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The Divine Initiator the Adversary or simply the Archetype of Primal Terror It takes the Initiate to the darkest roots of consciousness in order to awaken the power of the Dragon the primal potential of godhood within one's soul This book contains glimpses of Draconian magic and philosophy as well as many related themes inspired by thi.

Draconian Path is an initiatory spiritual adventure a beautiful est for awakening divine powers in the Initiate through transformative process of self knowledge and self integration It embraces symbolism and energies of those magical systems religious beliefs mythologies folk tales and literature which view the Dragon or the Serpent as.

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S ancient tradition It brings together essays rituals and poetry from eleven contributors remarkable authors and active practitioners of the Left Hand Path The contents of this collection include Setian rituals lipothic meditations articles devoted to mythological dragons and serpents and many other texts inspired by the Draconian Curre.

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