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Ys Mitchell I thoroughly njoyed this book although I don t consider it by any means one of her best Three and a half stars would have been fairerThe plot was I think a bit over complicated with red herrings all over the shop The Cinderella Unmasked (Fairytale Fantasies explanation at thend by Mrs B seemed to go on for ver and was uite confusingHowever her characters are so well drawn that you feel that you know them Her style has that hint of wit that makes it so attractive Mrs Bradley herself is a masterpiec. The last thing they xpect is for three mysterious corpses to appear in their midst on the same gloomy night.

Murders most foul in the The Power Of A Choice early days of the Phony War but Mrs Bradley is on the caseFull review to follow Good premise fails in thexecution Full review at classicmysterywordpresscom Good read but a bit convuluted at the nd Apparently Gladys Mitchell was very mbarrassed by this book set at the start of the War and tried to suppress it I actually thought it much stronger in terms of plot character and interest than the Devil at Saxon s Wall which I finished immediatel. It is the arly months of the Second World War and the inhabitants of the provincial town of Willington are

Y before reading Brazen Tongue but I can see how the characters cavalier approach to petrol rationing would be mbarrassing as the war progressed and supplies became strained To modern readers I think that aspect only nhances the interest of the story It s one of the most interesting things about Mitchell I think There s some of the pre war arrogance casual racism and not just one lunatic but two rather twisty mystery loads of red herrings along the way As a fan of Glad. Ust coming to terms with the idea of petrol shortages rationing occasional air raid warnings and the blackout.


E–pub Download Brazen Tongue AUTHOR Gladys Mitchell

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