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This absorbing novel which takes Elizabeth from early childhood to the day she becomes ueen explores the reasons this ruler chose to remain The Virgin ueen Weir constructs her story around basic historical facts I feel so much educated on who Elizabeth was and what made her into the ueen she became Full review ou can find on my blog To me Elizabeth I is the most interesting of all the English monarchs This novel is about the The Guitar Style of Jerry Reed young Elizabeth which may be a remarkable story than that of her as ueen Elizabeth She is very lucky to have survived let alone become ueenHer mother was executed as a traitor she was proclaimed illegitimate her father was the seemingly mad my word Henry VIII and she had many other detractors as well not the least being her two siblings Edward and Mary But she survived her tribulations and became ueen I don t claim to be an expert on anything certainly not royal history I realize this is fiction but Alison Weir is known for her ability to be factual and through with her research when she writes and she is a very good writer I ve read a couple of Weir s books fiction and history and so far I ve been very impressed I sometimes really struggle with the story of Elizabeth she is a woman I greatly admire but her life sometimes lacks the excitement her parents had I keep trying to figure this out and I think I expected from an historian Weir s imaginary account of Elizabeth I s earlyears is a bodice ripper The problem with academics writing fiction is they lack imagination Young Elizabeth is described as a minx whose body betrays her when she falls for the debatable charms of her stepfather thus explaining why she refuses men thereafter to become the Virgin ueen Blood mess childbirth Elizabeth recoils from the very idea of marriage There s nothing wrong with creating an imaginary lover for Elizabeth I don t care if she was a real virgin or not but Weir manages to diminish the extraordinary stand Elizabeth took in refusing to marry to the level of sexual frigidity She lived at a time when husbands wielded power over their wives For a ueen serving two masters could have disasterous conseuences for the realm as was shown in ueen Mary s reign Call me Not an Historian but I figured Elizabeth refused to marry to avoid the very conflicts she witnessed with her sister For me the fascinating thing about Elizabeth I was her resolution to trust in her own judgement for the good of her people This is remarkable Where did she find the strength to resist all demands she marry How did she come to this conclusion What forces were at work in her psychologically She not only claimed power she wielded it masterfully Weir gives us no psychological insight into how that woman developed and flowered at a time when everything was working against her 10 days It took me 10 days to plod my way through this 400 page book I ke. Alison Weir was already one of Britain's most popular historians when she wrote her first novel Innocent Traitor which hit the Sunday Times bestseller list to a chorus of praiseNow in her second novel Alison Weir goes to the heart of Tudor England at its most dangerous and faction riven in telling the story of Elizabeth I before she became ueen The towering capricious figure of Henry VIII dominates her childhood but others play powerful.

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Pt coming up with reasons NOT to read this I cleaned out junk drawers broke down cardboard boxes sorted through my winter clothes organized my armoire etc And when evening rolled around my usual time for reading I surfed the Internet played games on my tablet watched television calculated my taxes etc I did just about ANYTHING other than read this book I never seemed to be in the mood for itTo put it bluntly I was bored to tears by this novel The author would take a couple of main topics and bury الإيضاح لمتن ايساغوجي في المنطق you with themFor example parts of the relationship between Elizabeth and Thomas Seymour were WAY overdoneview spoilerKat tells the ueen of Thomas inappropriate behavior the ueen does nothing Kat admonishes Thomas Thomas ignores her Kat tells the ueen again Thomas leaves Elizabeth alone for a while Kat rebukes Elizabeth Elizabeth ignores her Thomas starts coming to the bedroom again once again Kat tells the ueen the ueen doesn t believe her the ueen then participates in cutting off Elizabeth s dress Kat protests loudly to her the ueen does nothing Elizabeth gets caught in bed with Thomas the ueen is shocked and finally sends Elizabeth away hide spoiler The story telling was 4 stars the fictional liberties were 1 12 stars Yes I know it s a fictional book but I expect from a historian than a bunch of cliches In Weir s author notes she says she enjoyed running with this story but stated she stayed true to the facts I did not like the portrayal of Kat Elizabeth s governess She was immature annoying and I simply wanted to slap her The problem with knowing Tudor history is hating to see the mythsAnne Boleyn and the 6th finger Jane Grey having abusive parents etc Elizabeth was a naive child who fell in love with Thomas Seymour She gave him her virginity willingly got pregnant lost the babythen ruled men away forever Why can t a woman simply not want to get married She didn t want to share her power Why must something bad happen for her to feel that way I m an Elizabeth fan I believe she was a shrewd woman not just a woman lead by a strong council This was an audiobook and because of that I finished it Had it been an actual book I would have dumped it when Kat wanted Elizabeth to marry Thomas and make beautiful babies I read Weir s Eleanor of Auitane and was bored stiff by all the contradicting accounts she included You really wanted her to take a side and she just wanted to giveou all the information she had dug up Well this novelized version of Elizabeth I s life preceding her coronation does take sides You have to credit Weir with creating a sympathetic character out of someone who tried during her reign to obliterate any trace of weakness or even of her past But one of the first things Weir does is violate her own sense of what actually happened She personally believes Elizabeth was a virgin but in the first third of the novel she. Roles Mary first a loving sister then as ueen a lethal threat; Edward the rigid and sad little King; Thomas Seymour the Lord High Admiral whose ambitions both political and sexual are unbridled And an ever present ghost the enigmatic seductive figure of her mother Anne Boleyn executed by Henry whose story Elizabeth must unravelElizabeth learns early that the adult world contains many threats that have to be negotiated if she is to keep.

Has Elizabeth having sex with her stepfather and then miscarrying the child At that point I about gave up I mean if the author herself doesn t believe what she s portraying Riders of the Sea you can feel it and the whole scene and ensuing months of Elizabeth s life suffer in the telling She tried to be Philippa Gregory but I really wanted Weir to take the high road rather than giving in to pressures from her publisher and whoever else decided she needed to include a sex scene This was definitely a disappointment Here is another one I was asked to review for Library JournalOMG so goodThis is the second fiction novel from Alison Weir the fabulous Tudor historian who wrote many biographies including The Si Alison Weir is very easy to read She is in her element writing this kind of historical fiction because she has written so many biographies on the Tudors including the Wives of Henry VIII which I loved I also really enjoyed Innocent Traitor Unlike Philippa Gregory Weir s writing is based on actual facts Do not get me wrong I loved Gregory s The Other Boleyn Girl but it had very little based on fact it was made into an entirely different drama My only issue with this is that I have read so many biographies and fictional stories about Elizabeth that it often repeated the same things but ifou mean to stay true to what is known of Elizabeth Jewish Women Speak About Jewish Matters you cannot change it too drastically Weir does add some dramatic elements which she explains in the end one major item in the story is completely fictional This is a great fictional story that uses a lot of fact and is a nice intro for anyone introducing themselves to the early life of Elizabeth with a story rather than a biography A very interesting fictional portrayal of the life of ueen Elizabeth the first before her ascension to the throne The book is divided into three parts describing different periods In the first the writer deals with her childhood in a very tender manner that shows us that despite her position she was also a little girl like all the others looking for love and affection In the second she deals with her highly controversial relationship with her stepfather but I found this point somewhat exaggerated though as she says in the end based on some real rumors about the nature of this relationship In the third one we are in the politically most critical part of this period when during her sister s reign she livedears of uncertainty trying to survive and maintain her position as successor to the throne There the writer does a very good job as a historian putting a lot of historical details in this part thus creating an exciting chronicle this insistence however I think it is at the expense of literary I can say that I liked it enough with the first part to leaving me excited After that however enthusiasm declined but not enough to change my view that it is a very good historical nove. Her heart and her headAs Alison Weir writes It has been a joy to write once about Elizabeth Her story has all the elements of high drama suspense tragedy intrigue and the dynamics that exist between strong and vivid characters And for good measure I have added one or two supernatural elements as well Above all I have tried to remain true to Elizabeth the greatest of all ueens and to portray her in character from early childhood onwards.

Librarian Note There is than one author in the GoodReads database with this nameAlison Weir is a British writer of history books for the general public mostly in the form of biographies about British kings and ueens and of historical fiction Before becoming an author Weir worked as a teacher of children with special needs She received her formal training in history at teacher training

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