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G makes an elderly Jewish woman decide to teach her spoiled adult son a shocking public lessonThe stories Harry Danced Divinely An Authentic Hero Neighbors and The ueen Anne Bedroom Set are exclusive to this book A Perfect Nanny and the novella War Zone which are available as singles are also includ.

Fortable being treated like a hero a couple whose bedroom furniture nearly destroys their marriage a man who realizes that the first neighbor he meets after he moves in is a bigot and a family fighting the Vietnam War in their living room In the title story Harry Danced Divinely the lack of a tea ba.

There were some things Lillian Levinson couldn't say even to herselfIn the collected Giffort Street stories you'll enter seven gracious homes on an elm lined street You'll meet self absorbed parents who are unaware of how their trusted nanny is shaping their daughters' lives a decent young man uncom.

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I was born and raised in Buffalo New York Reading was my escape from the legendary Buffalo winters and probably contributed to my becoming a writer You can read about me and my novels REALITIES THE LAST SEASON THE STORY OF A MARRIAGE THE WRITERS' CONFERENCE and SARA BAREFIELD and my collection of Giffort Street stories at

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