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Ve been a slow start but as a reader it was satisfying to watch the puzzle unravel in true Death in Paradise styleI would recommend this book to those who love the television series and to those who love closed room mysteries I njoyed this cozy mystery a lot It s a typical closed circle whodunnit murder mystery but set in a Caribbean island The tropical setting drips through the pages and it s so delightful for a summer fan like me This series also turned into a BBC tv series and I ll definitely will be watching that too In this one Aslan Kennedy gets killed by stabbing with a knife in a small Japanese tea house while he was doing a meditation session with his clients It s a little room where only 5 people were inside so whodunnit then Aslan is the co owner of a luxury Retreat hotel in a small island in Caribbean managing it with his wife Our detective is Richard who s actually British moving to the island after an incident he was investigating there He actually hates tropical weather and has sand phobia These details made the book really funny and I loved Richard as a character As a classic whodunnit some clues reveal themselves to our detective team slowly and we try to solve it through the book I had a lot of fun solving it and reading about all these characters I only wish it was a tad shorter so the pace was a bit better at some times Nevertheless it s a fun book to fly through and Love 2.0 (A Cates Brothers Book, enjoy a cozy mystery Definitely recommended I will surely continue this series Absolutely love this BBC series on TV so of course I had to get the book Loved it Robert Thorogood is the screenwriter for the series and he continues to bring the characters alive here in this first installment In our there is a TV series we watched from day one as it kinda sounded too good to be true An English Policeman get sent to a Caribbean Island to solve the murder of the chief detective and he gets kinda stuck there and he somewhat like a fish out of the waterxcept this policeman is deadly afraid of water It is a comedy mystery and always an The Fix ending in which the detective and his staff gather all suspects around andxplains the murder and who did it Very Agatha Christie actually This is one tv show that I actually advise anybody ven if we have by bow arrived at the third English detective in Saint Marie and of the original crew only Dwayne and the Chief of Police remainThis book takes us back to the beginning when DI Richard Poole has been on the tropical island for close to a year and has some issues with a small green lizard sharing his b I have always njoyed watching the BBC series Death in Paradise particularly the arly series with Ben Miller as DI Richard Poole so was uite thrilled when I received a review copy of A Meditation on Murder the first novel by its creator Robert Thorogood It is a standalone Richard Poole story with all the familiar characters and from the series and it is a read which I really really njoyedRichard is instantly recognisable he is the same stuffy stick in the mud that we already know Anyone Desire in Seven Voices else would be rejoicing about being able to work on this tropical island paradise but not Richard He hatesverything about it specially the heat and dreams of returning to Croydon He still wears his trademark dark woollen suit very day because that is what Detective Inspectors wear He is just totally at odds with the laid back attitude of the islanders The Casa Mono Cookbook especially his colleaguesHis sidekick Camille is also well drawn She is good at her job and despite the fact that she finds Richard s waysxasperating she likes him and is always on hand when he overheats in that suit She tries her best but no way is he going to ditch that suit I love the way that she treats Richard specially when he gives an order and she wants to do something lse she goes along with his wishes so far then just does what she wanted to do anyway Their camaraderie is good they have a rapport with ach other and there is chemistry but I am glad that the author resisted any impulse for them to get together In a lot of ways Richard and Camille would make a wonderful couple but it should never actually happenThe story itself is a traditional locked room whodunit and when local hotelier Aslan Kennedy is found murdered inside a locked room it seems an open and shut case only five other people were in that room and one has confessed after all But Richard follows his instincts and through a mixture of old fashioned detective work and inspiration reveals a story that goes back 20 years and which proves that any of the people in that room could in fact be guilty We follow the island detective team in this well paced story as it moves forward to a classic Agatha Christie ish showdown finale wherein Richard and his team confront all the usual suspects with Richard going through them one by one outlining why he thinks ach person could have done it but why he thinks they are innocent until he gets to the guilty partyIt is a story which really kept my attention with its twists and turns and red herrings which meant that I was convinced at times that nearly all the suspects were guilty There is no sex no violence no bad language in this story which would appeal to any fans of Agatha Christie who I am sure must have been a huge influence for the author A thoroughly njoyable read. E facts of the case don't uite stack up In fact he's convinced that the person who's just confessed to the murder is the one person who couldn’t have done it Determined to track down the real killer DI Poole is soon on the trail and no stone will be left unturn.

45 stars If you are a fan of the BBCNetflix show A Death in Paradise then reading this book would def be the most logical step What I liked most about reading this book is that fact that it read EXACTLY as if I was watching an unaired pisode from seasons 1 or 2 when Det Insp Richard Poole was in charge And in true fashion I read it in the voices and mannerisms of Lachlan's Protg (English Edition) each of the other Monore Police officers Det Sgt Camille Dwanye and Fidel Another thing that I liked about this story was that we heard a lot from Richard s POV His a very straight laced police officer and to see him not so much talk out loud for others to hear him but for us as reader to see him in a personal light was very delightful and surprising The mystery was definitely one that had my wheels turning 6 people in a locked room with paper walls one is dead They have been drugged and at one time bamboozled out of tons of money by the same man who just happens to be dead whodunnit I can say that there were moments of slowness but it wasn tnough to stop you from reading it being that the same man who wrote the show wrote the books it was very true to form Which I loved An asy njoyable and ntertaining cosy mystery Exactly what I wanted right now Review originally published at Learn This Phrase When it comes to books cosy crime has never really been my thing From what I can figure out cosies invariably seem to involve dreadful pun laden titles a disproportionate amount of plots revolving around baking and people solving murders with the aid of their pets TV though that s a different matter The TV uivalent of this sort of thing from Midsomer Murders to Miss Marple to Rosemary Thyme has long been a source of comfort to me and over the years I ve accumulated a decent collection of boxsets of these series to watch when I m ill depressed or otherwise in need of distraction and relaxation For whatever reason they ve often helped to get me through depressive periods when little lse would lift my moodThe first two series of BBC1 s Death in Paradise a murder mystery comedy drama set on the fictional Caribbean island of Saint Marie has become part of this pantheon of comforting TV and in recent times has become my go to feelgood show It surprises me sometimes that Death in Paradise doesn t get credit for the things it does differently and the things it gets right I can t think of an uivalent series primetime mainstream drama screened on a major UK channel and considered a flagship show for that channel that only has one white main cast member or that s had Conflict in Blood episodes addressing the legacy of slavery treating Vodun as a serious religion and condemning the actions of British colonists and French settlers in the Caribbean But it s a comfortable sort of show intended as cosy midweekntertainment and I m aware it s silly to analyse much of it in any further depth than that Of course any cosy mystery worth its salt has to chuck in some romance and across series 1 and 2 the unresolved tension between DI Richard Poole and his professional partner Camille Bordey uietly became one of the best things about the show But then Ben Miller who played Richard decided to leave and the character was ruthlessly killed off taking any hopes of a love story with him I still watch Death in Paradise casually kind of but I ve never uite forgiven it for uickly and brutally dispatching Richard and then making all the other characters forget him almost instantaneously This is the disadvantage of cosy shows the lack of realism means nobody is really allowed to process motions in a believable way Richard was immediately replaced with Humphrey Goodman played by Kris Marshall who bumbles about treating Camille as a glorified sidekick and patronising her Even worse the most recent pisodes have attempted to set up a sort of will theywon t they romantic tension between Humphrey and Camille Twitter creeping has revealed that there are some people out there who think they have amazing chemistry but I assume they ve been watching a different show to me One of the big draws of this tie in novel the first in a planned series of at least three books from series creator and screenwriter Robert Thorogood is that it features the original dream team of Richard Camille Dwayne and Fidel If you ve seen the show there will be nothing surprising about A Meditation on Murder and if you The Crucified Ones: Calling Forth the End-Time Remnant enjoy it you will probably like this too There s annsemble guest cast of characters a group of people staying at a luxury spa hotel on Saint Marie plus the resort s owners and their shifty handyman and a locked room mystery The characters from the show particularly Richard are recreated absolutely perfectly their voices and individual uirks completely intact Richard s lizard Harry Grace Hopper and the Invention of the Information Age (Lemelson Center Studies in Invention and Innovation series) even puts in a few appearances The comedy is handled really well and plot twists are clever but gentle just the way cosy crime should be It s about as heart warming as murder can possibly get There are flaws of course Information is often repeated in dialogue in a way that would probably make sense spoken aloud but looks like unnecessary padding when written down It lacks nuancespecially in the characterisation characters with a couple of strong broadly painted distinguishing physicalpersonality features may work well on screen when we can see the differences. Aslan Kennedy has an idyllic life Leader of a Spiritual Retreat for wealthy holidaymakers on one of the Caribbean's most unspoilt islands Saint Marie Until he's murdered that is The case seems open and shut when Aslan was killed he was inside a locked room with

Between them but can be uite cartoonish in a book when these traits have to be reinforced freuently Example I think Anne might be overweight but it s difficult to tell since her weight size shape and her being larger than life groan are only mentioned about 5000 times And finally there s a bit of silliness between Richard and one of the female characters which seems so unlikely ven in this light hearted context that it stands out rather awkwardly It s unclear at this point whether the books are designed to portray an alternate timeline Death in Paradise or whether they take place within the known world of the show In other words can anything happen in these stories that hasn t already happened in the series say vis vis Richard and Camille s relationship just to throw out a random xample or are these mysteries supposed to be taking place in between those already depicted on screen prior to Richard s death It wasn t until after I finished reading A Meditation on Murder that it occurred to me Thorogood is still working on Death in Paradise so he s unlikely to develop Richard and Camille s relationship in the books given that the series appears to be persisting in trying to make CamilleHumphrey a thing This thought admittedly makes me feel a bit dejected But you know what I ll probably read all the books in the series regardless of their imperfections it s lovely to see these characters living on in some form Loved this wonderful mystery in the tradition of Agatha Christie Loved the humour and the witticisms Especially loved Richard Poole his hangups and his lovehate relationship with the lizard colonizing his home and the island he finds himself living in Let me start by saying that I haven t seen nor do I know anything about the BBC series this book is based on I just jumped into this novel without knowing anything about it or its writer I don t see why you couldn t do the same and Dialogue: Relationships in Graphic Design enjoy it just as much One thing I did know is that is a crime novel I mean the title A Meditation on Murder gives it away doesn t it I also assumed that it might take place on one of the Caribbean islands because Death in Paradise I only figured out it was based on a TV show when I read it and saw the faces of the actors on the back of the novel It didn t occurred to me to study the covers prior to reading itWhat kind of a crime novel is it One with an intelligent but peculiar andccentric detective inspector who invariably solves the murder crime in the The Originality of the Avant-Garde and Other Modernist Myths end Now who does that makes me think of Why Agatha Christie and her famous protagonist obviously That is not where similaritiesnd for there are many ways in which this crime novel reminds me of those written by Agatha Christie Not that I m complaining I do like this classic take on a crime novel There isn t much violence or blood in this book there is a murder but that is that most of the novel is all about the psychological study of characters Our peculiar detective is a Brit who Modeling and Analysis of Communicating Systems ends up being an inspector on a French Caribbean island He has a phobia of sand and insists on wearing wool suits in the worst of heat because that is what detective inspectors do He is uite clumsy and withdrawn but he also has a fine mind and a great team The murder crime he is called to solve is uite a mystery Aslan a spa hotel guruveryone seems to like is killed It happens during a meditation in a paper room but the girl fair Julie who confessed to it couldn t have had done it Who is to blame then Our detective will found it out but it will take him a long time During that time we get to know so much about the past and the background of the six people who were in that meditation chamber Aslan the victim guru has had some secrets but so did all of them don t we all and finding out all those secrets takes uite a bit of time Now this is not something I normally mind but I did feel that this novel was a tad bit overwritten and that s the only thing I didn t like about it I think it would have been better if it was just a bit shorter Nevertheless it is a fine crime novel Not the kind of book that will change your life but it is a mighty fine crime novel If you like crime novels written in the style of Agatha Christie you will probably like this one I don t know if it is Inventing the Medium: Principles of Interaction Design as a Cultural Practice everything going on in the world right now but it took me a while to get into the jive of this book Iven had to restart it at one point because my mind had gotten too distracted Though once I did get into the story I found myself The Chinese Economy: Transitions and Growth enjoying the closed room mystery that was A Meditation of MurderAs a fan of the television series it was nice to revisit DI Richard Poole my favourite Death in Paradise detective in a novel the Inspector s beloved yet curmudgeonly personality translated well from the screen to paperIn terms of narration I felt that Phil Fox did a decentnough job I found it to be a touch monotone at times but it wasn t severe nough to detract from the narrativeHowever while I mostly njoyed this novel I found that the story got somewhat repetitive with certain details which felt like plot filler at timesAdditionally I had figured out the murderer In Deeper early on but not the motive which didn t seem to ruin the book for me too muchIn thend no major complaints from me thoughOverall despite some minor issues I njoyed A Meditation of Murder It may ha. Nly five other people one of whom has already confessed to the murder Detective Inspector Richard Poole is hot bothered and fed up with talking to witnesses who'd rather discuss his 'aura' than their whereabouts at the time of the murder But he also knows that th.

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Robert Thorogood is an English screenwriter He is best known as the creator of the BBC 1 Murder Mystery Series Death in ParadiseRobert was educated at Uppingham School in Rutland and read History at Downing College Cambridge While at Cambridge he toured with the university's student comedy troupe Footlights in 1993 and was elected President in 1994 Soon after leaving Cambridge Robert set u

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