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F the books she s wrote on the subject Highly recommended or anyone wishing to read study medieval naval warfare. F England's closest neighbours with particular ocus on France and Scotland are made and notable battles including Damme Dover Sluys and La Rochelle included to explain the development of battle tactics and the use of arms during the periodThe author shows in this lucid and enlightening narrative how the unspoken aim of successive monarchs was to begin to build 'the wall' of England its naval defences with a success which was to become so apparent in later centuri.

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Ather than dozing off mid lectureEasy to read a good study reference or me as a refresher anyway and the better Ge of sources this new book looks at how English kings after the Norman Conuest learnt to use the Navy of England a term which at this time included all vessels whether Royal or private and no matter what their ostensible purpose – to increase and safety and prosperity of the kingdom The design and building of ships and harbour acilities the development of navigation ship handling and the world of the seaman are all described while comparisons with the navies

(England's Medieval Navy 1066–1509: Ships, Men Warfare) PDF/EPUB Â Susan Rose

Very informative covering of a subject I studied at university I wish I d had this then as I would have learned We are accustomed to think of England in terms of Shakespeare's 'precious stone set in a silver sea' safe behind its watery ramparts with its naval strength resisting all invaders To the English of an earlier period – rom the 8th to the 11th centuries – such a notion would have seemed ridiculous The sea rather than being a defensive wall was a highway by which successive waves of invaders arrived bringing destruction and ear in their wakeDeploying a wide ran.

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