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It was ok I guess I was kind of hoping for a pregnancy in the nd to make it truly fantasy but I guess the coldness to death and necessity is going to have to be close nough This was an above average Harleuin Intrigue chasing through the jungle Really liked both characters and all the action SDDU 44 12 Stars Audrey travels to Malaysia with her sister so that she may adopt a child While she deals with the legal work her sister takes a sightseeing trip to Borneo The tour group is ambushed by Malaysian guerilla s and all are taken hostage the money raised will pay for their over throw of the government Audrey raises the ransom for her sister and she too is taken hostage by a different group Brian s career with the SDDU began four years ago and one his first mission into Malaysia he was captured by the guerrillas For four years he xp. WARRIOR WITH A CAUSEHeld captive in a Malaysian prison Brian Welkins was ready to make his scape when a beautiful wrench was thrown in his plans hostage Audrey Benedict And now honor demanded that he resc.

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N fruition is bleak at best His answer is yes From there on the narrative grips you the reader so be prepared to devote some uiet time so you can complete the book You won t want to put it down once you start Is it a bit far fetched Of course but it still has many realistic lements that keep you going Both Brian and Audrey are smart and act like adults should The hero is an alpha male but he s not overly dominent He s been damaged both physically and mentally for a long time and it shows Our heroine has smarts she is both complex and able bodied Still she is in unfamiliar territory and knows when to accede to Brian Given the less than ideal setting Ms Marton could have her come across as whiny or immature but that was not the case At 251 pages the book makes for a fast read and I think you will The Mephisto Threat (Paul Tallis enjoy it Here s one for the KEEPER shel. Not an option For being with her made Brian remember what it felt like to be human and alive Still would their hazardous run through the jungle lead them homeor into the arms of an unknown and unseennem.

(PDF/EBOOK) Camouflage Heart Æ Dana Marton

Erienced torture and deprivation to the point he was uncertain if he d very be able to function in the real world again He was plotting his scape when his captors brought Audrey to camp He couldn t leave her behind and sudd Once in awhile I come across a Harleuin that is different a story that has an interesting plot and ngaging characters CAMOUFLAGE HEART by Dana Marton is one such book What would happen to a prisoner of four years that lived under horrific conditions and finally found a way to break out only to come up against a roadblock because of his nature Brian Welkins was just that man He was held captive in a Malaysian prison given up for dead Just when he is trying to scape again there have been other unsuccessful tries the guerrillas snag Audrey Benedict Brian s honor comes into play should he try to save them both whe. Ue them bothOnce free though it took all the cunning and skills Brian had to outmaneuver the deadly guerrillas on their trail But leaving Audrey behind to become the lone pawn in a dangerous conspiracy was.

Dana Marton writes fast paced action adventure romances that take her readers all over the globe She is a Rita Award finalist and the winner of the Daphne du Maurier Award of Excellence She loves writing stories of intrigue filled with dangerous plots that try her tough as nails heroes and the special women they fall in love with Her books have been published in seven languages in eleven cou

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