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Way too much raphic violence with not enough context or surrounding story i like short story type of texts and I also like non fiction that isn t boring BUT this was just like watching those poorly done documentaries that i couldn t stand to sit through as a kid i was always. Everyone’s life is touched at some time by disaster But some disasters loom so large they are international events The stories of those who live through such devastating events such as earthuakes tsunamis hurricanes fires and floods are both heartbreaking and co.

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EBOOK (SOS Stories of Survival)

Book and a really easy read It has short chapters for each famous natural and man made disasters in which teens and children miraculously survived I don t know why teens are the focus It is nicely written in my opinion not too descriptive or wordy just the story and then the en. Ding ases spewing from Mont Pelee on Martiniue; teens who rode the roofs of their homes in Pennsylvania’s roaring Johnstown Flood; and youngsters who survived but still suffer from the nuclear accident in ChernobylArchival photos document these astounding sagas.

Like the only appropriate thing here is to cry hard so why are we watching this in school and so I d just lay my head on my desk and tune it out anyway not onna be The Monk as Man: The Unknown Life of Swami Vivekananda getting this for my 11 and 12 year old kiddos If you are morbidly interested in survival stories this is aood. Mpelling Often they are inspiring and uplifting SOS Stories of Survival tells the tales of young survivors of such disasters teenage coal miners trapped deep below the surface of the earth in Springhill Nova Scotia; children who ran to escape the poisonous explo.

Tundra author Ed Butts is a writer and editor with a special interest in Canadian history He lived for several years in the Dominican Republic where he taught English and social studies and wrote regularly for local magazines He has published several books of fiction and non fiction and has written for numerous publications in Canada and the United States Ed Butts lives in Guelph Ontario

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