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On the Fast Diet As a result of reading this book Spencer has got me thinking about spices and flavourings too so essential in making food interesting and less boring This book will be kept in the kitchen and referred to regularly It s five stars from Th a whole section evoted to substantial meals for men Fast Cook is the perfect adjunct to the original Fast Diet Recipe Book offering a new repertoire of really fast Fast food to help you conuer hunger and lose weight with eas.

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Some useful meal ideas if your following a fasting iet This is a great cookbook Although it is primarily aimed at those on the 52 Fast Diet the book will help you eat healthily every ay It s packed full of tasty recipes including comfort food that wo. The Fast Diet has revolutionised the way we eat and transformed the way we lose weight In this stunning new cookbook Mimi Spencer returns with than 120 simple nutritious recipes to provide the efinitive support system for the

N t break the calorie bank Mimi Spencer explains everything really well and handy tips like what to keep in your kitchen to be able to cook healthily are very helpful You could serve many of the meals in Fast Cook to anyone regardless of whether they are. 2 ietThere are ideas here for everyone with chapters ranging from Warming Wonderful comfort food for hungry When Someone You Love Is Addicted To Alcohol Or Drugs days to Lightning uick Suppers speed cooking for when you want to walk in theoor and eat in ten minutes flat along wi.

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