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E heroine is a nurse and the hero is a bounty hunterThe story is a clean Christian romance but was too preachy for my taste There were also some continuity issues like names accidentally changed and job titles etc I liked the Southwestern flair in this story as it is set in Arizona. N needs and the world's need of their gifts come together in perfect harmony and purpose A truly satisfying read˃˃˃ What about Sex Cursing and Gratuitous ViolenceYou won't find them here While Bridgett and Jack and their friends are regular people who sin they constantly strive to live as God intends Their lives are steeped in the practices of prayer and worship They read the Bible and are convicted or heartened by what they find there When they fall they rely on the Lord to help them up again There is no preaching here Everyone is eual on this journey of faith and humility˃˃˃ Inspired by Scripture“Let not your heart be troubled; you believe in God believe also in Me In My Father’s house are many mansions; if it were not so I would have told you I go to prepare a place for you John 141 2 NK.

The Cowboy and His NurseThis book was pretty good The character s were interesting but the book didn t really hold my interest very much I found myself skipping several paragraphs Good book Good clean Christian romanceThis was a very good clean Christian romance I enjoyed the st. A 21000 word love story novella that will satisfy your longing for a clean and passionate romanceThe hand of God guides Bridgett and Jack to healing and redemption and into one another's armsMeet Bridgett a beautiful Civil War battlefield nurse who returns home once the war is ended and finds that everything has changed and Jack a former Deputy US Marshal turned bounty hunter who brings in dangerous criminals for the reward money Both Bridgett and Jack have been forsaken by their own families but God draws them to a bustling mission that might become a new home a new family for them Things get complicated when a bounty the capture of the outlaw Pedro Cuatro Dedos Pedro Four Fingers goes wrong and threatens to destroy their chances before they've even begun Through their struggles with faith and trust.

Oryline very much and the fact it was very clean If you don t like preachy books you will not like this book This is a novella length mail order bride story which was refreshing from all the very short stories I ve read lately It gave me time to get to now the hero and heroine Th. They find their way back to God and overcome their doubts and fearsThis story is a western that takes place in southern Arizona in and around the beautiful historical San Xavier Mission and interweaves Mexican and American culture It is ultimately a story of love supported by a community of faith from the monks who play matchmaker to the people who volunteer and seek help at the mission Bridgett and Jack bear witness to what can truly happen when a man and woman listen for God's call and rely on God's promises It is a testimony to the power of love to redeem brokenness and restore wholeness in a world torn apart by war After reading this romance novella it is easy to believe that redemption is possible for everyone And it is In allowing God to work in their lives Bridgett and Jack find that their ow.

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A Match Made In Heaven (KINDLE)

Rev Anne Campbell is a mother of three boys who are all learning to drive She has been the pastor of a little country church in Upstate New York for 10 years She loves to write Christian romances and share the values of compassion and grace through characters and stories

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