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Ir moving the ratty tails out of my face His warmth made me shiver wakening my body to the icy chill I miss her so much I whispered and closed my yes as tears rolled down my face He pulled me into his body and wrapped his arms around me I clung to him needing his warmth and comfort Jack pressed a kiss to the top of my head and sat beside me on the cold ground He pulled me into his lap and held me tightly against his chest What was she like he asked softly Perfect I opened my Peter eyes to stare at the gravestone I had never visited here with Jack the last time we were beside her grave was the day they put her tiny casket into the ground I m sorry you never saw her He sueezed me tighter I heard him swallow and I clutched him tighter I come here to talk to her sometimes He laughed to hide hismbarrassment Silly huh No I think it s sweet Our little piece of heaven he said uietly I bobbed my head unable to speak I wish I d seen her held her Told her I loved her and her mummy I turned my head into his chest my heart crumbled and shattered The pain of losing her was too raw I couldn t talk to Jack after we lost her So this was the first time in six years we had openly discussed Clara Do you know the worst thing I asked looking up at him He stared down at me raindrops clung to his dark Empty Your Cup: Why We Have Low Self-Esteem and How Mindfulness Can Help (Self-Compassion Book 1) eyelashes He shook his head dislodging the droplets sending them tumbling down his cheeks Izzy was thexact same image when she was born It was like holding Clara Mae all over again But she wasn t mine She was I m sorry He cupped my face and the pain in his Bids, Tenders and Proposals: Winning Business Through Best Practice (Bids, Tenders Proposals: Winning Business Through Best) eyes added to my grief We can t be sorry because I hate myself toven think of regretting Izzy Because I love her so much I hated you for so long you broke my heart Jack But Izzy Izzy is an angel I look at her and wonder if Clara would have looked the same would she be as beautiful and smart I turned to look at the headstone It takes my breath away sometimes catches me unaware how thoughts suddenly invade me about Clara She will always be a part of us the most amazing part I looked at him he ran his fingers through my hair again staring directly into my Leading Cultural Change: The Theory and Practice of Successful Organizational Transformation eyes I had loved him so much at one time Why did you do it He wrapped his arms around me and pulled me into his chest I regret itvery day very moment you aren t in my arms But I swear on verything I hold dear I didn t know it was Rhea Okay some part of me knew something was off but I hadn t seen you in weeks I just I d missed you so much baby He pulled me away from him Holding my cold cheeks in his hands he brought our faces together and rested his forehead against mine His warm breath fanned across my lips I regret it very day And do you know what I hate myself because if I could go back and change it I couldn t because that would mean I d lose Izzy This was a travesty of pic proportions Rhea s destructive subplot overshadowed the story a large portion of the book focuses on the havoc Rhea wreaks Her blatant hostility her unhinged and mental instability to sustain a relationship Her lack of remorse her innate jealousy and deep seated hatred of EmilyWas pregnancy an attempt at Die Neurobiologie des Glücks: Wie die Positive Psychologie die Medizin verändert (German Edition) entrapmentwhy did Rhea want Jack It seemed of one upmanship on Emily she hated her twin and saw her as a rival she competitively stole Emily s boyfriends Her feelings for Jack was secondary when getting pregnant didn t attain her the trophy Jack she denigrated him and thwarted Emily This was not a lapse in judgement it was a calculated move of control Will left his wife Marissa in America they d been together from when he was fourteen yet they d only been married a mere twelve months He would have married her the day she agreed to date him She destroyed him during what should have been the most perfect time in their lives the birth of a baby He left and refused to speak to her only communicating through his lawyer Theirntire twelve months of marriage was a sham she had been with someone Meditieren mit Musik und Klngen: Inspiration Nada Yoga else She said it just happened How does something like that just happen You make a choice to break your marriage vows it doesn t just happen Of her manyxcuses the shock of seeing her first love again blaming the stress of the wedding she paid people to organise the MasterCases in Spine Surgery entire day She was his firstverything She lied about that too he wasn t her first someone lse had been there before me What about your kid Will He doesn t deserve abandoning You could still be a dad just because I was there at the birth of her kid but he wasn t mine She d been having an affair with her first love I can t xcuse what I did Jo I love her I ve never Keepers Compendium even said those words to her Jo And now I ll never get that chance It may seemasy and simple to you guys what happened in that bar but I feel like part of me died it hurts so goddamn much but she d have walked away Izzy is her The Man with the Golden Gun (James Bond role-playing game) [Box Set] everything and I can t compete with that How is humiliating the woman you love the right thing to do You destroyed her Will you were cruel and completely out of order Did you see her I mean really see her I ve never seen anyone in so much pain What choice did I have What choice did you give Emily You were a coward You could have talked to herxplained what Rhea said xplained things needed to nd between you Maybe open your goddamn mouth and owned up to why you were breaking her heart I did this to protect Izzy and Emily The theatrics were a dickhead move She didn t deserve that and neither did that woman Who by the way looked pissed when you just left her standing at the barI thought you d be spending the night in her bed to forget I m not a cheat You broke up remember No cheating involved Touching another woman when my heart is owned by Em is cheating I didn t intend Emily to see that woman talking to me It was just a twist of fate she walked in as that woman approached me Still doesn t Schmerzmedizin - 1000 Fragen explain why you didn t just talk to her Her sister is vindictivenough to take the kid away I needed it to seem real I didn t want her to have to choose I m pathetic Psychologische Homöopathie. enough to admit I didn t want her to not choose me I guess the hardest part of love is letting her go A memorable moment Do you know what Rhea I m sick of your sht I m waiting for the judge to send you to prison for dangerous driving Then I m doing what I should have done years ago And what s that File for custody of Izzy You don t deserve to breathe the same air as her She laughed With what money you silly cow Mine Jack interrupted And mine called Acis and Cas Us too Lou added I glanced behind me to see Johan nodding To see your sorry a kicked to the curb I m definitely in Ryan added and at his burly voice a lump caught in my throat It wasn t just the money issue that worried me it was the fact I may lose Izzy completely that terrified me What if I didn t win Rhea s horrifiedxpression almost made me laugh It takes than money I m her mother Stop trying to replace your dead O o out Castor stuttered angrily as he stepped to my side Oh God Elmer Fudd s decided to have a go Castor wasn t deaf but he used sign language to communicate because of a severe stutter and being bullied about it You need to teach the little freak some manners Stop calling her that and get the hell out of my house Rhea is vile to her hating she s deaf so she refers to her as the little freak Izzy was born profoundly deaf and spoke than she signed but when she had her hear aids out she felt the need to sign I will leave when I see my daughter The same daughter she never visited as Izzy fought for her life an accident she caused The Viva Mayr Diet: 14 days to a flatter stomach and a younger you endangering an unsecured Izzy after driving recklessly in an intoxicated state Rhea get out of my house Emily screamed I don t oww Get off me What do you think you re doing Do you know who I am nobody s cares Rhea snapped as Lou grabbed her upper arm and yanked her toward the door Please Iat silly btches like you for breakfast Em won t hit you because you re a demented cow and my men here are too gentlemanly to hit a woman but sweetheart I am an Aviation Logistics: The Dynamic Partnership of Air Freight and Supply Chain entirely different story I will kick your arse in an instant I ve had two hours sleep because my son is teething I haven t had sex in weeks my best friend isn t talking to me and I m pregnant and hormonal So I dare you to try my patience And if I hear you call that gorgeous girl a freak again I m going to yank those patheticxcuses for hair R High Performance Programming extensions out You hear me Lou pulled Rhea out of the room like a ragdollveryone stood staring in amazement Lou pushed a screeching Rhea out the door and slammed it behind herRhea was a venomous irredeemable vitriolic snake Her superpower was dictating and revelling in control She is despicable abandoning her newborn baby forcing Emily to assume the role of surrogate mother a daily reminder of their betrayal the same child Rhea repeatedly refers to as a freak living a life free of responsibility or accountability. Ife One she would never forget He intertwined himself into her life and captured her soulBut the illusion of beauty can hide a broken past And as the lovers fall deeper the darkness leeches into the light suffocating and destroying all within its path Until there is nothing left but betrayal and shattered hearts Due to sexual content it may not be suitable for readers under the age of 18 years old.

Find This and Other Reviews At Craves The Angst I received this ARC from the author in xchange for an honest review5 Glorious Amazing Stars Funny Heartbreaking Angsty and Phenomenal This Series Just Keeps Getting Better And Better The Review I LOVED this book I Scala for Java Developers experienced a tidal wave of differentmotions while reading it and felt like I d been put on the spin cycle and I didn t get off until the very The Qur'an, Morality and Critical Reason: The Essential Muhammad Shahrur end There was a lot happening in this book but the author blends the stories and character in perfectly to make one outstanding read that I just couldn t put downDouble Betrayal is full of spectacular writing angstymotions amazing character building fantastic plot Vermeer to Eternity elementsall surrounding a sweet and steamy romance Will and Em s introduction starts out as a burning passionate fire that never lets up Even when they were at odd there was still that intensity between them that made you both want to scream at them to get their heads on straight and weep for them because they were hurting so much I lovedvery spectrum of Heaven to Betsy emotion this author pulled from me while reading their story Em s past is painful and steeped in the worst kind of betrayal She doesn t trust She doesn t look for love She justxists giving the best life she can to the one person who means So B. It everything to her When Will walks into her life she sees him as another one night stand A gorgeous one night stand but a one night stand nonetheless However Will sneaks past her defenses and together they work towards finding something real and something trueWill s past isn t submerged in the happilyver after he thought he would get when me married his childhood sweetheart He s been betrayed and lied to and hurt and when he sees Em suddenly he can breath again But like her he s insistent that love isn t in his future Cabaret ever again I loved watching these two succumb to their desires their feelings andventually their love for one another The passion was intense the romance was sweet and the banter back and forth between them was just perfectWe also have returning characters who I absolutely adore Johan s story from book two has finally seen the happiness you ached for him to have as he and Lou live out their HEA Dom and Eve are building a family and veryone seems to be getting the life they deserve After so much heartbreak and past pain it was beautiful to see the friendships and family they d built within this authors world I loved all the little pieces we get into their lives The Wrap Up This story was filled to the rim with forward movement At no time did I ver get bored or bogged down I teared up I laughed I got butterflies It was hot it was sweet it was romantic it was intense it was heartbreaking it was funny it was EVERYTHING Name an motion and I had it during this read It was perfect Ada Frost has outdone herself This one will definitely sit at the top of my favorites for 2015 I can t wait for the next book and Ryan s story You can read this and other reviews at Inked in ChaptersBuddy read and reviewed with Sarah of Inked in ChaptersWe re channeling Honest Abe we cannot tell a lie Neither of us xpected much when we picked up Double Betrayal It s the third book in the Surviving Love series but can Trading Places: The Netherlandish Merchants in Early Modern Venice easily be read as a standalone by Ada Frost I know what you re thinking who the bleep is Ada Frost We ll tell you who she is She s the best author you ve never read Emily Em is a twenty something year old blonde beauty who has gone through pain and heartbreak than anyone should havever have to En plein coeur endure In a last ditchffort to protect her heart from further damage she s blocked out love completely It s no longer an option one night stands however are completely acceptable A girl has needs after all That s The Bookshop on the Shore exactly what she s looking for when life throws her a curveball No matter how angry I was at him I could not deny I wanted him than I cared to breathe Will is a handsome American who s come to visit his brother in England for a while Much like Emily he s nursing his own version of a broken heart The last thing he wants is tonter into a relationship Everything changes when he pulls up a bar stool next to a blonde pixie His pixie All of me for you I m yours Em All you have to do is claim me This book has twists and turns than a roller coaster Just when you think you have things figured out Ada throws you for a loop Her writing is phenomenal don t Dance Real Slow even get us started on the sex scenes There s just the right balance of story line and sex appeal Saying we loved Double Betrayal would be an understatement It s only January and we both agree that this will most definitely make our favorites of 2015 list It mayven make our favorites of all time list Now THAT S sayin something Double Betrayal is a book that will stick with you long after the final words have been read In fact it will leave you craving Ada s writing is addictive kind of like chocolate Can you The Art of Memoir ever getnough chocolate Nope didn t think so A good book needs to do than The Day Christ Was Born: The True Account of the First 24 Hours of Jesus's Life entertain It needs to climb inside of you and make you feel It should make the butterflies in your stomach flutter or cause your stomach to bottom out during a rough scene It needs to make your scalp tingle and your heartbeat faster in anticipation Ada s writing has the ability to make you feel That is why she has become and will continue to be a go to author for both of us Please please please add this book to your TBR list Double Betrayal isverything you could want in a book There is so much love lust loss heartbreak and longing in this novel don t let it pass you by 5 Star review by Jen SkewesI loved this bookDouble Betrayal is book 3 in the Surviving series by Ada Frost I was so xcited to read this book I didn t ven read the synopsis because Ada wrote it and it s Will s story So of course I was reading it regardless All I knew was that something happened between him and his long time love Marissa and we would meet his new love interest in Double Betrayal I finally decided to actually read the synopsis and seeing that the heroine was Emily it just made me ven xcited for this book Will has recently moved to the UK after his marriage fell apart He had loved Marissa since he was 14 years old He basically lived his life pleasing her and loving her for 20 years Until the PostgreSQL Server Programming - Second Edition end when she completely shattered him in a way that he neverxpected He has no intentions of Integrity Restored: Helping Catholic Families Win the Battle Against Pornography ever giving his heart away again He has built a wall around his heart that no woman willver be able to break through He is now in the UK visiting his brother Johan One night at a bar he meets the blonde haired pixie named Emily He has trouble keeping his The Taste of Night (Signs of the Zodiac, eyes off of her and his hands to himself He wants her if only for one night But he soon realizes that one night with Emily is notnoughWhen Emily was 18 years old she thought her life was perfect and all planned out She would marry the love of her life and they would have a family together Until he shattered her heart into a million pieces It is 6 years later and Emily is just trying to make nds meet and give Izzy the perfect life Izzy is her rock her love and her reason for verything After having her heart broken once she swears that she will never fall in love again But meeting Will Senior changes that It was supposed to be one night so why can t she stop thinking about him Will and Emily are two people whose pasts are both filled with betrayal They both have no intention of falling in love again for fear of getting hurt But neither one of them can stay away from the other And as time goes by their feelings become than just about sex and passion Maybe they aren t as broken as they think Maybe they can love again but in order to do that they both need to let go of the past and open themselves up to the idea of love againI loved this book so much The prologue completely sucked me in I went from being happy for Emily to heart broken Emily is definitely one of favorite heroines She has so much love and is so selfless for reasons that you will understand once you read this book She is sweet caring and just amazing From the first chapter and the moment that Will opened his mouth I was in love He is this big sexy giant with a dirty mouth and mind to go with it What I loved though was that throughout this book you begin to see that the person that he is when with Emily is the real Will I think for so long he wanted to please his x wife that he became someone that he wasn t Emily brought life to Will and brought out this sexy dominating side to him that I loved He was also so sweet caring and very protective of both Emily and Izzy The first sex scene between these two holy crap was it hot I think I may need to invest in a motorcycleDouble Betrayal has a sweet and fun side to it And while one minute you find yourself laughing and smi. Emily’s life had three basic rules love her family fiercely Never xpect forever and most importantly shield her heart from pain At a tender age she had learned love is not forever sex destroys and if you don’t invest your heart it can never be broken She played life safe All it takes though is one moment a defining light in the perpetual darkness to bring life into your heart For Emily it was.

Ling the next your heart is breaking There is drama and angst in the form of a psycho twin I have read plenty of books that have book bitches in them you know those bitches that you just want to punch Well take those book bitches and multiply it by ten and you have Rhea Emily s twin sister Oh My God the woman was just pure The Road From Home: The Story Of An Armenian Girl evil Every time her name was mentioned my heart started beating faster because I was so afraid of what would happen next because with this chick anything goes I can t write this review without mentioning one person and that is Jack Now at first meeting him I didn t like him for reasons that I do not want to give away But you see how years later he still regrets hurting Emily and that he still loves her There is a moment in the book where I honestly had so much respect for him I would love to see him get his happilyver after because I honestly think he deserves itThis book will make you laugh cry break your heart and will have you swooning I loved that we still get to see Johan in this one and see his happiness continue I love his relationship with Will and how much he cares for Emily Double Betrayal is a beautiful story of second chances love betrayal and moving on from the past Ada Frost managed to bring out all of the Exile and Pilgrim emotions in this one You will fall in love with the sexy Giant and his little pixie I loved it and cannot wait for Ryan s storyspecially after that pilogue I know that Ryan s story will be one big roller coaster ride of motions and I am ready for it Will and Emily are almost here Just a few hours To wet your appetite here are a few teasers 3ENJOY A cunningly Hannah Montana: The Movie evil twin infidelity betrayal blackmail jealousy desertion and child abandonment On the way to her fianc s house Emily rang her twin Rheaxplaining her change of plans Once best friends until Jack ntered the scene Rhea then transformed into a contentious heinous viper Rhea was not a fan of Jack and she wasn t happy when Emily gushed about her ngagement whenever Jack was around Rhea disappeared Emily was ighteen pregnant and madly in love with Jack They d been together two years nduring their separation at Uni was difficult but he promised once they were finished with their degrees they would get married Her classes had finished arly and she drove late that night he knew she was coming But when she arrived at his house he was with another woman Rhea With a pregnancy test in her bag she caught the two in flagrante delictoas identical twins Jack was unable to tell them apart and Rhea lacked a moral compassCastor and Acis her twin brothers were her haven They were her heroes and the only men she trusted She always went to them Jack knew this and followed he wouldn t stop ringing and stopping by the house standing outside shouting and waiting for her Then Rhea began with the verbal assaults unable to cope one night Cas packed a bag and they took off in his car destination unknownJack claims he had no clue it was Rhea She was duplicitous dressed to disguise herself as Emily by wearing her clothes and styling her hair the same Being intimate for a long time he should have known it was not her thinking with the other head Then Rhea dropped the bombshell she was carrying Jack s baby too Jack the impregnator It wasn t the first time Rhea had been pregnant but this time she decided to keep Jack s Whether it was to hurt Emily or trap Jack she only accomplished one of her goalsrevelling in Emily s miseryRhea and Jack share custody of Izzy but Rhea rejected her when she was born Emily and Jack share the responsibility He has her at weekends and Rhea is supposed to have her Monday to Friday instead she lives with Emily Emily had become a surrogate mum at the age of ighteen with a load of university debt and a baby to pay and care for they share an unconventional co parenting arrangement Izzy started calling her Mummy Emmy after being teased for calling Emily by her real name No one at school is aware Em is not her mother so while her friends and strangers are around she is allowed her to call her mum but when family and real friends are around she knows the rules For all intents and purposes she is her guardian She performs all the duties minus giving birth to her School rings me if there is any problem I pay for Cardiovascular Pet: Current Concepts everything You saw Rhea can tven be arsed to turn up for her birthday party Izzy is terrified of her And you and Jack I take it all this brought you two closer together More like tore us apart How so Because he looks at your sister with nothing but contempt but you He was my fianc when Izzy was conceived the gleeful look in Rhea s yes when I opened the door and the absolute horror on Jack s face when he realised which twin was in his bed currently sitting on his ck Apart from a tiny birthmark under her ar they are identical Rhea had repeatedly dressed A Companion to Peter Martyr Vermigli exactly like Emily to seduce her boyfriendsEmily was pregnant with Jack s baby He didn t know she was pregnant the day Emily caught him inside Rhea was the day she found out she was pregnant Clara Mae was Emily and Jack s daughter Emily remained at Uni maintaining isolation but Castor and Acis refused to let that happen They were her annoying guards At thirty four weeks gestation her scan reflected that her baby was stillbirth and she needed to deliver weeping throughout thexperience They asked if I wanted to hold her At first I said no but Castor who stood by me the The Best Four Years: How to Survive and Thrive in College (and Life) entire time asked to hold her He cried and kissed her before he held her out to me my baby girl Clara Mae Twenty seven days after losing Clara Izzy was born prematurely and had spent a few weeks in the hospital Jack made it pretty clear to Rhea he would be a father but nothing Once she realised a baby didn t snag her a man she abandoned Izzy She literally walked out of the hospital and left her in the special care unit devoid ofmotion She didn t ven pick out a name It s fortunate they were identical twins otherwise she would never have been allowed to take Izzy homeA poignant moment was Jack s appearance on Christmas Day at the graveside Emily is cold andalone lonely without Izzy They mourn the loss of their baby together and perhaps for the first time find acceptanceEmily was truly foolish she should have filed for custody instead Rhea takes her without warning A poignant moment was Jack s appearance on Christmas Day at the graveside Emily is cold andalone lonely without Izzy They mourn the loss of their baby together and perhaps for the first time gain perspectiveThe baby s headstoneClara Mae Richards Born Sleeping 9th June 2008 Held for a momentLoved for a lifetime I love you so much sweetheart I cried not caring tears were running down my face and I sounded like a wounded animal Why didn t I have a camera to take your picture I hate myself for not having something solid I remember you but it scares me one day I might not You were per perfect I wiped my nose with the back of my hand I m sorry I m so so sorry I wasn t strong nough to carry you To deliver you I curled into a ball at the side of her grave just like I curled up next to Izzy in bed I pulled the unicorn into my arms needing something to hold The cold seeped into my bones the wetness from the ground soaked through my duffel coat I m going to stay here baby and spend Christmas with you This will be our first Christmas together I d never dared come on Christmas day before I never wanted to upset my brothers or Izzy if she rang and heard I d been crying I closed my The Time of the Hunters Moon eyes and pictured her tiny little frame swaddled in hospital blankets her tinyyes screwed tight shut I never got to see her Vegas Vacation (Destination: Desire, eyes I started humming Silent Night it was a little choppy through my sobbing but I needed to sing to my little girl I lay there on the cold damparth until my fingers were numb my feet were like ice blocks and the side of my body pressed into the arth was hurting with the cold Rain started to fall hitting my cheeks mixing with my tears I cradled the unicorn to my chest to protect it from the weather although I had no idea why seeing as I would be leaving it there for her I picked leaves from the ground and threw them behind the stone Your uncles are in Scotland skiing and probably getting into all sorts of mischief Izzy is with Rhea and your daddy Is here I startled fumbling to sit up but my muscles protested and hurt when I tried to move My coat was soaked with the rain Jack s hair was plastered down to his head His coat collar was pulled up around his ars and he hugged himself against the cold Em what are you doing I had no one lse I said numbly looking up at him blinking rapidly as rain fell into my face The wind whipped around my straggly hair Jack knelt beside me and his warm hands cupped my face You always have me Em Always He slid his fingers into my ha. A night she would never forget an ordinary vening of dancing drinking and if she was in the mood a brief one night stand But then he beguiled her His Stepdog emeraldyes captivated and Another Way Home enslaved her to him What Emily didn’t anticipate was the mysterious giant to sit beside her and rock her foundations His dirty mouth and sexy innuendos intrigued her The greenyed Adonis took her for the ride of her

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Hi What to say about myselfI love to read and create stories for others to enjoy I've always been told I have a vivid imagination I just lacked the confidence to pursue putting it onto the written page But finally I embarked on making a single dream come true I love to read and write I only read romance any genre really but it has to have a beautiful romance I also demand a HEA even

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