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Than anything else Too much of looking at the skies and too many types of clouds The focus of fictionalising is on embellishments rather than the storyMost of the rating of this book was shaved off because of the typos In a book of 400 pages a couple of typos though unacceptable is understandable But after you lose count especially of typos that can be corrected with a simple spellcheck it simply makes you sad Spelling mistakes break the flow of reading distract attention and displace you from the engrossed state that a reader should be in I felt that the author editor and publisher have not taken enough care for a book that could have had a huge impact in the historical fiction genreI hope the following two books it s a trilogy make for better reading than this one especially with the spellings The story revolves around two main protagonists named Shivaji and Aurangzeb The prologue of the book was written so well that it will definitely fill the reader with the excitement to locate in the book and discover it The description of the places is done in a commendable way and it looks realistic the details in the book are fascinating to read The book offers different facets about Shivaji s character and promises to provide a sail through the incidents of his life The blurb of the book does not unravel so much about the book but it is enough to set the readers on reading track in no timeRead Full Her. E Mughal throne Frontiers of Karma is the story of Raja Shivaji’s passion to create a swaraj for his people and Emperor Aurangzeb’s pathological obsession to eliminate Shivaji and his ideology The Counterstroke is the first part of the trilogy delineating Shivaji’s astounding confrontation with Aurangzeb’s brilliant politic.

N determination of Aurangzeb to defeat the Emperor s desires and the execution of his plans have been well conceptualised in the book Picturising the goings on becomes easy from the narration Likewise the scheming macabre character of Afzal Khan comes out alive each and every time he appears on the pages of this book notably in the unseating from the post of the General illing of Khan Mohammand from the Adil Shahi courts as also the cold blooded act of illing off the seventy seven hapless concubines out of jealousyAdding some illustrationschartspictures maps of that area era would make the experience even vivid Increase in font size or making it bolder will help the elderly read through this marvellous story reminiscing and comparing with such other great stories they must have read in the past I thank the author strongly recommend the book to all I really really wanted this book to be amazingIt did start with some promise I will admit Deeper into the story editorial fatigue seems to have set in Without doubt this is a tough history to fictionalise but this is not the first time it has been attempted perhaps the first time in English And any historical fiction brings in a bit of the author and her imagination no doubt That is what a reader signs up for when he picks any historical fiction Yet when I consider the possibilities for this story it fell shortThe book is of a festival of adjectives. Ing native landlords Aurangzeb third in the line to the Mughal throne declares war on the Shia ingdoms Shivaji does what no one has done before he plunders Mughal terrain while Aurangzeb bathes the Deccan in blood Aurangzeb hates the audacity of the afir It can set a dangerous precedent but first he must forge a bloody path to th.

The 6th review on flipkart from a reader Frontiers of Karma one is from a nown and five from unknown readers Frontiers of Karma the Counterstroke a must read for those interested in Maratha historyMedha s book Frontiers of Karma The Counterstroke was a different experience reading history from what I have had in the past The story telling is what made the difference That faculty of hers is superb To visualise conceptualise a narration and pen it lucidly is a creative art and she has showed it in abundance throughout the book whether it is the encounter with Mushekhan at the begining of the book or the interaction with Sayee at her death bed before proceeding for the battle Shivaji s character shines out in the famous encounter to capture the fort of Kalyan the conseuent exemplary treatment meted out to the Subedar his family specifically to his young daughter in law In portraying the military acumen various battle the planning that went into them has been described well but the best has been The Everyman Book of Nonsense Verse kept to the last the selection of the ranangan and the luring of the prey to it climaxed by the enactment of the game plan to eliminate Afzal KhanThe Mogul battles at Bidar Hydrabad and Golconda by Aurangzeb the endless scheming planning at the Delhi courts of Sha Jahan to install Dara Shekhon as the next emperor and the conseuent heart burn to Aurangzeb have all been depicted lucidly indeed The anticipatio. Frontiers of Karma Historical Novel 1st book of a trilogy The story is of a war till death and beyond Seventeen century Hindustan The Sunni Mughals rule the north even as the Deccan lies under the rule of the Shiaingdoms At a time when jagirdar Shivaji a Maratha landholder from the western Deccan is busy eliminating the self serv.

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Medha Deshmukh Bhaskaran is a microbiologist and has worked for pharmaceutical and food industry in Germany India and United Arab Emirates Subjects that interest her are history and pharmaceuticals or the world of medicines Her biography of Chhatrapati Shivaji has been Crossword Bookstores bestseller in 2016 17 The book is nominated in two categories non fiction and biography for Raymond C

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