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This is my book writing it saved my life I am currently in China and have been here since 2011 suffice it to say a lot of what Richard describes in terms of the behaviour of so called teacher expats is as he outlines so vividly I have known many guys who have washed up on the shores of China and have lost themselves in the arms of alcohol and cheap whores or driven crazy by Yellow Fever the constant search for sex with naive Chinese girls I also recognise many of the. With all bridges burnt in London Richard Simpson seeks to create stability in his life by becoming an English teacher in China Once there he tries to comprehend an ancient land and culture an endeavour made arduous by the roblems he bring.

Places he writes about especially Nanjing as I myself lived there for six years before moving to Hangzhou China has moved on apace since Richard was here and many of his old haunts such as Castle Bar Blue Sky and so on have shut down In China we are strangers in a strange land and forget the old adage that in Rome we should do as the Romans do often ignoring that to our cost The Chinese eople I have known and met have been kind and helpful Richard alludes to these when. S with him Set amidst a dramatically changing society and emerging superpower the story is about one man's uest to discover himself and find love and a journey which is the recedent of a necessary but terrifying acceptance of who and what.

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He talks about being dead drunk in a taxi and with both the school admin and the cops in attendance they scold him gently rather than taking him in cuffs to the drunk tank as would happen in the West It s a tough read I was recommended it by another expat here in China he was a Chapter or two in a nd described it as a laugh but believe me it does get darker However if Richard does read this I hope he is on the wagon and sober I see he has authored two books so good luc. He is Shocking Schilder's Struggle for the Unity of the Church poignant and funny most of all Love China and Alcohol will strike you for its brutal honestyortraying as it does a dysfunctional westerner's erception of an enigmatic country indeed making you love or hate Richard for it.

It was almost ten years ago when my alcoholism was beginning to near its worst that a friend said I needed to write a novel about what was happening to me as it was uniue amongst the small circle of foreigners we lived amongst He was a colleague of mine who lived next door teaching also in China and after every momentous and disastrous weekend I would have a story to tell him which he said

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