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Ut who they are and what they do The story is entertaining with an action packed plot that doesn t let up from start to finish The neurotoxin storyline was interesting and I was curious how the two men would work together to stop the saleOverall while The Devil s Bones doesn t have a ton of substance it s an entertaining short read For a short story this was one of my favorites in the Cotton Malone Universe The story is smooth and uick but the connection between the two main characters is what I like the most I have only read a couple of James Rollins books and I am going to start reading those in order because of this story The story even mentions the times that the series cross over and mention the other I have read Steve Berry talk about Rollins when he was at a lecture so it seems natural that they would work together I will go and read Sandstorm by James Rollins and try to get an idea of the Universe that Gary Pierce lives in Not bad for a first collaborative short story The plot has a guerrilla military feel with a chase through the jungle and chemical warfare Berry s Malone and Rollins s Pierce make an admirable team Steve Berry gives us a short story from Cotton Malone s time in the Magellan Billet in The Devil s Due. Both on the hunt for a maniacal botanist who’s scheming to sell the spoils of his latest ian excursion a rare orchid containing a deadly neurotoxin to the highest bidder That means Malone and Pierce have the length of the river boat cruise to stop him before the poison falls into the wrong hands It’s definitely an action packed several hours For exciting pairs check out all eleven short stories in FaceOf.

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Pected history science story They just called this one in Sada waste of two fine writers The Devil s Bones was an action packed short story that was a nice addition to the Sigma Force seriesOnboard a luxury riverboat in Brazil Gray Pierce has one shot to stop the sale of a deadly neurotoxin before it disappears forever But as he s searching the target s room for the deadly vials he finds himself unexpectedly not alone in that search Joined by ex lawyer Cotton Malone the race is on to stop the neurotoxin from falling into the wrong handsThis story is a cross over of the Cotton Malone and Sigma Force universes I have not previously read any of the Cotton Malone books but I am currently making my way through the Sigma Force series As an addition to the Sigma Force series the story a nice extra that follows Gray with Seichan being the only other character in the series mentioned After reading this story I am definitely interested in picking up the Cotton Malone books at some point in the futureGray and Malone work well together as they both have similar backgrounds ex military and connected to covert agencies For being such a short story there isn t a ton of background given on either character with just the minimum information abo. In common Both men were ex military both worked for covert agencies Malone as a freelancer under the auspices of the Justice Department; Pierce via the Department of Defense and both are good at what they do Flash forward a few ears to when Malone and Pierce finally get together for than a passing hello Halfway around the world from Denmark Malone and Pierce are passengers on a luxury riverboat out of Brazil.

Love the 2 together Would love to see a full novel I mean how do Limitless Mind: A Guide to Remote Viewing and Transformation of Consciousness you rate a story that takes less time to read thanour average dump It was great I guess but embarrassingly short This short story is like if a short story married another short story got knocked up did a bunch of meth and chain smoked then suirted out a hairlipped suid I don t know how that even made sense in my damaged skull but it s what I had The penultimate book in the Face Off anthology and another two authors I have never read previously so there is no knowledge of the characters chosen Another average story that may have been better had I known about the charactersFace Off 10 i caught the reference in the venetian betrayal 2007 but i was not aware of the one before that black order 2006 by james rollins since i never read any steve berry priorintriguing game these three with raymond khoury are playing Two for the price of oneThis is a short novella which puts two key players together to take care of a little problem together because their separate agencies failed to inform each other Good thing as a single agent would not have survived but together these two took care of the problem DisappointingLove both authors but this story was just mediocre I ex. In this short story from the thrilling anthology FaceOff New York Times bestselling authors Steve Berry and James Rollins along with their popular characters Cotton Malone and Gray Pierce team up for the first time everIn a visit to Copenhagen Gray Pierce happened upon a bookshop owned by an ex lawyer named Cotton Malone but he never had a chance to really get to know the owner Too bad because they had a lot.

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