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Kei's Gift Darshian Tales #1 E–pub à Ann Somerville

Table It makes all the difference that Somerville immerses the reader so deeply in both sides of the conflict Her portrayal is just so rich and complex The differences in attitude and assumption between these two cultures is all important and yet very very ew people are in a position to make any sense of them Arman s journey rom genocidal hatred of the Darshianese to becoming riends with one to making peace with all to inally emigrating eels like an allegory The Gingerbread Man and the Leprechaun Loose at School for any warring person or culture that has somehow managed to create a true and lasting peace with a hated enemy Great as the invasion seuence is his journey as a prisoner back through the villages he d invaded months earlier is just revealing and crucial And all importantly it s not just his journey we see the Darshianese struggle and sometimesail to get past their suffering some choose bitterness and revenge some are able to choose peace The generous length means that Somerville never rushes through the process I hope I never experience war but I elt like I learned a lot about it reading this My only hesitation comes with the inal seuence the return to Kuprij where I The Gingerbread Man Loose in the School felt like a lot of the earlier complexity was lost The Darshianese are so totally the superiors in every way morally magically culturally intellectually They were so noble it verged on sentimental Meanwhile the Prij exceptor Arman and a handful of others are all worthless Anyone who s not horrible either dies or emigrates I shared in the glee at their humiliation but it left me unsatisfied It didn t The Cutting Room: A Novel of Suspense feel eual to what had come before hide spoiler I throughly enjoyed this highantasy it s an epic though but a great read. A man trapped in a loveless marriage and joylessly wedded to duty The ate of two nations will rest on these two men–and somehow they must not only learn to overcome their own personal difficulties but bring peace with honour to their countries If they ailmany innocents will

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Phabet why only use so ew of them as capitals Why we need urs beasts jombekers and jesigs instead of oxen cows and horses or whatever they are isn t clear to me either and it doesn t make the story any clearer either It says the paperback has 342 pages it s 19500 locations on my kindle I ind that hard to believe It eels like 600 at least This book needs a great editor to have about 13 cut out of it And to tell the author to pick another letter to start the next person s name After reading Remastering Jerna and then this I can only conclude that this author either does not likerespector truly understand her gay male audience or that she simply does not trust our level of intelligence And urther what makes an author think that a reader picks up an MM themed story only to read about graphic heterosexual intercourse There s an infinite amount of MF erotica out there I didn t pick up a gay book by mistake honeyPretty sure this is the last thing I will read by her Extremely strong recommendation This is an excellent book all around characters world building plot are all superlative I adored Kei adored Arman their story is beautiful and deeply satisfying The book is very long but it earns it view spoilerProbably what impressed me most was the novel s depiction of war itself and here I elt it really went above and beyond the average antasy novel as another reviewer argued it rises to the level of epic It s an amazing seuence The Cake House first the news of the invasion the choice of which villagers to serve as hostages the arrival of the enemy theorced march the stay in the prison camp and The Essential Tantra: A Modern Guide to Sacred Sexuality finally the harrowing experience as hostages in an enemy capitol unforget. On and a desire to bring its religion and its laws to the whole world Twenty years ago it conuered south Darshian now it has greedy eyes on the north The war brings Kei a gentleun loving healer rom an isolated village into collision with Arman an embittered honourable general.

This novel has left me loundering in the best of ways This is truly a remarkable novel with sweeping breadth and depth in all areas a voyage of self discovery pain death war politics prejudice bigotry honor joy and love To call this merely a romance would be denying the strength of the characters the writing and the plot It literally made me sob at times with the despair and pain of the characters weeping softly in sorrow grin at the smart alec dialogue and smile with happiness To me any book that can inspire so many emotions is pure gold and this is definitely a keeper This book started out 4 stars The Outlandish Adventures of Liberty Aimes for me Kei was a bit saintly but Arman was a nice character and the events were interesting As Kei startedalling apart it briefly reached the 5 star range Nothing like tortured MCs to piue the interest Then when Kei and Arman get together and Kei starts healing it becomes a long almost interminable slog Arman wallows in guilt and atonement to the point of ridiculousness Kei turns into a wisecracking brat hate that word who bears very little resemblance to the Kei at the beginning or the middle of the book I would expect his experiences to change him but not this way really The Darshians are portrayed as annoyingly wise and noble and non violent There is barely any conflict in the second part of the book it reads like one big giant epilogue There are so many names of minor characters animals plants and places that it gets pretty confusing at times We seriously have a Lord Meki and a Senator Mekus Not to mention a Myka Misek also known as Mis Mayl Mara and a Meis A Reji and a Reis A town called Utuk and a town called Urshek Twenty six letters in the al. Darshian is a vast land inhabited by a peaceful rational society where people with extraordinary Gifts are common and life is lived according to strong ethical principles Kuprij is made up of a thousand crowded islands – thrusting ambitious war like driven by a booming populati.

Ann Somerville grew up in one of Australia’s prettiest small cities In 1989 she left Australia with a BA and a burning ambition to see of the world and its people and to discover this ‘culture’ thing people kept telling her about In 2006 she returned home to Southeast ueensland with two degrees this time in science and IT an English husband and a staggering case of homesickness

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