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The great Robert Leslie Bellem with his one and only solo novel First published in 1938 it is a tiny obscure materpiece No The writing is so fast paced that the plot doesn t develop it accumulates And I say this with the best possible intentions Bellem writes with a deft keystroke comprised of eual parts speed dynamism splatter and flesh There are no guns to be had in Blue Murder only oscoes and gats Bellem is far graphic than any of the other crime fiction of the 1930s that I have Goodbye Sarajevo: A True Story of Courage, Love and Survival read Heck even Spillane looks a littleestrained compared to Bellem But for all of the outlandishness of Blue Murder Bellem seems to Lifting run dry by the endeusing the same phrases and descriptions Bellem was best known as a short story writer and this novel suggests that he works better in the short format But the frantic pacing of Blue Murder than makes up for its Mathruhridayam repetitiveness and you won t have much time to lollygag and think about what could have been when Duke Pizzatello soscoe is saying chow chow chow into another mans guts I can t wait to ead BIFF BAM POW SLAMMO KERPOW And then after gruesome violence mayhem shanghais murder thievery defenestration and amnesia the ones who were not dead lived happily ever after and made a baby This eview is to defend my downgrade from 4 to 3Much as I love Robert Leslie Bellem the prolific Vivaldi of spicy pulp I found Blue Murder structurally flawed Bellem was a champion sprinter but he could not go the distance of a full length novel at least without padding mercilessly A Life In School: What The Teacher Learned repeating conversationsecounting events just described having circular arguments between protagonist and cop protagonist and girlfriendIt s nerve wracking Further the tone is less slangy certainly less whimsical than in the Dan Turner stories and elsewhereIt is not a long book and the first half at least throws plenty of zany twists at the eader It is the second half that seems endless Did he write 500 stories. Nelia Mason wife of Dr Carney Mason was seeking evidence of infidelity by her husband with his nurse Myra Holly Dr Mason's partner Dr Se.

Le hell of a lot worse for private dick Duke Pizzatello before this book is through and eally it s not hard to see why When Duke comes upon a doctor with amnesia who is either the murderer he s after or Duke s best alibi he thinks I ll arrange for a brain specialist to do something for Sebring and try to bring his memory back and then just two very short paragraphs later punches the doctor in the head instead and puts him into an empty packing crate He then proceeds to pick up a hooker and punch her into unconsciousness an epidemic in this book in order to steal almost all of her money But because he s such a swell gee he leaves her a couple of dollars in case she doesn t feel like wor Well done from one of the better pulpstersA classic work with all the errant paths and blind alleys you could want Complicated and wrapped up satisfactorily at the end In the introduction Bill Pronzini talks about Robert Leslie Bellem and his career a man The House That Had Enough reputed 3000 stories published in the pulps the majority featuring his private eye Dan Turner BLUE MURDER was the first of only a handful of novels and came out in 1938The PI is Duke Pizzatello and he was only slightly lessisue than TurnerWe get a plot where Duke is on the hook for a murder of a doctor and a woman found in his offices carved up so badly face and fingertips that she couldn t be identified The doctor s wife having hired Duke to get compromising evidence on him for divorce proceedings suddenly claims she doesn t know him or had ever heard of himThe plot is fast moving the The Devil's Snake Curve: A Fan's Notes From Left Field reader hardly has time to catch his breath as Duke seems to get deeper into trouble with every move as he tries to clear his nameThough I have a couple of Turner collections toead I haven t ead a lot by Bellem and will need to get into those two I can see nowA good one Synopsis a 1938 pulp novel Duke Pizzatello PI is surrounded by crime and under dressed women There s a predicament. Ale was found dead on his examination table and Duke Pizzatello private investigator was up to his throat in crime and under dressed wom.

Or the same story 500 times Every man s dilemma You can t trust beautiful broads and no one wants the ugly onesBellem started his successful prolific career as a pulp writer in the mid 1930 s and continued until television drove the pulps out of business Then he started writing for television Like the pulps script writing is ephemeral But in 1938 Bellem made an attempt to write something that would last It was this short novel called BLUE MURDER I applaud his courage but the plain fact is that this book is eadable but nowhere near as good as some of his short storiesBellem s 1940 s and 1950 s short stories transcend the pulp genre with fascinating off beat characters and unexpected humor This book is noir at it s noirest without having the brilliant touch of Chandler or HammettDuke Pizzatello doesn t even Pimpinella Meerprinzessin 1: Ankunft im Muschelschloss (German Edition) run his own agency He works for two brothers one of whom hates him He has a weakness for women and NO clue about what s going on in their heads He s not the sharpest knife in the drawer and when he manages to figure out a puzzle theeader is usually ahead of him by several minutesDon t hold your breath waiting for Dan Turner s trademark humor It isn t coming And there s no buffoonish but Das kurze Leben der Sophie Scholl reasonable Lt Donaldson to play sidekick either When Duke tangles with the LAPD he emerges alive but missing several teethIt s a tricky plot but fairly believable if you allow for over the top pulp style A few of the characters notably Dr Sebring show signs of what Bellem can do when he tries but mostly theye cardboard cut outs and I never got interested in what happened to any of them Pulp at it s best was damned good This is not pulp at it s best End of story If you are a fan of deliciously bad writing it doesn t get better than this So I climbed the hell into my duds and they put nippers on my wrists and took me downstairs and loaded me in a suad car and took me to the clinkSo closes Chapter 5 Things get a who. Bring also had a crush on the nurse Then all hell broke loose Dr Mason was found with a bullet through his brain and a naked skinned fem.

Pdf/E–pub (Blue Murder) by Robert Leslie Bellem

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Robert Leslie Bellem July 19 1902 April 1 1968 was an American pulp magazine writer best known for his creation of Dan Turner Hollywood Detective Before becoming a writer he worked in Los Angeles as a newspaper reporter radio announcer and film extra After the demise of the pulps Bellem switched to writing for television including a number of scripts for The Lone Ranger Adventures of

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