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Isco Charles Baxter s Introduction is worthwhile reading or both casual reader and academic not only to understand the history behind the short short story but also to explain how this category of Write Your Novel!: Tips from a Bestseller fiction became popular in an Internet Facebook world This is a big collection 60 storiesrom all over the world so it would be really something if they got it wrong Then again it would be really something if they nailed every single one of them So there s some really good ones and some plain indifferent It s a respectable effort because it introduces writers you may not be aware of and the Afternotes at the end is a Dogs Behaving Badly fine introduction I guess it s all a matter of taste and these are myavoritesHappy Endings Margaret Atwood CanadaGirl Jamaica Kincaid AntiguaThe Other Wife Colette FranceWelcoming The Board Of Directors Peter Handke AustriaDisappearing Monica Wood United StatesBigfoot Stole My Wife Ron Carlson United StatesTerminal Nadine Gordimer South AfricaThe Last Days Of A Famous Mime Peter Carey Australia This is really an great collection of short stories I wish I had it in First Year Teacher: Wit and Wisdom from Teachers Who'€ve Been There front of me right now because there are definitely aew that stand alone unfortunately my knack or recalling details isn t what it should be I remember one short story in particular about a group of kids that steal their dad sparent s heads and run off playing with them on It was so enchanting Granted some of the stories leave a lot to be desired but putting together a collection of short stories by international authors is a eat to pull off Overall I think they were successful with this one. New April 16th: Virginia Tech Remembers friends oldriends almost every stop a brief wonder in itself” Alan Cheus.

Me make interesting contributions hers a dark tale of a sick suicidal woman and his an amusing look at a classroom where everything they deal with seems to die tragically I also liked J Bernlef s realistic suspenseful tale of a boy whose ather is attacked by rabid dog A wonderful international selection whose 37 stories I liked of which these 5 I enjoyed the most Kenneth Bernard USA PreparationsRon Carlson USA Bigfoot Stole My WifePaul Bart n Haiti Emilie Plead Choose One EggFernando Sorrentino Argentina There Is a Man in the Habit of Hitting Me on the Head with an UmbrellaBai Xiao yi China The Explosion in the Parlour Readers of short short iction can negotiate this 300 page collection of international Mindful Living with Aspergers Syndrome fiction easily within one day Several stories address the standard right to life issues and are of particular interestor the pro life reader and academic Girl by Jamaica Kincaid mentions abortifacients An Insolvable Problem of Genetics by Josef Skvorecky refers to abortion as population control and suggests that a character s lover had aborted Tancredi by Barbara Alberti and Looking or a Rain God by Bessie Head concern infanticide The Grass Eaters by Krishnan Varma casually refers to infanticide Terminal by Nadine Gordimer eatures euthanasiaMany stories are simply delightful reads either comical Julio Cortazar s Don t You Blame Anyone or Ron Carlson s Bigfoot Stole My Wife or nostalgic manifesting the European comprehension of the importance of one s history Siv Cedering s Family Album Some stories are just idiotic Richard Brautigan s The Weather in San Franc. Aching tool a good gift it's Around the World in Sixty Stories with many surprises.

Short short iction had an in vogue period back in the late 80s early 90s when every bookstore and literary magazine seemed to be touting it I haven t studied this uestion but my guess is that these days short iction is still popular but that very short pieces are no longer the Space Kid flavor of the month Personally I think the style has its merits and can provide uick intense snapshots of things but if it is good it leaves you wanting Anyway this is a worthy collection of short pieces collectedrom all around the globe The USA probably has the most items in here but many nations across the globe are represented sometimes by prominent writers and sometimes not To be honest I can t say I was deeply moved by much here but that could be due to the nature of a collection like this than to the uality of the writing Once you begin getting into the mood and style of a writer s work all of a sudden the piece ends and you are on a different continent and listening to a very different voice Looking at what other Goodreaders have to say it seems like we all have different Circumstantial Evidence: Death, Life, and Justice in a Southern Town favoritesrom this grab bag Here are a ew of mine RK Narayan s story about a grumpy ascetic who lives across the lane rom a woman of ill repute had a nice twist at the end Monica Wood s Disappearing a mysterious piece about a Every Drop for Sale: Our Desperate Battle Over Water fat woman who begins swimming a lot in a public pool and starts getting thinner and thinner Jeanette Winterson s intense surreal piece got myull attention She mixes together elements of classic myths and contemporary attitude and Down We Go: Living Into the Wild Ways of Jesus feminism Big names like Nadine Gordimer and Donald Barthel. “Sudden Fiction International is even better than its predecessor It's aine te.

EBOOK/EPUB Sudden Fiction International Sixty Short Short Stories

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