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Life any always on the go paranoid haven t been the parents they should be tc To see someone who has been through it change his life gives hope God was able to wrap his arms around hoim and not let Is lifeThis book reveals the truth that set him free and how you or your loved ones can be set free too.

Could have been shorterThe main point of the book was made about halfway through It started to feel repetitive and boring after that PowerfulI chose this book to read so I could get a better underst. This book is about methamphetamine and how it is nslaving millions of lives worldwideIt xposes metham.

Anding on what someone must go through while on this drug I ve known people that got hooked and haven t been able to get back with their life Meth has taken over their well being They no longer njoy. Phetamine for what it really issorceryThe author xplains how meth stole verything he had and almost


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