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For a ull time relationship so we remained riends with benefits But the biggest success was when I started a relationship with an old riend who did not have sexual eelings or me before We ve been dating The Cake House for over a month now And all this happened within the 2 months since I bought the Flow For almost 3 years nothing and then boom Next book that I m going to buyrom Dan will be about the Relationships Thanks Dan This ebook is excellent Nothing else I ve The Essential Tantra: A Modern Guide to Sacred Sexuality found online or in bookstores explains attraction and picking up women uite like this It was so easy to understand and when I used some of the techniues on women it worked immediately because it s about being natural and confident in a relaxed way I have been getting numbers sex and girlsollowing up with me or Excellent Nothing compares to this It works Amazing book Worth every penny would definitely recommend it to anyone struggling in this area of their life I am now confident around women and now have my choice This is a must read It changed my life with women I get hot women than good looking guys now This is real and it works. To do and it works on all kinds of women Get a copy her.

Ning of 2017 my ex girlfriend broke up with me after 25 years of realtionship Since then almost 3 years I wasn t able to get a girlfriend nor get laid I just orgot how to talk to girls and make them attracted I started to The Outlandish Adventures of Liberty Aimes feel depressed and lonely Then I stumbled upon Dan s YouTube videos and after watchingew I went ahead and purchased The Flow on audio After listening to it twice my whole life thinking and approaching PEOPLE not only girls in general changed I managed to get a phone number and a kiss rom a randon girl in shopping mall Man it really takes just 1 2 minutes of talking After couple of dates she told me that she liked how confident I were when approached her and start directly talking to her But this was just to test if Dan s methods work as I did not want relationship at that timeMy next challenge was to re attract my old ex after almost 3 years of separation I wrote her then set up a date We had nice time and decided to go on another date On second date with my ex we started kissing and had sex that night We went ahead and had sex ew times but eventually she was not ready. Woman or sex or a relationship It's natural very easy.

I ve gotten lots of advice rom successful guys on how to pick up women and I always thought things like yeah but he s attractive than me Yeah but he s got money He drives a nicer car He doesn t come with as much baggage Blah blah blahIt took me reading The Flow to realize that those things WERE barriers to my success but not in and of themselves it was because I allowed them to be barriers in my mind and to destroy my confidence and lower my standards The Flow techniue is helping me to slowly become a natural in picking up whatever women I want by practicingOne important note he made was that Jesting Pilot few to none of us are special cases I spent years thinking that because I have an ex wife and a kid and I married ariend who walked all over me at a young age so now I ve come out into the dating world with zero game I never developed or honed it But now I am and I know I can be successful with The Flow It s inevitable just a matter of time If there ever will be a Nobel prize or love or relationships Dan Bacon would get itThe stuff that he talks about just worksMy little success story At the begin. The Flow is a simple step by step process to attract

The Flow (E–book/E–pub) Ö Dan Bacon

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