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Uncle s death was not accidental The present day narrative alternates with chapters that describe moments in the real and imagined life of Jane Austen as she was about to embark on her second novel tentatively titled First Impressions and events in the lives of Richard Mansfield and of a certain eighteenth century printer Gilbert Monkhouse Lovett has extensive experience with book collectors collections and all manner of libraries and his expertise in antiuarian bookshops and rare editions is apparent on every page He imparts a wealth of knowledge about books about printing and about Jane Austen and presents it in an easily digestible manner There are some parallels between the two timelines an older mentor who dies the haunting sight of empty bookshelves and meetings during a waterside stroll Lovett skilfully blends fact with fiction and the what if scenario on which the plot hangs generates than enough mystery to make this a real page turner with an exciting climax Lovett creates a marvellous cast of characters some of whom will certainly have the reader wondering about their honesty and their motivations Contrary to her usual behaviour Sophie finds herself shoplifting a very expensive book stealing from a library and breaking into a house but her reverence at holding a first edition of Pride and Prejudice assures the reader of her pure intentions Lovett paints Austen as an intelligent thoughtful oung woman with remarkable moral strength and a delightful sense of humourThose die hard fans of Austen who recoil at the mere mention of Austen and plagiarism in the same sentence should take heed of a remark Bertram makes to Sophie But the truth and a good story are not always the same thing now are they The cover of the Text Publishing edition is particularly evocative and this excellent literary mystery will have readers seeking out work by this fine author This novel is ridiculous The writing could be cliched and cringe worthy and I came close to abandoning the book several times If the story had not involved Jane Austen I would not have finished it Despite these irritations there were a few things I liked about First Impressions It opens in 1796 in Hampshire with Jane Austen meeting Richard Mansfield an elderly clergyman Eventually the two become good friends sharing ideas about books and literature We see the fictional version of Jane becoming confident as a writer and sharing early drafts of her novels with Mr Mansfield Lovett invents numerous letters taken from the text of Austen s real novels and even though I thought it was twee some fans might get a kick out of this Meanwhile the story also follows Sophie Collingwood who is a modern day bibliophile in London The novel alternates chapters between Jane s life and Sophie s and Sophie gets caught up in a mystery about something Mansfield wrote back in 1796 Sophie goes on a hunt to prove that Jane Austen wasn t a plagiarist and this melodramatic mystery uickly became absurd What I did like were the bookish aspects of the novel Sophie was close with an uncle who is also a bibliophile and the two had long conversations about their love of literature Sophie also starts dating a guy who collects 18th and 19th century books and another guy who shares her passion for Jane Austen s works What I did not like was the trite writing and two dimensional characters I almost hurt myself doing exaggerated eye rolls while reading Here are a few examples Sophie describes one of her fellas as a drop dead gorgeous charming intelligent man BLECH During the ridiculous hunt for clues Sophie comes to a locked door kicks it open and says something like Good thing I took those kickboxing lessons OH MY GOD DID YOU SERIOUSLY WRITE THAT During the final showdown with the villain there is a pause in the action so the bad guy can explain his evil plan Lovett wrote that he was leaning against the fireplace seeming to enjoy prolonging his moment of triumph DO YOU SEE WHAT I MEAN PEOPLE THIS NOVEL IS SO CORNY IT S ANNOYINGThe book is filled with references to Austen s writing but I cannot in good conscience recommend it to my fellow Janeites I was disappointed because I had been excited to read this book involving Jane Austen as a character However I think this will be one of those silly stories that I shall forget as soon as I return it to the library Note I stopped reading First Impressions at 20%Contains spoiler comments on the beginning of the book First Impressions was one of my most anticipated fall releases As a HUGE Jane Austen fan I wanted to read it as soon as I saw that it was a novel of old books unexpected love and Jane Austen It sounds like everything I love and I was thrilled when I got a copy on NetGalley As much as I love Austen s work I also enjoy spin offs and variations I m not an Austen purist I m totally open to new interpretations So I m typically not bothered by an author taking some liberties Unfortunately I was unable to finish this book and I think it s because I m almost too familiar with Jane Austen and her lifeFirst Impressions alternates between two time periods present day and Jane Austen s time 1790s 1817 In the portions set during Austen s time near the beginning of the book Austen is in her twenties She meets an older man named Mr Mansfield he s in his eighties and they establish a friendship At this point she hasn t written a full book et but is working on an epistolary novel that will eventually become Sense Sensibility Mansfield just to note is an entirely fictional character He did not actually exist so the historical portions are really an invented version of history not a fictionalized version of Austen s actual life I was expecting the Austen portions to be realistic which definitely threw me off from the startMansfield and Austen have long conversations about books and spend lots of time together presumably alone During those chats she reads him samples of her writing She goes away at one point and they continue their friendship by correspondence Not only do I find it a little unbelievable that Jane would be spending that much time alone with a man regardless of his age but I find it even of a stretch to believe that she would be writing him letters Men and women could spend time alone together during that time period but the rules for correspondence were much stricter If letters were being exchanged by people of the opposite sex it was typically a sign that they were engaged And if they weren t it was a breach of propriety just look at Marianne and Willoughby I have no idea if the age gap would make it less improper for Austen and Mansfield to correspond but at that point I was uestioning everything that I was reading It just didn t feel like it fit within the time period Then Jane begins to discover that she loves him But it s not as a lover or a parent I don t even know It was not she knew the ache of a lover but she found that she could no longer think of him merely as a friend or companion 11% It s well known that Jane never married but there has been a lot of speculation as to whether or not she ever had a Allegories by Richard Mansfield Their ueries draw Sophie into a mystery that will cast doubt on the true authorship of Pride and Prejudice and ultimately threaten Sophie's life In a dual narrative that alternates between Sophie's uest to uncover the truth while choosing between two suitors and a oung Jane Austen's touching friendship with the ageing cleric Richard Mansfield Lovett weaves a romantic suspenseful and utterly compelling novel about love in all its.

Omantic relationship Obviously this book is a work of fiction But I wanted it to at least present a version that felt a little bit plausible But Jane falling for someone who could be her grandfather Ugh It s particularly annoying since prior to that there are a number of comments suggesting there was no possibility for romanceHowever that s not what I hated about the book I can accept the somewhat uestionable development of their friendship and the unwelcome introduction of romantic feelings But what I could not abide were the contents of their conversations Let me explain As Jane begins reading her writing aloud to Mr Mansfield he offers her suggestions for improvement Prior to the conversation below he has just told her how she could improve the character of Sir John Middleton in Sense Sensibility Then they have this exchange It is I think said Mr Mansfield the sign of a well crafted novel when the minor characters are as fully realized as the hero and heroine Wisely spoken Mr Mansfield And I am certainly guilty of giving less life to those whose time upon the page of my novel is but brief It is a fault I shall endeavor to correct 6% WHAT This was very early on in the book and I was immediately pissed To have Jane Austen say that she isn t good at writing secondary characters Are ou kidding me Jane Austen wrote extensively as a teenager long before she wrote her first full length novel Many of her short stories can still be read today and anyone who has taken two seconds to read them would see that Austen s wit and keen eye for characters was already on display They aren t as polished as her later works but her talent is still evidentI found the implication that Jane Austen needed the help of an eighty Colp year old man to improve and instruct her on writing to be insulting and absolutely ridiculous Jane Austen is my homegirl and I will not stand by and see her treated thus At one point Mr Mansfield offers this oh so helpful advice on Willoughby I only feel that when Mr Willoughyby first comes into the lives of the Dashwoods one already gets the sense that he is a scoundrel The shock of Miss Marianne s rejection would be so much powerful if we had no reason to suspect Willoughby of duplicity until his true character is revealed So Willoughby should come onto the stage as of a hero Exactly That is precisely how I should put it I do hopeou do not think me impertinent to say so 11% GET REAL At that point I was rolling my eyes and feeling stabby There s no way I could continue to read a book that implied even if fictionally that Jane Austen s books were good because this old man helped her make them that way or that some of the best parts were things that he told her to do It s a stupid premise and I hated it Maybe it was supposed to show that Jane finally met someone who was her intellectual match Unfortunately it didn t read that way to me It basically came across like this totally annoying and fictional old man is how Jane Austen became an incredible writer NOPE NOPE NOPEI m pretty sure that if I had continued one of the mysteries concerned the authorship of one of Austen s books and the uestion of whether or not she had plagiarized Mr Mansfield I m sorry Dressage conjugal y all but I don t have the patience for that kind of nonsense In my world that s basically blasphemy We DO NOT speak so of AustenThe portions set in the present day were annoying but a little less so because I obviously didn t care about that heroine Sophie outside the context of the novel However I did find a number of things totally ridiculous in the modern portion too For example Sophie s beloved uncle dies from falling down the stairs while reading a book and she immediately recalls a conversation where he told her to never read and walk She then becomes absolutely convinced that he was murdered What It was so out of nowhere that I was flipping back a few pages to see if I had missed something anything that would have implied there was foul play and supported Sophie s radical leap to murder When I realized I d read everything correctly I knew I was doneI never write DNF reviews because I don t want to review a book that I didn t finished reading However I typically stop reading a book because I m not hooked on it not because I actively dislike what I m reading Since I had very specific reasons for my DNF and had a lot to say about it I decided to share my thoughts However I can t speak to the novel as a whole because I don t know how it ends However as an Austen fan I thought it was awful I wanted to punch Mr Mansfield and toss the book across the room Maybe the book will pull a Mr Darcy and improve upon further acuaintance Unfortunately I found it barely tolerable and not good enough to tempt me to finish and find out I m sorry First Impressions butou are wasting Leyna Book 1 your time with me I adored this book I simply didn t want to put it down I could identify with the main protagonist Sophie with her love of books and Jane Austen I think this is a book that any bibliophile would appreciate Especially when Sophie and her Uncle Bertram talked of their love and appreciation of reading and books in general I liked that there was a little mystery involved too Even though Sophie did make some stupid mistakes I was still rooting for her And of course the thought that Jane Austen plagiarized Pride Prejudice sent me all up in arms That s a sign of a good book whenou know for a fact certain truths but still can get Le Druidisme au quotidien your emotions flared with fictionMy favorite uote says it all A good book is like a good friend It will stay withou for the rest of Ravens, Tome 4: SylveLarme your life Whenou first get to know it it will give De Karakoliërs you excitement and adventure andears later it will provide Le Tricot Poche Pour les Nuls you with comfort and familiarity And best of allou can share it with Deliciously Ella entre amis your children orour grandchildren or anyone VO2 max l'preuve du temps you love enough to let into its secretsFirst Impressions charmed me engaged me fulfilled my love for Jane Austen and made me love another book I love reading books I love collecting and owning books and am a fan of Jane Austen That indicates that this book should be at least a 4 star read But it was not to be Much has been said by other reviewers with whom I agree so I need not repeat it except to add a few comments The sections in which Miss Austen is conversing with her aged friend about her writing are a plus as they do capture the style of conversation of the time stilted and polite But I am hardly convinced that an 80ear old man who had written a perfectly dull book of his own would have much to teach a brilliant and creative oung woman who would become one of the classic authors of all time It is just not believable even though it is fictionIn the modern day portions of the book Sophie who is an Oxford educated bibliophile is a total idiot who puts herself in a situation that the reader saw coming from the beginning And then she finds herself tied to a chair in a burning building Really This book was not my cup of tea although there were sections that were well written I wanted to like it since I have enjoyed the author s other works but it was a disappointment. Forms and the joys of a life lived in books Charlie Lovett is a writer teacher and playwright whose plays for children have been seen in over 3000 productions worldwide He served for than a decade as writer in residence at Summit School in Winston Salem NC He is a former antiuarian bookseller and he has collected rare books and other materials related to Lewis Carroll for than 25 ears He and his wife split their time between Winston Salem and Kingham Oxfordshir.

If Un Protecteur Pour Caroline (Forces Trs Spciales t. 1) you are a bibliophileou will enjoy this book As Profession Slasheur: Cumuler les jobs un mtier d'avenir you enter the world of second hand books with that old musty moldy smell in the search of a rare Jane Austen draft of Pride and Prejudiceou are immediately caught up in a rarefied atmosphere where books matter The story is told in two parts One is a twenty something Jane Austen and her friendship with a 80 Language and the Mind year old curate Richard Mansfield The other part is told by modern day Sophie Collingwood who is hot on the trail of Jane Austen s first draft of P P called First Impressions The story of Jane and Mansfield is uite interesting even though it s fictional It tells of Jane s early struggles in creating her literary masterpieces Sophie grows up in a family with a fine library that no one is allowed to use It s kept locked up and no one is allowed to enter except once aear when Sophie s uncle comes and picks a book for his private collection I can not imagine a worse situation than having a wonderful library ou can t use It almost makes me cry just thinking about it Sophie has a wonderful relationship with this uncle When he dies he leaves his house and library to her Unfortunately the library is sold to pay the estate s bills Poor Sophie Two libraries and no access to either There is a mystery involving the authorship of an Austen novel but that is really beside the point This book was designed just to enjoy the love of books The discussions of the earlier printing of books and typefaces was fascinating The creative process was uite revealing What made the book for me was just the joy of books and how much they mean to people I highly recommend it to people who just revel in their enjoyment of books This is a slightly different take on the Jane Austen story Alternate chapters tell the hypothetical story of Jane s friendship with an elderly pastor and his influence on her as a oung writer and a modern day mystery surrounding an old bookThe modern story is old through the eyes of Sophie Collingwood Oxford scholar and book lover who becomes embroiled in the mystery when she starts work in an antiuarian bookshop Woven into the mystery is the unexpected death of Sophie s beloved Uncle Bertram who introduced her to a love of books and writing Sophie must also deal with two handsome suitors who may or may not be after than her affection Jane s story stays close to what historians know of her life Well written and engrossing the mystery unfolds slowly to culminate in a suspenseful conclusionThe story is all about first impressions Jane s and Sophie s and how we should be careful to not leap to conclusions prematurely Much of the story is set in bookshops and libraries and gives an insight into the world of antiuarian books I liked this uote by Sophie s Uncle Bertram on the beauty of collecting rare books If Средневековая история Домашняя работа you mail a rare stamp it becomes worthless Ifou drink a rare bottle of wine The Impostor you re left with some recycling But ifou read a rare book it s still there it s still valuable and it s achieved the full measure of it s being A book is to read whether it s worth five pounds or five thousand pounds Definitely one of the best of the current batch of Jane Austen spin offs 45 Jane Austen is one of literary histories most influential writers Her small number novels have not only proved very popular but she is also regarded as a great social commentator of her time First Impressions is one of many books plays movies and TV shows inspired by her life and worksThe best way i can describe the authors works is modern day classic literary mysteries Alternating between present day England and Austen s 18th 19th Hampshire Sophie Collingwood is a book loving college graduate who has her life thrown upside down by the shock death of her much loved uncle She is horrified to find when she goes to live in his home that his beloved books have been sold Sophie finds solace working for a friend of her Uncle at his bookstore Things will become sinister when two customer reuest a copy of an obscure work the second edition of Little Books of Allegories Sophie s detective work will see her discover something so unpalatable that it beggars belief that her favorite author could of plagiarized Pride and Prejudice and in the process puts her life on the lineIn the parallel plot Jane Austen will find herself inspired by a visiting clergyman Richard Mansfield Over time there relationship will strengthen from mentoring to friendship and then with Jane love Despite the vast age difference between the two the relationship will be the push she needs to pursue her writing Thanks to Mansfield s critical assessments and encouragement Jane would evolve into the writer she is who is revered the world overThe story is a slow grind to start of with but when things kick into gear as Sophie tries to unravel the circumstances of her uncles death and whether Jane Austen was guilty of plagiarism something that would rock the book loving world to it s knees the story morphs into a compelling whodunnit Combining romance and suspense in separate times First Impressions is a great little arn that although not without it s faults is still an entertaining read I would have liked this if Sophie had not been such a complete idiot Really she was a very unlikeable and even moronic main character The rest was good I liked the idea of Jane finding inspiration for her novels from a friend and I really enjoyed all the references to books and libraries In fact all the chapters about Jane were interesting but then we were inflicted with the terrible Sophie which pretty much ruined it for me Not a bad book but not a very good one either It is a truth universally acknowledged that I came very close to running my car into a telephone pole than once while listening to this atrocious book just to make it stopOne of my favorite things about my job is the wonderful uninterrupted time my commute gives me to listen to audio books This is a pleasure I have not been afforded in many ears so I tend to be super choosy about what makes it A good book is like a good friend It will stay with Sybernetics : Musculation stratgique you for the rest ofour life When Un nol River Falls (Suspense Crime) you first get to know it it will giveou excitement and adventure and The Complete El years later it will provideou with comfort and familiarity And best of all Gesund leben ohne Zucker you can share it withour children or Φυσιογνωμία your grandchildren or anyoneou love enough to let into its secrets First Impressions is the fourth novel by American writer teacher and playwright Charlie Lovett After Sophie Collingwood s beloved Uncle Bertram dies and his treasured book collection is sold off she eventually consoles herself by working for his favourite bookseller Augustus Boxhill at Antiuarian Books in London uite soon after she starts there she is presented with a reuest to source a rare second edition of an obscure little book of allegories written by Reverend Richard Mansfield in 1796 But what is most intriguing is that two different customers ask for the book in fairly uick succession And distracting her from her search two things the memory of a moonlight kiss from a rather cheeky American and the nagging feeling that her. Charlie Lovett first delighted readers with his New York Times bestselling debut The Bookman's Tale Now Lovett weaves another brilliantly imagined mystery this time featuring one of English literature's most popular and beloved authors Jane Austen Book lover and Austen enthusiast Sophie Collingwood has recently taken a job at an antiuarian bookshop in London when two different customers reuest a copy of the same obscure book the second edition of Little Book of.

I was born in Winston Salem NC and grew up as the child of an English professor We spent our summers in the rural North Carolina mountains so I felt an early affinity for the countryside I was educated at Summit School Woodberry Forest School VA and Davidson College NC and in 1984 went into the antiuarian book business with my first wife Stephanie About the same time I began to seriou

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