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Tight again This is a shot of people in transition bonus point given to any play that uses comics to help the plot. Ets are re vealed DURANGO is the story of a man who sacrificed everything a home a country for the American Dream and whose sons must now grapple with the conseuences of that choic.

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(Durango By Julia Cho) Pdf Ò Julia Cho

Again proving why she is one of my favorite working playwrights Cho gives us a play of a family at the end of the. To the outside world the Lee boys look perfect Isaac is on track to be a octor and his younger brother Jimmy is a champion swimmer But when their widowed father Boo Seng ecides

Ir rope Trying to bond over a road trip to Durango the Lee family slowly opens up to each other and then close up. O take them on a road trip to Durango Colorado the carefully constructed facades of all three begin to crack As they near their estination tempers flare old wounds reopen and secr.

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