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A fantastic ead This has got to be the best book Ive Master Plots: Race and the Founding of an American Literature, 1787-1845 read all year Far from the usual VampireDracula scenarios this book is all about acceptance of something different Iteally was a book I couldn t put down I had to City Schools: Lessons from New York read the part where the two leads were separated very uickly cos I so wanted them to be together again such was the mesmerising of them accepting each other Great stuff I am so glad I found The Vampire Book 1 by Sandrine Genier I m not going toetell the story here you can The Widow's Lawman read the othereviews for that I just want to say I found the writing to be engaging and immersive I couldn t put The Vampire down and when I was The Story Within reading it I didn t know what was going on around me in theeal world I found myself in Jason s skin I held whatever items he held I saw what he saw I was in the town Jason was in the sunshine or ain that fell on his skin fell on me Sandrine Genier is that good The author s ange of knowledge seems to be without bounds I was constantly amazed The Vampire by Sandrine Genier is a significant book Disclaimer I God Gave Me a Mulligan: A Journalist's Life in War and Peace received this in exchange for an honesteviewErin s Book Reviews preparation for losing his job and being forced to move back in with his parents Jason Sterling decides to have one last hooray in the culture filled city of New Orleans There he finds himself offered the job of a life time Cars extravagant houses and a pay check that would buy a world supply of chimichangas But the only down side is his creepy boss that seems normal on the surface but after some terrifying events Jason Elephant Slaves and Pampered Parrots: Exotic Animals in Eighteenth-Century Paris realizes his boss might not be the living variety but. Jason Sterling never meant to put his life or anyone else's in danger The Genier law firm's excellenteputation assures him all is well when he accepts the unusual job offer with the Genier's personal friend and client The mysterious and alluring Augere becomes Jason's obsession He doesn't know that the sumptuous home they share on Beacon Hill in Boston is far from the life in France or.

Yer Laurent Augere is secretive elusive temperamental and The American Academic Profession: Transformation in Contemporary Higher Education rarely communicates with Jason who is supposed to be his assistant Mr Augere s lawyers only give Jason enough information to keep him uiet and he fairly willing to go along with their answersAt least at first Then things start happening that arouse Jason s curiosity Events happen that are impossible Such as Augere s ability to move faster than Jason s vision can follow and the way others are almost hypnotized by his very presence Jason dismisses them as a trick of the eye or a certain tiredness on his partWhen he can no longer deny the truth he must make a decision that could mean his life This book is a treasure and I don t mean that lightly The author has a gift that isare the ability to tease the eader along page by page and paragraph by paragraph giving out only enough information to keep the interest super charged without giving anything away The well timed pace is often interrupted by a sudden galloping of drama that is totally unexpectedLaurent Augere is anything but the classical vampire I won t give anything away because he is too fascinating to betray in that manner However it is safe to say that he is a blend of sophistication and innocence vulnerability and viciousness The experiences he has are both poignant and hilarious The part where he is tending to a sick Jason is a great example of thisI have to be honest when I finished this book I felt like the door to a wonderful world was closed to me Now I am one of the growing anks of The Arena: An Offering to Contemporary Monasticism readers who is clamoring for the next book in the series to beeleased. Een the victim of a dangerous and bitter betrayal he loses everything in an attempt to save his life In time he comes to Jewish Thought, Utopia, and Revolution realize that putting his former life back together may not be the easiest or wisest decision Both harrowing and uplifting occurrences continue to divide andeunite the two as their journey becomes a struggle for understanding acceptance and friendship on their own term.

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Pdf/E–pub The Vampire

That of myths and the undeadSo let me start off by saying how happy I was to get a book that was longer than a few hundred pages I could ant for days about having short books but that would not do this book justiceI was ecstatic to find out that Laurent was not like any of the vampires of today s world The fluffy cutesy sometimes sexy unfortunately sparkly kind He actually makes me think of Anne Rice vampires with his sophisticated yet vicious but also with that small human element that just can t be suashed by years of immortalityNow normally I don t ead vamp books unless there is some kind of omantic plot going on but this one had me on the edge of my seat almost the entire time There is a slow build up that gives you small pieces of the puzzle at a time Only enough to keep you turning the next page and the next until it s four am and you have to be up at sixIf you want a thrilling suspenseful yet hilarious FilosofĂ­a e inmanencia read this book is for youDefinitely a five bunniesead TantalizingThis is one of those vampire stories that are out of the norm I loved it It has a sense of immortality with a touch of humanism It s not your stereotypical vampire story and the plot was an intense and captivating plot Some things seem impossible but that s the beauty of a story that works even the impossible is probable and lends to great storytelling I look forward to The Monacan Indian Nation of Virginia: The Drums of Life reading the second book in the series It started out as a dream job luxurious housing travel use of a high end car and money than he could ever possibly use Jason is curious though when is the actual work supposed to startHis emplo. The bayous of Louisiana where Augere's existence was forever changed He had yet to learn the secrets of the decaying house in Savannah and its connection to Augere Jasonationalizes the occurrences of anything unusual even when events on a trip to Europe suggest a eality uite different from what he knows but has begun to suspect When a terrifying encounter finally convinces him he has

I write the kinds of books that I want to read and have not been able to find I am interested in the intimate micro view of my characters and how the interpersonal relationships are effected by events in the story I enjoy exploring themes of obsession friendship and acceptance of what makes each of us uniue

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