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Hunted and killed by the revolutionists It s never revealed why these poor folks are so reviled War is at hand and all the main characters escape back to earth I inexplicably liked this book We are 800 years later in Dems story We already knew they were immortal but now we learn a bit about them and their relationship with the humans We learn about recessive humans how Sarah has rown into her own strength and about Lonan who is Farrans brother Although the characters are well thought out and the story is well written so much so that it totally sucks you into the book there are still a lot of things unanswered or unexplained Like when Farran s father says to him how easy you forget Forget what What is bonding There was one character marked by a Dem in this book but there wasn t the same connection as Farran had to Sarah why not Why did Rissa the main female character need her magic lotion pot for her face I liked how there is a bit of romance in this book but not overly so that it s what the whole story is about and although not a cliff hanger the story is left open for the third one Usually I don t like books where they don t end as such I mean the two main characters have an ending but to et the overall picture I think I may hav. Unishment Lonan has regained his title He has never had any use for humans Aside from his brother’s ueen Sarah he considers them a waste of space So when a tiny spitfire stalks into his life he wants nothing to do with her Or else With failure a very real possibility Kin.

Good storyNot sure why I didn t enjoy this 2nd book as much as the first The characters were still well written and I enjoyed the fact Sarah and Farren were still main characters if only in a smaller part It just didn t uite rab me as thoroughly as the 1st book More like 35 stars I like the author s style and the premise The characters are decently fleshed out but I didn t really feel the connection between Rissa and Lonan view spoilerI suppose it was initiatedstrengthened by their bonding when she was just a child but I didn t see a lot between them when they interacted after she was an adult hide spoiler More of the storyIt s 800 years later and we et to know about Lonan I like the storyline intertwining with characters from the first book Overall an enjoyable read 35 375 This was a KU This story had almost nothing to do with the first book It s set on a different planet hundreds of years after the first book Farran is king and Sarah has undergone a complete character change She s learned to speak in sentences and instead of fighting the bond she and Farran embrace it The book isn t about them though It s about Farran s brother Lonan and a rebel fighter Rissa On the moon Sinmer people with blond hair and blue eyes are being. Rissa was born and raised in the darkest parts of Sinmer She is single minded in her focus and willing to do anything to achieve her oals She can take care of herself and needs no help from anyone Least of all Prince Lonan It is not up for negotiation After centuries of

E to read the third book which I m looking forward to Feisty feisty humansIt s hard to find a story that is so engaging I love the way it sucks me in and compels me to keeping reading even when I know i should put it down Wonder which Demon w be ensnared by a firecracker female in the 3rd book Will it be Baraz I hope so While the best book in the series with a super cool heroine this book can not be read without reading the first book in the series and that book will make you nuts trying to figure out what the heck Mixed reviewFirst part was slow and boring Picked up in middle but the end was so off that angered me I felt I stuck though the boring Der Verlorene Koffer: A Graded Reader for Beginning Students got to the meat of the book thenet a rushed and sloppy ending Every thing they did had no purpose They find survivors but only a cute boy is left then you don t hear any What happened to all the rebels Why did they take the shuttle What a mess 25 StarsWith ILLERAMMA Kathalu great regret Iive this rating I loved the first and was so excited to read the secondThere are so many unanswered uestions that will doubtfully be answered in the final installment and with that ending My head is still spinning It was so rushed and erratic and I found it incredibly frustrating A bit disappointed Kinda predictabl. G Farran is taking no chances The Dems’ fight against the Revolution is building and the American Literature Student Text group seems intent on wiping out a portion of humanity With her people threatened and danger building every day Rissa must work with Lonan for theood of all or doom them all to dea.

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(EBOOK/PDF) Darkness Blooming The Dems Trilogy #2 Õ Devi Mara

Writer of cross genre romance Devi Mara grew up in rural Missouri An avid reader and writer she found inspiration in the people and places around her The result a fluid concept of the romance subgenres Devi is a lover of coffee and chocolate and partakes in both daily She lives in Missouri with her family She loves hearing from readers and encourages them to contact her on Facebook and fo

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