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EBOOK DOWNLOAD (Going Om Real Life Stories On and Off the Yoga Mat) ✓ Melissa Carroll

Ously This book is a gem the stories range from madly funny love the Broga The Um Sexy Yoga essays to heartbreaking and poignant Elizabeth Kadetsky s story about her mother with Alzheimer s is particularly raw and real Like a playlist of beautiful I d give it 35 some essays were ite good Nice easy read for someone wants to get Leaders Eat Last understanding about how yoga can impact you as a person The layout was fun A nice collections of stories However I was expecting the story to have depth at times Overall an easy read if you want something light and fun Cheesy title lovely book Short well written true stories about being the other woman being overweight being your mother s caregiver etc While they re written around the yoga theme I felt many stories could have ditched the yoga references and been even stronger Overall though thoroughly enjoyable I was a bit sceptical of a Yoga anthology particularly as the authors were referred to as Literati but the book really worked I liked the way the anthology was splitp into 16 short stories based on Breathe Balance Sweat and Let Go A number of great Yoga tales both on and off the mat Lovely collection of ess. Others Going Om shares a range of observations about this popular practice Unlike books on yoga that provide instruction on techniue Going Om is a La muralla verde uniue collection of personal narratives from celebrated authors This anthology of original material values theality of writing over the authors' flexibility Ira Sukrungruang shares his heartbreaking

A few essays are five stars and a few are one stars I figured this is the average I found several of the essays insightful and interesting while others were meh for me I would recommend this book to anyone who does yoga and enjoys reading about yoga I think most people would find at least one or two interesting essays in this book to enjoy Enjoyable collection of essays from several writers talking about their lives and how yoga plays a part in their lives in some way Some of the essays reminded me why I started practicing in the first place which I really enjoyed Not to mention I always enjoy reading about other people s experiences with yoga This book is a collection of essays about how the practice of yoga influences individuals perspectives on life I do not do yoga but I m flirting with the idea of doing it after dabbling in it a little during the beginning of COVID lockdown I sed to dismiss the idea of yoga as New Agey and not for me totally inferior to cardio but my feelings about it have definitely changed over time This book edited by a Tampa yoga teacher incidentally is one step on the path getting me closer to practicing yoga seri. With candid witty and compelling experiences of yoga from renowned memoirists including Cheryl Strayed author of the number one New York Times bestseller Wild Claire Dederer author of national bestseller Poser My Life in 23 Yoga Poses Dinty W Moore author of The Accidental Buddhist Neal Pollack author of Stretch The Making of a Yoga Dude and many.


Ays that span from managing a mother with Alzheimers to being the first college graduate to relationships to being heavy divorce kids dogs pain death life and the yogi who hates to call himsefl a yogi All touching back to yoga in all of it s marvelous incantationsThe framework of four topics Breath Balance Sweat Let Go gave a luscious flow to the chapters and had some sparkling surprises and only a few for me essays that landed with a thuduotes that were particularly sparkly Body Replies Want fat people do this To hide ourselves we exaggerate another part of our personalitiesDuet in Song and Smoke I imagine my ribcage a cathedral full of space gorgeous stuff Makes me take a deep inhale just reading this lineSitting Doggietations and The Unknown Knowns The last time I saw Mary I was having an affair with her husband Whaaaaaaat to the what So many swerves as another author speaks of in a later essaySonya Huber There s nothing inherently wrong with that our with sDinty W Moore So I live an imbalance Against the Pursuit of Happiness A Meditation I didn t take the class but I hated it anywaySwerve Problems got fixed by adding to faulty infrastructur. Truggle as a 375 pound yoga student discovering self worth on his mat; Gloria Munoz explores the practice of stillness with lyrical elegance in the midst of her busy mind; Neal Pollack's signature sarcasm leads to surprising turns at yoga class with his dad; Elizabeth Kadetsky ses yogic wisdom while coping with her mother's devastating Alzheimer'.


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