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Adedjouma Davida The Palm of My Heart Poetry by African American Children 1996 Illustrated by Gregory ChristieThis anthology of 20 poems was collected by Adedjouma during a children s poetry workshop The book reviewed was softcover and had a wonderfully illustrated and colorful cover The poems contained in this collection are wonderfully written from the perspective of African American children Many enjoy a familiar rhythmic tempo and sometimes a lively refrain Each poem details what blackness and being black means to these children as well as their experiences and the trials and tribulations of oung inner city African American children This anthology serves to give Edge of Chaos Sons of Chaos MC young children an opportun. Illustrations alive with light color and motion accompany the poetry Together they present an honest wise and dazzling collection that resounds withouth's hopeful outlook and winning exuberan.

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Lementary library K 6 A wonderful collection pf poems written by children A wonderful book of poetry written by African American students born in the 1980s celebrating their heritage their diversity and their likenesses to everyone Each poem struck a chord with me but I especially liked the one in which the student noted how his family members helped change the course of our American landscapefrom his great uncle helping blacks to get the right to vote to his grandmother voting for the first time at the age of 80 Lovely short poems by children about black pride The kids were all upper elementary age when the book was published They re now in their late twenties Children s poetry anthology. Ul poems during a writing workshop taught by Davida Adedjouma and sponsored by the Minneapolis Inner City Youth League and the African American Academy for Accelerated LearningExpressive gouache.

1997 CSKing Illustrator Honorfinallya CSK with decent poetry a heartfelt and moving collection beautiful illustrations and sweet words from children Black stride It sthe arch of my backthe curve of my spinethe way I standand my stance isprideOh this book It will bring a tear to Vol au-dessus d'un nid de coucou your eye and giveou hope The poems in this book are small but they are mighty I really enjoyed reading the creative and insightful poetry created by these oung African American children However I was actually uite disturbed by the grim and downright creepy illustrations that accompanied them Wonderful student written poetry So much self knowledge Writing example to model self awareness Interesting addition to Out of the mouths of babes comes some of the most compelling poetic lines celebrating the beauty of African American culture Twenty inner city children ages 6 to 12 wrote these moving and powerf.

Read The Palm of My Heart: Poetry by African American Children µ Davida Adedjouma

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