolf and later by Jack Drees Those were three game matches by the greats Don Carter Dick Weber Ray Bluth Harry Smith and so many others I was also a regular viewer of the PBA TOUR on ABC with Chris Schenkel and Billy Welu later Nelson Burton Jr That s where I first saw the Bicentennial Kid Ernie Schlegel This book brought back many wonderful memories of Saturday mornings bowling in junior league and in adult leagues eventually a senior league I found the action bowling portion of the book to be a little long and repetitive Bets bowling and brawling sum it up Unfortunately there are only so many ways to Reading Contemporary African American Literature describe a strike but Iid appreciate learning about the nuances of the game such as reading lanes For baby boomers this book would have appeal Four stars with a wobbly ten pin An interesting premise but a Southern African Literature: An Introduction disappointment in the execution In particualr I found three major problems with itFirst rather than being a general account of the subject this is a biography of a single bowler and while this could admittedly be inferred from the sub title it is mostecidedly not made clear to the general publicSecond While it is a few times alluded to mentions of child support payments and adult children the author has for undisclosed reasons intentionally censored portions of his main subjects life One could speculate that he bartered Happy Alchemy: On the Pleasures of Music and the Theatre discretion for access or is attempting to protect a selfescribed hero of his but the reason is immaterial the offense stands Third Describing individual bowling matches is boring enough with only two characters irectly involved in any contest and a limited number of outcomes but to never included score sheets or in many cases even scoresis supremely unhelpful. Action captures the underbelly of 1960s and '70s New York and tells the true story of how the most notorious action bowler of all time became a Hall of Famer Set in the gritty flashy lost world of action bowling Gianmarc Manzione tells an epic tale filled with seedy characters uproarious eccentricities improbable twists of fate and a rags to riches narrative so crazy it has to be true.

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Started out great but then got overly repetitive Fight gamble loan shark rivalry fight loan shark gamble fight rivalry fight overly explain bowling fight gamble overly explain bowling This is just not that good It started off promising there s a confidence to the writing it s a world I know nothing about so I could learn a lot it starts with a whole bunch of colorful characters and Manzione s passion for the subject is evident and real But it Gem is Mine but Heart is Yours didn t take long for me to see that the confidence isn t necessarilyeserved the cast wasn t being used well and I wasn t going to learn all that much at least not right away it turned out and while he cared a lot I just idn t Eventually around the half way point the book found its way and became tolerable but by then it was too late Manzione had already lost meThe first few chapters are a hodgepodge of stories about the Action Bowling scene in and around NYC in the 1960s They center around wunderkind Ernie Schlegel but Manzione spreads the wealth telling stories about several bowlers of similar aptitudes at the time But really these chapters aren t a stories of bowling they re stories about small time gangsters see the subtitle think of some of the small anecdotes in Wiseguy told without Pileggi s style The bowling s just an excuse for criminal andor stupid behaviorThe last half of the book is all about Schlegel s professional career from the rocky start to accomplished but not championship heyday to the last bits of glory This is the best part of the book no oubt about it But Manzione has BWWM (Interracial African American Billionaire Baby Romance Marriage Urban) 16 (Interracial African American Billionaire Baby Romance Marriage Urban) 16: Billionaires Secret Baby (Interracial African American Romance Urban Baby Romance Short Stories) difficulty maintaining the story line keeping the narrative tension going and basically becomes rabid fanboy I ve got no beef with rabid fanboys readers of my reviews or blog know I can go that way myself but itidn t fit hereThe greatest weakness of this book has to be the writing Manzione has a tendency to nest stories in other stories that in other stories worse than Inception It My Hero Academia d be pretty easy to lose track of the ball when he soing this. Most of us think of bowling as a sport in uotation marks and bowling alleys are places with Gotham Academy, Volume 3: Yearbook disco balls matching shirts and funny shoes But in the 1960s New York City was the center of action bowling a form of high stakes gambling in which bowlers often teenagers faced off for thousands ofollars every night When money like that is changing hands you can bet the pressure is on and the.

He freuently seems to operate on the philosophy never use one sentence when you could use three instead Throughout there s an overuseover reliance on superlatives And lastly I m not sure how many AliFrazier metaphors one book can take but it s less than this one triesOne unexpected pleasure for me was that as a long time listener to The Nerdist podcast it was fun reading so much about Billy HardwickJust can t recommend this one it wasn t horrible but I m sure there are better books about professional or gambling enhanced amateur bowling out there for anyone who s looking for that The first half is half Warriorshalf The Hustler The second half follows one bowler on the PBA and is uite boring I recommend reading the first half for 60 s NYCgambling story fans It was of a biography which I Diamond in the Dark didn t mind but not what i was expecting StrikeA book filled with guys who play with ten pound balls yet somehow it is nowhere asirty as it sounds A fascinating story that ips a little and finishes strong with a climactic match late in Ernie Schlegel s career It isn t perfect but it s a great introduction to the golden age of bowling and its seedy underbelly which informs the flamboyant aspects of the game today I pretty sure that if you enjoy the sport of bowling this book will be right up your alley I thought it was very good I just wish I loved bowling than I actually o Having read this I will The Devil’s Historians How Modern Extremists Abuse the Medieval Past definitely never be able to watch bowling on TV the same way ever again I am a life long bowler so my review is biased Still I found the first half of the book where Manzioneetails the late nights hustlers bowled for thousands of The African American Odyssey Volume 2 dollars per game with gangsters betting and watching in the background incredibly gripping The second half of the book which focuses on Ernie Schlegel s career as a pro bowler was less interesting but it still contains Manzione s sarcastic humorIf you re a bowler or someone who loves gambling you ll enjoy the first half of this book at least I was blessed to have Balls are rigged and losses come withire conseuences But for a few kids the world of action bowling would turn out to be a ticket off the mean streets and onto the Professional Bowlers Association Tour For Ernie Schlegel it would be a chance to shed his hustler ways and become a bonafide championFor the than 100 million bowlers worldwide and for fans of timeless sports histories Pin.

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