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Imagine you have entered the best ice cream shop in the world An appetizing niverse of incredible and original flavors nfolds before you passion fruit chocolate fudge peanut butter mocha Then finally you get to the front and you ask for a simple vanilla ice creamSex is an ice cream shop You can continue with the routine conventional and boring a vanilla lover or you ca.

N dare yourself to change experiment and spice things pThis guide invites you to make your most secret sexual fantasies a reality If you feel yourself melt with pleasure reading 50 Shades of Grey and if you have sworn to enjoy sex and learn new and exciting positions games and practices you have found the definitive guide to do so In this book you will discover• 65 ho.


T ideas to make your partner go crazy from pleasure including sexting aphrodisiacs pegging tantra burlesue fun with food and • Domination and submission techniue role playing and other titillating games• Advice on how to break the routine and be a daring lover• And a long list of ideas tricks and suggestions to increase the intensity of your most intimate encounter.

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