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Nd find a way to move on Bunny did a wonderful job on this book Her strength throughout this book is inspiring She has overcome so many obstacles Still she continues D ironically in settings that should shelter and protect home and church Within these sacred spaces a child is abused and a young woman is raped by her minister and told “God wanted me to do it” Ultimately though this is a story of victory over those who shamed her renounced he.

Interesting memoir about broken trust and horrible xperiences at the hands of people in positions of trustAnd yet Unholy Union is also a story of being able to heal Unholy Union the Powerful New Memoir by Minister Bunny Stevens Exposes the Betrayal and Brutality of Sexual Abuse and One Woman’s Inspiring Journey of Faith and TriumphIn Unholy Union Bunny Stevens takes the reader on a harrowing journey through the darkest of betrayals occasione.

N the fight to make her story known Let her strength be contagious and her voice be heardThis abuse will go on if we continue to keep silent Keep up the great work Bunn. R and commanded her to “go away and tell no one” In Unholy Union the author breaks her 50 year silence With heartbreaking transparency she tells us what no one wants to believe can actually happen Then she tells us who ultimately winsView the Book Trailer at wwwUnholyUnionBookc.

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