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Ne should not put faith in the system especially if you know that you did not commit the crime You ve got so many people that have not committed any crimes and yet they take a plea bargain because they are afraid of going to trial and osing That s a real fear And this is what our criminal justice system has come toThis book oses a couple of stars because it really needed an editor But overall it is a great read Justice While Black Helping African American Families Navigate and. Advice on how to deal with specific egal situations the threat of arrest being arrested being in custody preparing for and undergoing a trial and navigating the appeals and parole process The primary goal of this book is to become a primer for African Americans on how to avoid becoming ensnared in the criminal justice systemWhile the precarious safety of black males has received renewed int.

I m really saddened that a book Contingent Lives: Fertility, Time, and Aging in West Africa like this is necessary Some of the topics presented should not have been solely for African Americans There are numerous people that do not understand our criminal justice system For example the whole section of plea bargaining I found that most people do not understand this That if you plea you are admitting guilt to the offense foress time than if you go to trial supposedly Or you could end up doing time if you were found not guilty at trial Justice While Black is a must read for every young black male in America and for everyone else who cares about their survival and well being This is a first of its kind essential guide for African American families about how to understand the criminal justice system and about why that system continues to see black men as targets and as dollar signsThe book provides practical straightforward.

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Survive the Criminal Justice System is as the subtitle implies a how to guide for African American families dealing with the criminal justice system The manual is written by Robbin Shipp Es an African A A Must Read This book does an excellent job at examining the history of African Americans and aw enforcement Reading this book has been an enlightening experience offering real advice and guidelines for dealing with traffic stops and even being stopped on foot I m sure this boo. Erest in the past year because of the deaths of teenagers Trayvon Martin and Jordan Davis the fact is that this group has always been under threat from the armed guardians of the white social order The tactics have been modernized but the impact is still devastating we are witnessing an epic criminalization of the African American community at evels never before seen since the end of slaver.

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