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Rse But she is an heiress hiding away from a wicked uncle who had her incarcerated in an asylum to get his hands on her fortune The story with the feisty lady the distant lord was good but the story was a little far fetched for my liking. D her senses intolerably Elinor saw how rash she had been For propriety reuired Adrian to fancy none but a lady or a courtesan and Miss Palmer was neither.

E the Georgette Heyer type of story this was a bit too far fetchedWe have a governess who is sort of abducted by a Lord who of course has to marry her now that her reputation is in tatters nothing ver happened as he is a gentleman of cou. As Miss Palmer she took the post of governess to the twin children of the Maruis of Trenville Yet when the proximity of her attractive mployer heightene.

Really good story if you like Regency Romances It s a good romance story with a good plot as well Clean also you don t have to worry about inappropriate scenes 35 out of 5 stars I was a bit skeptical about this one because though I lov. When Elinor Richards' guardian attempted to barter her in marriage to an unsavory gentleman the desperate heiress only saw one solution Disguising herself.

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My Lady Governess Zebra Regency Romance EBOOK DOWNLOAD

Before moving to Nevada in 1994 Wilma Counts taught high school English and social studies in Germany to dependents of American forces stationed there She loved the kids but hated meaningless paperwork She especially enjoyed her work with Advance Placement English Model United Nations and student exchanges with a Russian schoolWilma grew up in Oregon a product of the Leave It To Beaver era

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