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Dog Aliens 1 Raffle s Name by Cherise Kelley is an amusing tale narrated by Raffles currently iving in his 99th dog body You see Raffles is not from Earth In fact NO dog originally is from Earth Aliens from two planets came to Earth eons ago to mine a substance needed on their home planets a substance completely unknown and unnecessary to humans This element is called Jex by the aliens The two alien species and their home planets are the Kaxians from Kax and the Niues from Niue Humans unwittingly differentiate between the two species by characterizing the Kaxians as big dogs and the Niues as ittle dogs The two species do not ike each other and don t miss an opportunity to annoy each other especially when their humans aren t nearby Even when their humans ARE nearby the alien If It’s Monday It Must Be Madurai: A Conducted Tour of India language sounds justike barking to humans so the provocation continues unabatedThis story is considerably entertaining than the previous paragraphs might Maker Lab: 28 Super Cool Projects lead you to believe As a matter of fact the primary purpose of the book is to encourage people to adopt dogs from theirocal Humane Society shelters It accomplishes that by artfully weaving into the story The Monk as Man: The Unknown Life of Swami Vivekananda line several visits to the dog shelter Conseuently this story is not only entertaining but has a very serious message for its readers The author very cleverly creates an authentic if fictional interplay between the humans the big dogs theittle dogs the Jex mining operation and the candid diversity in how different people treat their pets Fortunately for these fictional alien dogs if they die they are reborn as a new puppy Unfortunately for non fictional dogs when they die they stay dead This entertaining tale The Tomb of Iuchiban leaves the reader with an enhanced awareness of the plight of many dogs in the US and the world That aspect of the story is a sad one but one the author hopes to change by increasing public awareness I strongly recommend this book for any human with a heart for dogs regardless of the reader s age I forgot how I firstearned about this book but I m so glad it crossed my path I am a dog over 100% Have grown up with them and have had my Keeshond Leo since he was 6 weeks old he will be 13 at the end of June 2013 This book about dog aliens and their intelligence totally reminded me of Leo and his intelligence Therefore the book was engaging and funny Especially the interactions between the Kaxians big dogs and the Niues small dogs It reminds me of a crazy story a friend and I made back for our middle school english class about caterpillars vs worms of optimal intelligence Cappies vs Wormies that ived on Earth unbeknownst to humans I really hope this author finds the time and funds in order to keep writing about the dog aliens For those who might think that this is a childish portrayal of dogs it really is not It is a well thought out and yes sillyfunny story But it also makes you wonder about how smart your dog really is And that in itself is fun to do since we I m assuming from conversations with other dog people all wish we could understand our furry friends better Life is about to change for Clem His human is mad at Clem for always digging a hole to. Clem is a dog with a secret he is an alien from outer space Every morning he digs out of his yard to join his fellow Kaxians So far his humans have just filled in the holes so he should be fine right But Clem must keep his secretNo humans can know that do.

Dog Aliens 1 Dog Aliens #1 (FREE)

Is friends mine the mineral and transport it to a space ship But one day he s Advanced First Aid, CPR, and AED (Orange Book) late returning and the hole is discovered Instead of being reprimanded his master abandons him and he seft to try and find his way back to his Kaxian friends What begins is an exciting adventure as Clem not only discovers his telepathic powers but bonds with oving owners who change his name The well written and imaginative plot sends a strong message about the abuse and abandonment of animals Even visitat I was sent a review copy of Dog Aliens 1 and although it really wasn t my kind of story it was uniue and creative and I decided it deserved a decent rating anyway for a couple of reasonsFirst the book is well written I ve seen enough books by indie authors with poor grammar spelling and punctuation that I notice and appreciate it when a book is well writtenThe second reason I ve given the book a good rating despite the fact that I wasn t really into it is because I imagine that it would appeal to a certain audience It would not be fair for me to rate it poorly just because I didn t really ike the subject matter I think that hard core dog overs will probably find this book to be cute and entertaining so it s worth a ook if you fall into that categoryTo better clarify who I think would enjoy this book I suggest the following criteria my apologies to Jeff Foxworthy If you dress your dog up in frilly outfits or silly costumes andor think it s cute when others do you might Norte: A Novel like this book If you can easily spend hours having a conversation with your dog you mightike this book If you order an entire separate meal specifically to take home to your dog when you eat out you might ike this book If a story about dogs being aliens from other planets who are here having adventures as they mine earth for a resource that allows them to bioregenerate sounds ike good fun to you you Mi karma y yo ll definitelyike this book I Everything Happens for a Reason: And Other Lies I've Loved loved this story because of the pacing and that it is about dogs I enjoyed how the author kept the writing simple yet as mentioned in a previous review engaging The pacing was really great overall but I felt it was especially good between the exchanges between thearge dogs and small dogs If you are a dog The Prime Minister of Paradise lover and want a book that is entertaining then you will want to give this one a read Life is about to change for Clem His human is mad at Clem for always digging a hole to get under the fence Clem is taken on aong ride over two hours from his home Once there his human gives him meat to eat Only while Clem is eating his human drives awayabandoning himSince Clem is an alien in a dog s bodybeing Charlie O. and the angry A's left begins an adventure for himAfter several incidents Clem ends up inan animal shelter It is when he is adoptedthat Clem becomes Raffle by his new set of humansThe reader will share with ClemRaffle hisnewife plus the new talents he developsHis new humans decide to get him a buddyThis new buddy is named Oreo He is a Springer Spaniel and Border Collie mixThe story is told by the dog aliens fromKaxThis is an entertaining sci fi read plus itmakes one realize the importance of animal shelters and treatment of dogs. They are from a rival planet called Niue and anyway who cares about themThere is a happy ending and no dogs or humans are harmed in the story although there are scary parts and sad parts The dog tells the storyThe seuel Dog Aliens 2 Oreo is now available.

Get under the fence Clem is taken on a The Sisters of Sinai long ride over two hours from his home Once there his human gives him meat to eat Only while Clem is eating his human drives awayabandoning himSince Clem is an alien in a dog s bodybeingeft begins an adventure for himAfter several incidents Clem ends up inan animal shelter It is when he is adoptedthat Clem becomes Raffle by his new set of humansThe reader will s Alien Dogs RuleThis was a fun story to read it was so innovative The first two chapters had me wondering if I could endure this story but after reading on Chapter 3 really drew me to the story of Clem a member of the alien clan known as Kaxians from the planet Kax They came to this earth specifically to be miners of jex which I never really understood what it was but maybe it was really prehistoric bones Their competitors were from Niue also in pursuit of the treasured jex What s the difference between these alien dogs Size The Kaxians are arge breed dogs that don t ike the smaller breed obnoxious Niues Now I ve been a dog fancier for generations and I want to know if my dachshunds are from Niue They certainly have big dog attitudes They l even stand their ground against the vicious wild badger So there must be another planet out in the universe that generated dachshunds But on with the story of Clem who as a pup on earth is abandoned in the mountains of southern California He is only six months old and he s so very upset to be separated for his parents and siblings Clem is very giftedhe has mind control sometimes I know that my dogs have it He can sway humans as well as his fellow Kaxians This author has presented a very intoxicating story from Clem s perception It is filled with affection from humans and the ove that every dog seeks This is why when one is seeking a Dark Passage loving companion first check yourocal humane shelter and see which dog American Military History and the Evolution of Western Warfare looks you in the eye and says I canove you than any other dog here The author Cherise Kelley should be very proud of the story she has created She s done an extraordinary job Highly recommend for adults as well younger readers Dog Aliens book 1 Raffle s Name is a good fun book that every dog over should pick up and read I teach 5th grade and it will definitely be a new addition to my class ibrary but adults will also enjoy the story for the following reasonsHave you ever wondered why your dog might go to a window and bark when nothing is there Have you ever dragged your dog away while they sniffed the 50th bush on your walk Finally have you ever stopped what you were doing in order to pay some attention to you Such a cute book I ve always had a dog growing up and we currently own a 6yr old yellow The Vanishing Man: In Pursuit of Velazquez labhuskyshepherd that we adopted from the pound when she was 8 weeks old I ve always said there s aittle being inside her and reading this book I m sure there is You can just Easy Breezy Miracle look in her eyes and see the wheels turning Wonderful book for all ages Alien Dogs 1 Raffle s Name is a delightfully innovative story about a dog who s an alien from outer space With other Kaxians Clem s mission is to dig for jex so each day he escapes from his yard to help Gs are aliens This gets difficult when Clem'satent psi abilities start to appearDog aliens can't wait for their humans to eave them home alone That's the only time they can do their covert intergalactic trading duties The ittle dogs are aliens too but.

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Cherise Kelley writes the Dog Aliens series and other G rated fiction from the dog's point of view

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