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Thulukan whom I will hereafter refer to as Thulu and La Fi A powerful supernatural being holds her hostage a blade to her throat while other beings humans creatures and ghosts hold their collective breath and try not to make a move that will cause result in La Fi s deathThere the author cuts the scene and takes the reader back many ears to when La Fi was ten Loin des mosques years old and learned that she could see and talk to dead peopleMaer Wilson draws her reader in with the short prologue scene and then describes at length the life that La Fi builds in San Francisco with her adopted family the Thulukans Beforeou think she shacked up with her brother the adoption was organic She lived with her aunt and they were absorbed into the Thulukan s functions as extended family The story which is separated into parts actually begins in part two when they take on an unusual caseThe author has an illustrative voice and she has built her story layer upon layer giving eual attention to building scenes as developing characters I can t explain the value of this to the story without spoiling the biggest scene of the book but I will say that in one moment I suddenly appreciated every word she had devoted to her details Falling under the Private Investigator trope RELICS is an introduction to a series with the potential to grow as long as Ms Wilson wishes to continue It lays out backstory establishes special gifts and powers enemies and allies and a cast of strange and wonderful creatures from a network of alien worlds to which Earth is connected by portals Any seuel will have the advantage of this groundwork already in place and the author can steam ahead with the dilemma of Thulu and La Fi s next dead clientThe writing style may be a little mature for teenagers This book was clearly written for by adults Having said that I don t recall much objectionable content There is one hint of close door sex profanity is kept to a minimum and there is moderate violence This is my original review of the first edition of Relics I don t think I will change my mind as I read the second edition on my way to reading Magics I have been trying to decide why I like the Thulukan Chronicles so much Maybe it is the sensible matter of fact voice of Fi the narrator and translator or the inherent love and acceptance the Thulukan family shares I do know that the sensible mundane flavor of Fi and Thulu s story make the tragedy and horror of the bad things sharper and nightmarish These characters feel so real Ceil and Aela with their mutual love of nail polish Romeo and Juliet arguing over appropriate names Parker and Jenna playing with Sophie Maybe my migraine is making writing this review difficult but Relics feelscomfortable even with the first read Although I love my dead tree books my library does not have a copy of Portals so I bought it for my Kindle app and I will recommend the library purchase it I loved this story from page one I challenge Western Civilization you to read the first page of Relics and not be sucked into this novel That is exactly what happened to me The author has created a uniue and creative story filled with plot twists and mystery characters thatou love but Les perversions narcissiques you knowou really shouldn t and others that are endearing and make Off the KUF Volume 2 you wishou could invite them over for dinnerThe author gives uite a bit of backstory and history between the two main characters Thulu and LaFi I love these names by the way Their history together really gives Escape (Secret Diaries, you an in depth look into their relationship and their very supportive family the Thulukan clanThulu has the special ability to find things and LaFi sees and speaks to dead people This is the perfect combination for owning and operating their own detective agency for their peculiar clients When they are approached by a new client to help find a missing locket and then suddenly a handful of ghosts show up in their office all looking for the same murderer the story seems to be a clear case of a who dunnit Except then the action takes an unusual twist which keeps the reader turning pages to find out what is really going onEnter the magical beings and an interesting new take on Angels vs Daemons portals to other dimensions and ancient relics needed to save the earth from a horrible destiny Yes all this really is packed into one fantastic novelThis book is unlike any other that I have read before which isn t a bad thing Ms Wilson has an obvious talent for writing great dialogue and creating unexpected scenarios full of intrigue and imagination She is a descriptive writer without being too wordy and the entire novel is extremely well written I especially enjoyed her wide variety of characters All of whom have depth and originality Besides LaFi and Thulu Reo is a particular favorite of mine and I recommendou read Relics to find out about this interesting individual I don t think Rebelle du dsert - tome 03 : La Tempte (3) you ll regret it. Fi's search becomes personal The couple will need powerful help in the race to find the relics before Gabriel does But maybe that's what ghostly friends magical allies and daemonic clients are forWhen the creatures of myth and magic return to Earth they're nothing likeour mother's fairy tale.

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St forward to the present where La Fi and Thulu are married and running their own successful detective agency working to bring resolution to the dead They have a uiet happy life but when a case brings them in contact with a Daemon things start to get strange When the Daemon hires them to find some relics that will prevent global disaster the action ramps up and trust me A Child's Garden of Grass: the Official Handbook for Marijuana Users you ll never think of Angels versus Daemons in the same wayThe story is told all in first person by La Fi with lots of mundane details thrown in about the food she s preparing and the restoration work she and Thulu have done on their home The details keepou grounded in reality while all manner of extraordinary creatures and events are introduced into the tale in the same way that Charlaine Harris s Sookie keeps us grounded in reality with her details about clothes television shows and her tanning efforts while vampires werewolves and the fae battle in and around Bon TempsWith this well crafted debut novel Maer Wilson has laid the groundwork for a great new series of detective books The Thulukan Agency may not be the first paranormal detective agency out there on the shelves but it is certainly one to watch I look forward to reading many adventures as Thulu and La Fi expand their agency Review of Relics by Maer WilsonReviewer Wennie Conedy5 stars out of 5Have PRISM Index you ever wondered if all those fairytale charactersou read as a kid were real Did Professional Active Server Pages 2.0 (Professional) you ever ponder ifou had certain gifts that others didn t have The gift of foresight perhaps Or did Douze nouvelles contemporaines: Regards sur le monde you have the sudden urge to buy a lotto ticket and find out two days later thatou won Intuition Or is it a gift A talent Relics Book 1 of the Thulukan Chronicles by Maer Wilson is a work of fiction dealing with the supernatural The book is suitable for Niemand houdt mij tegen : een avontuur in de 22ste eeuw young adults and will be thoroughly enjoyed by the adult and theoung at heartRelics is the story of Fiona and Thulu two very talented and gifted individuals who run a sort of investigative agency with a very special client base Most of their clients are dead Yes Comment Wang-F fut sauv you heard me right Their clients are those who have left this worldly plane Until their special talents are hired by a daemon to find relics and help save the world from angels When the angels threaten their family this case becomes very personal Intriguing right Can I just first say that I loved this book Loved it Maer created a world where I wanted to live in There was a lot of warmth love intrigue danger and familial support and love Maer promised a story that would be out of the ordinary and she truly delivered Told from the point of view of Fiona I found myself totally enraptured with the world she lives in Her interaction with the ghosts intrigued me and her ability to form relationships with them endeared her to me She has total support from her husband Thulu who has gifts of his own Childhood friends turned sweethearts turned lifelong mates their deep connection is the thread that holds them together as they face the uniue challenge presented to them There were also moments where I found myself giggling in certain parts of the book Here s one reason why The male goblin spoke next My name is unpronounceable forou I think Petit cahier d'exercices de communication non-violente you should call me Legolas He had an accent I couldn t identify He had enormous eyes a very long nose and a wide mouth His wife elbowed him lightly and rolled her eyes in exasperation You can t be called Legolas Her voice also had an accent but considerably less than his She also had big eyes but her long nose was upturned and mouth was smaller She seemed thin and her cheekbones were very sharp as if she hadn t eaten well Why not I have to have a name Yes dear but people will associate it with the elf from that man s book The rest of us watched this exchange with interest Frankly I thought Legolas the goblin had a nice ring to it Pick something else she directed with a light pat on his arm Fine I ll be Bilbo As Maer built the story towards its conclusion she took me off my guard and all I could do was gape as I read what was happening It was heart wrenching and deeply emotional I found myself wanting to reach out and just hug Fiona and ThuluMaer fulfilled her promise to deliver a story that tweaksour imagination stretches Oriental Magic your beliefs and brings moments of laughter sadness intrigue and triumph Ifou enjoy a world of supernatural beings with human tendencies ou will enjoy book I highly recommend it as a book to read and can t wait for Book 2 to come out Maer WilsonRelics Wilson s Relics is an entertaining read While her making angels the bad guys and daemons the good guys isn t something new she introduces us to a wonderful daemon Jones His wit is rather charming and he could charm the cassock off a priestLa Fi and Thulu are both likeable as the paranormal investigators Fun read here RELICS opens at a dire moment for Erik and Fiona. Nts the relics to open the portal and give his people access to a new feeding ground – EarthCaught on live TV other portals begin to open and the creatures of magic return to Earth The people of Earth are not alone but will soon wish they wereWhen Gabriel threatens their family Thulu and La.

Maer Wilson has created a beguiling classic that sneakily grabs ou by the throat and drags into the portal to a world of her own making A flashback from the terror of a knife at said throat of La Fi sends us hurtling to a child sitting on the school steps waiting for parents to arrive It is only when the child s dead parents arrive do we know she is Fiona and she can see the dead and interact with them Cool And sad And from there we are hurtled headlong into Fiona s tumultuous life as she is uprooted and settled in San Francisco with her Nana At her new school Fiona meets Thulu a gifted boy who has the ability to find things and Thulu has found FionaTheir relationship develops over the Transition nergetique - ces vrits qui drangent ! years and Fiona takes on the name La Fi named after a barbeue burger she created Together La Fi and Thulu use their special powers to find lost items and help wayward ghosts But when they leave college and set up their detective agency for the restless dead as a married couple trouble arrives when a gaggle of noisy ghosts arrive at their office It soon transpires a monster is out there killing with impunity John Tyler He must be stopped To La Fi and Thulu s astonishment John is a daemon searching for lost relics that when used will open a portal unleashing horrific flesh eating creatures upon mankind Light Ones or fallen angels led by the thoroughly evil GabrielLa Fi and Thulu reluctantly join forces with the delectably devious John to stop the impending apocalypse by searching for the ancient relicsMaer uses her considerable writing skills to conjure up a whole new genre of ghost detectives versus monstrous demons intent on world destruction combined with poignant moments of pure love and joy as the pair help the restless dead find true peace There are plenty of thrills and spills and magical creatures to give readers of all ages the chills This magical book is a FIVE STAR CHILLER THRILLER that will send goose bumps down the spine of anyone who believes in life after death ghosts and magic we all once knew was common place as children Fiona Bartlett is blessed with the gift of seeing the dead After the death of her parent s her first experience with ghosts Fiona goes to live with her grandmother Nana a one time carnival psychic turned caretaker of the stricken childAs Fiona grows older she learns from Nana that people like her must keep their talents secret That is until Fiona meets Erik Thulukan in school You see he woke up in the morning knowing he needed to find someone That someone was Fiona Erik is a finder and Nana and Fiona are soon adopted by the Thulukan family who all have special gifts So much so that being special is normal and that suits Fiona just fineOf course LaFi as Fiona is known to the Thulukan family and Eric or Thulu to Fiona marry LaFi cannot have children but there is one special ghost that of aoung boy that makes LaFi and Thulu feel like familyThe one thing LaFi and Thulu have always wanted is a detective agency Not the normal kind but the kind ghosts freuent when they are in need Perhaps a special trinke must be given to a loved one or maybe someone was killed and Thulu and LaFi need to find the murderer Sometimes it s a ghost of a little girl one who can Relics by Maer Wilson is a lovely paranormal story about two mediums or paranormal detectives if CES GLUCIDES QUI MENACENT NOTRE CERVEAU you so will I read two shorter novels by the author before this so I knew what to expect but I rally enjoyed to stay with a Thulu story for a little longer The story begins with La Fi Fiona s family background and her love for her Nana setting a warm and loving tone for the paranormal story to come Wilson has created great characters likeable and entertaining just right forounger adults and those who like pleasant charactersLa Fi and her husband Great story Very original and I read a lot of fantasy The plot moves along uickly and the main characters are very likable There is a lot of content the book could easily be lot longer but the author chooses to gloss over a lot of the side plots and conversations perhaps saving them for another day In fact I can see shared universe or a lot of fan fiction developing very uicklyI m very much looking forward to the rest of the series RELICS is the first book of a new series about a paranormal detective agency run by two humans with unusual powers and unusual nicknames Thulu and La FiWe first meet La Fi as a child when she was still known as Fiona Her parents die and her unusual abilities manifest themselves she can see hear and talk with ghosts She meets Thulu on the first day at her new school and the pair become inseparable He also has an unusual talent for finding lost things His family the tight knit Thulukan clan welcomes La Fi and her grandmother into the fold with open and loving arms The theme of strong family bonds love and commitment run all throughout this novelFa. Most of Thulu and La Fi's clients are dead Which is perfect since their detective agency caters to the supernatural But a simple job finding a lost locket leads to a big case tracking relics for an ancient daemonThe daemon needs the relics to keep a dangerous portal closed His enemy Gabriel wa.

Relics Modern Magics Book 1 (READ)

After a successful career being other people and later teaching others the many tricks of that trade Maer Wilson has decided to be herself for a while Turns out she's a writer She's always loved stories especially fantasy mystery and sci fi Maer was born in the Year of the Dragon and has a dragon themed room in her home but sadly no dragons in the back yard When she's not writing Maer pl

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