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(PDF/EPUB) Blood on Her Shoe à Medora Field Perkerson

Tchell 1900 1949 the amous author of one of the most successful novels in history Gone with the Wind 1936 Medora Field Perkerson 1892 1960 published two bestselling mystery novels in 1939 and 1942 that are now back in print after many decades This reprint edition includes an introduction by Curt Evans The Passing Tramp blog.

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Ed house parties St Simons Island is rocked by murders while plucky young Ann Carroll Atlanta debutante turned interior decorator and a cousin and guest of Beau's and Chattie's tries to crack a complex case and catch a April 16th: Virginia Tech Remembers fiendish killer Ann might justind romance along the way too if she survives A close riend of Margaret Mi.

A larky ghost hunt in a historic old cemetery on St Simons Island Georgia turns deadly when at the stroke of midnight one of the hunters is viciously stabbed in the back with an antiue Spanish dagger rom Heron Point the stately antebellum mansion where owners Beau and Chattie Richmond have been holding one of their celebrat.

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