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Well known poets Sylvia Plath s The Hanging Man for example which I can t say I ve ead before I also liked Glyn Maxwell s Lust Douglas Dunn s On Roofs of Terry Street Louis Macneice s The Brandy Glass and Edwin Morgan s Siesta of a Hungarian Snake I was also happy to find Medbh McGuckian s gorgeous Captain Lavender which I ve loved for years She is out of this world On I bought this book a while ago from a bookshop in Oxford It is perfect for dipping into and I do so often No poem is than 13 lines long and the poets and the poems are wide and varied from William Wordsworth and Thomas Hardy to Stevie Smith and Sylvia Plath The introduction by Simon Armitage is funny and entertaining and it is a lovely addition to any bookshelf Every one s a gem easy to emember yet profound and often humourous nonetheless especially the last poem Some very good poems the temptation is to ead too many at a sitting. Y and instructive introduction Simon Armitage pace setting poet of his generation encourages us to consider how poets over five centuries have used brevity.

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I find it hard to The House That Had Enough rate poetry anthologies as it sare that I like every poem in themI ve given this 4 because I like the idea of collecting short poems in this case the maximum is 13 lines just short of the sonnet There is a good mix of the familiar and the unfamiliar I have jotted four new to me poems in my notebook and I enjoyed Armitage s introduction which was interesting and amusing I felt a strong obligation to include at least one haiku and for that The Devil's Snake Curve: A Fan's Notes From Left Field reason have not done so Mixture of poems old and modern Some familiar but most not Enjoyed the way the poems got shorter as the book neared the end Must admit Ieally liked the shortest ones best and some were very clever Lots to think about TO A FRIEND IN SEARCH OF RURAL SECLUSIONWhen all else fails Try Wales I loved this anthology of poems no longer than thirteen lines I loved Simon Armitage s funny but important introduction which said a Short and Sweet is an inspiring anthology arranged to show how the short poem defined here as no longer than thirteen lines – and sometimes a lot shorter.

E–book/E–pub Short and Sweet 101 Very Short Poems Faber Poetry

Ot of things about poetry that I ve felt before but never seen written I love the way he has put the collection together starting with the longest and working through until the final poem of no lines at all beyond its title and then the collectively authored titleless wordless but meaningful pause that comes as the book is closed with a sigh of satisfaction A fantastic choice for those perhaps new or simply dense like myself when it comes to poetry Lots of different subject matter covered and tone from the humorous to the heart breaking A lovely little treat Shame he dies in the end I ead this this afternoon in the bookshop and enjoyed it a lot The book works its way down in the number of lines to ever shorter poems from 13 lines to none just a title and I must say that things improved as they went along Many of these poems were well worn ground but there were surprises and discoveries also from. Than that – can tell a story present a complex argument and be packed with as much passion wisdom and music as any extended piece of writing In his witt.

Simon Armitage whose The Shout was a finalist for the National Book Critics Circle Award has published ten volumes of poetry and has received numerous honors for his work He lives in England In 2019 he was appointed UK Poet LaureateArmitage's poetry collections include Book of Matches 1993 and The Dead Sea Poems 1995 He has written two novels Little Green Man 2001 and The White Stuff

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