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O certain characters for like 50 pages at a time Like one character will be about to fall off a cliff and it ll be like TROLOLO time to go talk about another character for 100 pagesSo sometimes I would be impatiently waiting to hear about what was going on with a certain character and I wouldn t get to know forever and ver But other than that it wasn t too painfulAnyway as for the character development in this book it was mostly awesomeI say mostly because some of the characters became a lot likable than others Towards the A Vineyard Christmas end I wasn t that crazy about Jason or Piper I didn t like Jason very much in The Lost Hero and I wasxpecting him to become a compelling character but nah I still feel like he s pretty boring in comparison to the others He just doesn t have much of a personality plus he s magically kickass and awesome and perfect at Een Bijzondere Vorm Van Osteosclerose everything So he s just not all that interesting to me Piper is slightly better and I liked her for the most part in The Lost Hero but in The Mark of Athena I kind of got impatient whenever the story was focused on her Maybe it was just that I don t like her as much as most of the other characters I don t hate her but I don t love herither I think she s kind of a damsel in distress and just meh I m not a huge fanBut other than those two I found the character growth in The Mark of Athena to be xcellentFirst of all it s great to see how much Percy and Annabeth have matured over the course of all the books I almost got a little teary yed from nostalgia a few times I kind of grew up with these books in a way throughout my teenage years anyway That is I was around 12 when the first book came out and they were 12 in the first book and very year when the next book came out I would have aged another year just like they had Well and now they re stuck at 16 and I m 20 but STILL I ve had these books in my life for uite a long time now and it just means a lot to me to see them so grown up I mean Percy used to be so clueless and had no idea what he was doing 99% of the time And now he s like wicked badass but he still stresses out about trying to save the world and crap and ugggh And Annabeth used to be kind of mean and also got herself into trouble by having too much pride and yada yada and ven though she s still super brave and kickass and all she s open and humbled and EEEP it s just fantasticAnd see in a lot of books where two characters officially get together the author tends to screw it up by a making their relationship too damn perfect or b making Hot Shot (North Ridge Book 3) everything go to heck and have something ridiculous happen like they break up again or whatever But no not our dear Rick Riordan Yes Percy and Annabeth do get a lot of time together in this book and it s really sweet But Riordan doesn t overkill it For a lot of the book Percy and Annabeth are off on separate uests doing what they need to do As much as they care aboutach other they both also realize that they have a duty to fulfill and that s what s most importantWhat I also love is that Annabeth doesn t depend on Percy to protect her or any crap like that And also Percy recognizes that Annabeth can take care of herself Even when she has to go on her uest alone and could possibly die Percy still lets her go not that he doesn t want to help her but because he knows she needs to do it and that she s strong Math Basics 6 enough to succeed I mean can we all just stop and appreciate this for a second DO YOU KNOW HOW RARE THIS IS IN YA BOOKS DO YOU Seriously they re like the best fictional couple EVER GAHHHH In addition Annabeth is just so awesome and courageous in this book I felt like she finally got the spotlight she deserved after so many books and Riordan really gives her a time to shine and she makes the most of it I mean dang she has to go on this crazy uest by herself and face one of her worst fears view spoilerARACHNE AAHHHH hide spoiler WHAT KIND OF AN ENDING WAS THAT HUH WHERE WAS THE HAPPY ENDING Oh my God Percy and Annabeth why why why why whyI. Nabeth sua figlia una terribile missione «Segui il marchio di Atena Vendicami»Percy si ricorderà dei suoi vecchi amici o sarà passato dalla parte dei Romani Il gruppo di semidei dovrà scoprirlo in un viaggio per terra per mare alla volta della splendida terribile Rom.

Uncle Rick Now you are going to torture me with cruel cliffhangers Really I didn t think you would do that after seven books Anyway carry on I still love you This book was AMAZING The adventure was the most deadly one yet And we got to see all the prophesied seven demi gods on screen I LOVED THAT OVERVIEW Annabeth Jason Piper and Leo reach Camp Jupiter with their warship Argo II to tell the roman demi gods that they have to forget their animosity and team up with them to defeat Gaea But things don t go as xpected Leo in the influence of Gaea fires at them Now the romans think it is the trick that greeks want to destroy Camp Jupiter All the seven demi gods Percy Annabeth Jason Piper Hazel Frank and Leo The First Ghost escape with Argo II and go to the ancient land of Rome to stop gaints from awakening GaeaBut that s notnough Nico is a Delaying death is one of my favorite hobbies Gods how I missed these books Why did it take me so long to continue this series Why did I let Rick Riordan downIt was great to return to the world of the Greek and Roman gods and monsters Entertaining and so incredibly hilarious Oh man I loved this so much The Mark of Athena has a few tiny flaws but that doesn t stop it from being an amazing readFind of my books on Instagram A 82% Very Good Notes Weaving plot from tangled threads of inadeuacy it s an ode to adolescence totally teeming with teen angst tension The Mark of Athena The Heroes of Olympus 3 Rick RiordanThe Mark of Athena is an American fantasy adventure novel written by Rick Riordan based on Greek and Roman mythology It was published on October 2 2012 and is the third book in The Heroes of Olympus series a spin off of the Percy Jackson the Olympians series It is preceded by The Son of Neptune and followed by The House of Hades 2014 1393 614 9786007132029 21 Latest EditOh man oh man oh man oh man Confession First thought that came to mind when the book was released How will Percabeth react to ach other A kiss Dramatic hugcry scene Honestly I really want to see going on in that area Sadly I m not getting my copy until the next few weeks I m in control I hope they kiss in front of veryone you know WHAT I m in control gosh EditedOk WOW Is that the cover And is that Jason and Percy Fighting And is that an owl who looks really pissed off And isn t the owl the symbol for Athena Is Athena angry And are Percy and Jason FIGHTING Ok first Percy you can do it Jason ain t nothing for you Second if you re fighting Jason Percy you better be fighting him for the right cause are you fighting him for Annabet meltsThe first chapter has been released And all I m going to say is that I m getting bad vibes from Athena Oh and come on The first chapter nds in a cliff hanger Nothing new there Well now I just gotta wait till October the 2nd Guess there s nothing we can do about that SPOILERS IF YOU CAREOh gods oh gods WHY ALL THE CRUELTY Rick please spare me spare us all the agony of waiting a WHOLE YEAR I just finished The Lost Hero and oh boy what a cliff hanger And all this talk about daughter of wisdom walks alone the mark of Athena burns through Rome My insides are so heated up I might melt if I have to wait a whole yearThen there s also Hera telling Percy his weakness is loyalty and how he s going to have to make some painful sacrifices and then she tells him the person closest to him will be causing him trouble Annabeth Three wishes for Mr Rick1 Don t make Percy have to kill Annabeth2 Make Annabeth a lead character please3 ANNABETH AND PERCY BETTER NOT BREAK UP most unlikely but stillsigh what am I going to do I JUST CANT WAITI really truly hate you Rick How can you watch us in our weakest moments Planning the cure that will take a year I don t think I ll make it My Not So Final Final Review Let s start this review in the most louently put way I can I have no idea how to write this reviewWhen I finished this book a while ago I would log onto Goodreads very single day and very single day I would look at. Percy Jackson si è risvegliato alla Casa del Lupo nel Campo dei semidei Romani senza alcun ricordo a parte il nome di Annabeth Proprio mentre sta andando a salvarlo la ragazza scopre che tra Greci Humanism e Romani si sta scatenando la guerra a bordo della Argo II la nave volante

My pre review and think how can I write this review What should I include what should I put Smokin' Hot emphasis on I would simply just stare at my laptop s screen until my mom called me down for dinnerI wish I could write this review to My favorite book in this series so far Full review postedPain my true and loyal friend welcome back First off Uncle Rick are you okay Who hurt you that made you channel your feelings into thending of this bookThis isn t gonna be much of a review rather than just a spoilery screaming session but don t worry my peeps im gonna break out the spoiler tags you re safe Now let me tell you kids THE AMOUNT OF PERCABETH IN THIS BOOK WILL GIVE YOU LIFE You know when your ship becomes canon and you basically just want the Placing Memory entire book to be consumed by that ship but author aka rick riordan clearly doesn t care and so he creates a plot or something totally unnecessary And then smashes your heart into little pieces with that unnecessary plot kidding I loved the plot so much and how mythology is so thoroughly incorpora OH GOD OH MAN OH GOD OH MANI just I can tven I can t Well Good job Rick Riordan You have written another glorious book Congrats I salute you But YOU ARE ALSO A HUGE TROLL AND YOU ARE STOMPING ALL OVER MY FUCKING HEART AND THAT ENDING WAS SO SAD AND BEAUTIFUL AND HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO WAIT A YEAR FOR THE NEXT ONE HOWWWWWW But okay okay Let s start at the very beginning A very good place to staaaartIn his usual trollish fashion Riordan left the previous book in the series The Son of Neptune just as Annabeth Piper Jason and Leo were about to fly into Camp Jupiter AND PERCY AND ANNABETH WERE ABOUT TO BE REUNITED AT LAAAST And then it was like THE END And we all threw the book across the room am I rightSo The Mark of Athena starts out Lasombra exactly where the last book left off Annabeth co are flying towards Camp Jupiter where Percy co are waiting for themWe finally FINALLY get the Percabeth reunion we ve all been waiting for After two whole books and like 15 pages Percy and Annabeth finally seeach other again and they kiss and then Annabeth like judo flips Percy and tells him never to leave her again and AWWWW I CAN T HANDLE ALL MY FEELSSo yeah after waiting like 1000 pages it finally happened and it was totally worth the wait It was perfectBut of course since this is a Rick Riordan book nothing stays perfect And after not too long there s a little mishap in which things xplode and well there s a bit of a misunderstanding And let s just say Percy Annabeth Leo Piper Jason Frank and Hazel all have to leave straightaway and also they might have accidentally turned Camp Half Blood and Camp Jupiter against ach other In typical Riordan style there s a main plot in the book but it s also made up of a lot of little mini adventures in which the characters have to go on a bunch of different uests and of course face a wide variety of crazy monsters and gods and all that jazz And all of it is leading up to Annabeth taking one uest on her own and fulfilling a prophecy that has some rather ominous implications Don t all propheciesThis was a long book and it took me uite a while to read However I thought that as usual Riordan does a good job keeping the plot moving from one point to the next and Wanton Nights each little uest is almost like its own little story so there s no room for getting boredProbably the most daunting task in this book was having to juggle all the characters Now that the two groups from the previous books have joined together that makes seven major characters to keep track ofYikesBut Riordan handles this uite well He does a good job payingual attention to all the major characters and having them all interact with While My Soldier Serves each other in one way or another The huge group tends to branch off in pairs or groups of three or so as they go off on their various uests so that makes it a bitasier to keep track of veryoneThe only thing that gets a tad annoying about this is that sometimes you won t know what happens Reata da Leo cerca di raggiungere il Campo Giove insieme a Jason Piper Certo il natante che ospita a bordo un drago di bronzo sputafiamme non ha un'aria amichevole i Romani capiranno che la loro è una missione di pace E la pace uanto durerà Atena infatti ha affidato ad An.

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