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Conflicts in Africa Asia and Latin America have become a common focus of advocacy by western celebrities and specialist advocacy organizations This rovocative volume delves into the realities of these efforts which have often had to make major compromises of integrity in the ursuit of rofile and influence rather than the classic mass movements for social change which rovide their ost.

Ensible inspirationExamining the methods used by western advocates how they relate to local or national campaigns in the countries concerned and their impacts Reclaiming Activism evaluates the successes and failures of ast advocacy campaigns and offers constructive criticism of current efforts Taking in a range of high rofile case studies including campaigns for democracy in Burma and.

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Latin America the rights of Palestinians in Gaza and the Lord's Resistance Army in Uganda as well as advocacy regarding human trafficking disability rights land rights and the global arms trade the authors challenge the assumptions and agendas set forth by advocacy organizationsAn agenda setting ublication for all scholars activists and journalists concerned with conflict and human righ.

Alex de Waal on Reclaiming Advocacy