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Dominant personalities When his beloved younger stepson disappears into the snowy Sierra Nevada Ike jumps to the rescue accompanied by a most unlikely sidekick a business associate of his wife with satyr like tendencies Ike ains a new appreciation for the ualities of loyalty honesty and remaining true to oneself in this lively and entertaining first novel. Alled to the rescue Ike flies west from Massachusetts and drives into the mountains with a most unlikely sidekick a satyr philosopher who is just one of the unforgettable characters in this touching entertaining first nove.

Er freuent business trips to New York When his show is cancelled and he begins to unravel a pattern of deception by his wife Ike s world seems to be falling apart The strong willed persons around Ike including his lovely wife and his rivals bring Ike to an emotional cross roads Can his patient ood nature survive Or must he be drowned and disgraced by these. To two adolescent boys But uncertainty creeps in when his show is cancelled and Helen spends and time in New York and Paris As Ike unravels a pattern of deception their younger son disappears into the snowy Sierra Nevada

Ron McAdow AB 71AuthorFrom the author With a beautiful wife and an interesting job television talk show host Ike Martin has reason to feel that the first decade of the new century has been ood to him He develops a close relationship with his two adolescent stepsons but in time he rows concerned about the secrecy his art dealer wife Helen maintains over When a chance encounter with Helen an attractive art dealer leads to romance and ultimately marriage television host Ike Martin finds his life suddenly complete particularly since his new status also makes him step father.


After graduating in 1971 from the University of Chicago Ron moved to Massachusetts where he made animated films for children notably “Hank the Cave Peanut” He later taught middle school designed educational software managed a conservation non profit and all the while wrote His first book was a guide to canoeing the Concord River; his first novel was Ike His family includes his wife h

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