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Would classify this as fantasy over romance despite the clinching cover There were elves gnomes unicorns dryads shapeshifters sorcerers giants gods moon cults invented languages and and the romance itself was lackluster I m not sure yet if I ll continue the seriesOne last thing AnduanAurora s gurgling laughter The phrase was used at least six times and it reminded me of infant giggles which is the last thing I want in a heroine I loved her books Now she d be considered paranormal with her blend of fantasy and romance The fantasy elements were well done and original I think that high fantasy and romancehigh fantasy hybrids like this one in particular should sit on the Unicorn Horn of Flangenflark and spin until the Fair Elves of Prancingponce come home DNF. Utiful Aurora She was an innocent child on the brink of womanhood and his desire for her pulsed through his body with burning fury Her long raven hair was like silk to his touch; her ruby lips beckoned for his kiss He knew he must possess her totally and have her by his side so together they could share love's Enchanted Paradise.

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EBOOK DOWNLOAD (Enchanted Paradise) ✓ Johanna Hailey

I will probably never read this especially since it is a fantasy romance from the 80s and is out of circulation I had to mark it to remember because the cover is fabulous with the bodice ripping pastel and the unicorn I am getting naughty Lisa Frank vibes Look at this magnificent pastel cover This along with the elves and unicorns is what drew me to the book Slap a unicorn on a paperback from the 80s and I want to read it I had to interlibrary loan this book from New Mexico due to the exorbitant cost of a used paperback copyThe concept of a character raised in the wild among animals is one of my favorites I enjoyed reading about AnduanAurora s life after she was orphaned in infancy I would have liked of it I was pleasantly surprised by the appearance of a PARADISE LOSTAurora knew that she didn't belong with the elves who raised her but was happy to live among the gentle creatures of the glade It was not until she met Frayne that she understood her destiny was in his embrace Frayne magnificent warrior reckless lover the only man Aurora ever needed The sight of his strong muscular.

Esbian couple the dryads Anduan calls her mother pair It s rare to find positive depictions of same sex couples in old romance novelsWithin 50 pages AnduanAurora had already met and bedded the hero Frayne a knight on a uest for a unicorn horn As is often the case with romance novels from the 80s I didn t care for him He was too elusive too mercurial and frankly an asshole He didn t bring out the best in her I grew tired of their bickering She got along much better with the other characters she met along her ourney but was powerfully attracted to Frayne For the life of me I could not see his appeal He seemed to have zero respect for her and he definitely didn t treat her as an eual But again this was written in the 80s so I m not especially surprised by thatI. Chest made her weak with longing for once he awakened her to the oys of passion she wanted to spend the rest of her nights with him alonePARADISE FOUNDFrayne's uest left him with little time for anything other than his search for the unicorn yet he could not believe his good fortune when he first set eyes on the ravishingly bea.

The writing team of Marcia Yvonne Howl & Sharon Jarvis

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