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Excellent Much better than Involuntary Witness Carofiglio has obviously matured as a writer between that book and this one Highly recommended I want to read Second book of the Guido Guerrieri series The Bari based awyer strikes again with his immense talent Damn he s good at his job Gonna start the next book straight away Continuing on with book two in Carofiglio s most excellent series time and Guido Guerrieri have both moved along some two years since the events of the previous novel Involuntary Witness Now Guerrieri is in a comfortable relationship he s started cooking and has recently been mulling over the fact that he s approaching middle age In his professional Penny Aggie Volume 2 life he is serving as attorney to a woman who has pressed charges against her former boyfriend Martina Fumai nowives at a secret refuge for battered women protected by a gorgeous kickass nun and has had enough of the regular abuse and stalking she s suffering at the hands of Dr Gianluca Scianatico She s been to other Gandhi Churchill: The Epic Rivalry that Destroyed an Empire and Forged Our Age lawyers who ve all turned down the job Scianatico is the son of a very powerful judge and is also a one time Fascist thug a poker player And a cokehead No other attorney will take Martina as a client because of their fear of the conseuences to their careers But after hearing from Sister Claudia just how desperate Martina s situation has been Guido can t help himself and agrees to help Berating himself at first for getting finding a jam to get into Guerrieri s anxiety uickly turns into annoyance because of Scianatico s bragged about protected status and he s off Information uncovered at the trialeads him to try and discover what he can about Martina s past inevitably Les Innocents leading him into closer proximity with Sister ClaudiaOne thing I ve picked up about Carofiglio s writing over these two books is that he does an excellent job of striking a balance between the Guerrieri of the courtroom and Guerrieri the person This balance is also reflected within the plot there s a action based storyline set off against Guido s inner issues For example as Guerrieri is wrestling with his feelings about the death of an old friend s wife and his uncertainties about middle age flashback seuences reveal another character s horrible childhood experience Throughout the story the message is clear sitting around and waiting for something to happen never gets you anywhere sometimes you just have to jump in with both eyes closed if necessary and take control While this story may not appeal to those who want a bit of an adrenaline rush while they read it s perfect for readers whoike realistic characters and intelligent writing A Walk in th. When Martina accuses her ex boyfriend the son of a powerful ocal judge of assault and battery no witnesses can be persuaded to testify on her behalf Guido Gue.

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Ccumbed to a superstitious shiver for the man again as you do because here s the wave of that bright red cloth before the steaming snout of the Karmic Bull Pride goeth etc etcand a certain amount of certainty tooThere s no need to give Gianrico Carofiglio the high sign on El Diablo He s met the beast and delivered the injury over to his protagonist Italian attorney Guido Guerrieri is in a world of hurt primarily due to the perversions of this sick thing called ife He d ike to smash someone s face Or smoke Or sleep through the night There s plenty he has to say to the people who surround him though he keeps the biting commentary restricted to his head And he functions as you do day in and day out and day in again contending with his inability to stop Time in its tracks Death from its inevitable smirk and the pouches beneath his eyes from terrifyingly distendingOne of the grace notes of an existential crisis and there aren t many so isten up is that you just don t care what s smart any or what other people say or what choices may cost and so taking the case of an emotionally fragile middle aged woman who purports to have been brutally abused by the respected son of a powerful judge while it may prove to be a career killer is something Avvocato Guerrieri won t be thinking twice about In fact he s The Lives of Stay-at-Home Fathers: Masculinity, Carework and Fatherhood in the United States less concerned with the professional blowback than he is with the oddly attractive nun who runs the women s shelter his client is currently residing in And his paramour Margherita s obvious desirability to theocal esbians And his co counsel public prosecutor Alessandra Mantovani s broken heart And his startling ack of friendsIt s ridiculously rare to find this affliction so accurately rendered in popular fiction Carofiglio has managed to do it in a precociously dark and bittersweet way within the genre of Italian crime And that s downright impressive I Gone: The Disappearance of Claudia Lawrence and Her Father's Desperate Search for the Truth love books that make me cry This one brought tears streaming down my face in a cleansing uplifting release of emotion Avvocato Guido Guerrieri is an immenselyikeable character who is courageous and smart yet very human in his fallibility The story is suspenseful and 1,000 Awesome Writing Prompts like the Montalbano series filled with interesting details of Italianife Excellent court room drama set in Bari Italy I really enjoy the main character who while a bit cynical will still take on cases that others avoid Was also impressed with how much plot the author was able to sueeze into a rather short book Listened to the audio version which was narrated by Sean Barrett who is fast becoming one of my favorites This review has been revised and can now be found at Shelf Inflicte. Ion to Sister Claudia the young woman in charge of the shelter where Martina is Moonrise (Snowfall, living who shares hisove of martial arts and his virulent hatred of injustice.

E Dark has a bit action than its predecessor an ending that will satisfy and yet it is never over the top in its execution Carofiglio is such an efficient writer that the reader gets into Guerrieri s mind uickly and easily while simultaneously being sucked into the courtroom drama Even better the story is totally complete by the end of the book there are no oose ends eft hanging anywhere I LOVE this series and highly recommend it Happily I have two to read right away Carofiglio has a uniue style of writing fairly simple and Hello, Snow! leisurelyike an Italian siesta He spares the reader much of the descriptive garbage other writers feel is so necessary This translation from the original Italian was excellent The author is a former prosecuting A Little Dinner Before the Play lawyer in southern Italy as is his character whoives and works in the city of Bari I Mastering the Art of Saying No Without Feeling Guilty: Tips, Techniques and Strategies love the crime and mystery genre and have an especially soft spot for Italian mysteries by Italians or by any other nationalities And Greek crime novels and Spanish and French and This one is a standout The characters and plot are original theawyer s personal relationships unexpectedly interesting and I will definitely be on the Yuganta, The End Of An Epoch lookout for other books by this author Carofiglio is just so dependable you know His writing is so engaging it draws you in without intruding on the story he has to tell For instance here are the opening sentences You never uit smoking You give up for a while Days months years But you never uit completely Cigarettes are always thereying in wait And by the way this is not just a great opening The cigarettes do figure in the bookCharacters Here again Carofiglio is great Sister Claudia is great a bit of a cipher from the get go but a most interesting one And Guido Here is the sensitive modern male we ve been told exists If this book were written by a woman I d say he exists only in fiction But since the author is a man we know there is at Once a Wicked Lady: A Biography of Margaret Lockwood least one man in Italy who ateast knows what this new man might Forbidden Reading lookike That suggests there is hope noOh there is also a mystery here a relationship or two or three some cooking by that modern male and much I came across a guy the other day who d decided it was probably a good idea for people to have an existential crisis every once in awhile And I thought as you do well here s a person who s never had one Here s someone who thinks it s A Northern Line Minute: The Northern Line like Brussels sprouts or a prostate exam some discomfort you gear yourself up to endure knowing youl profit by it in a sort of incremental way by the time the sun sets and the day is done Curse God cry foul and pour yourself a stiff one That s all there is to it Sure And I su. Rrieri knows the case could bring his egal career to a premature and messy end but he cannot resist the appeal of a hopeless cause Nor can he deny his attract.

Gianrico Carofiglio born 1961 is a novelist and former anti Mafia judge in the Italian city of Bari His debut novel Involuntary Witness was published in 2002 and translated into English in 2005 by Patrick Creagh and published by the Bitter Lemon Press and has been adapted as the basis for a popular television series in Italy The subseuent novels were translated by Howard CurtisCarofiglio

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