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Nd black light simulating the way they would have been seen in clubs and some dwellings back in the sixties A woman attended the talk who had a large collection of political anti war posters advertising marches and demonstrations in which Murphy showed great interest I identified images from Palma Vecchio in one of Moscoso s Neon Rose posters and was pleased to get an invitation back another day to see the posters for which there was no oom in the exhibit Thanks to Murphy and the internet I was able to collect a few for myself Kinda ironic how Fantagraphics chose one of Moscoso s weaker illustrations for the cover as The Placer representation to this brilli. And psychedelia than Victor Moscoso whose posters for such bands as The Grateful Dead Big Brother The Holding Company and the Steve Miller Blues Band stand as enduring works of art and instantlyecognizable icons of their time Moscoso along with fellow artists Rick Griffin Stanley Mouse Wes Wilson Alton Kelley and Peter Max evolutionized the poster aesthetic and defined the visual culture of a generation R Crumb invited Moscoso to join the Zap Comix collective in 1968 and Moscoso's work has appeared in every issue from Zap #2 to present His comix work contrasted with his fellow artists R Crumb S Clay Wilson Gilbert Shelton et al by his uniue stylization less confrontational point of view hallucinatory visual hythms and wordless dreamlike storiesSex Rock 'N' Roll.

There is not much to ead in this book but it s chock full of 144 images to feast your eyes upon Moscoso includes short descriptive entries about his artwork and comissions but this book is not for you if you want a literary experience During summer 06 I attended a little gem of an exhibition of psych posters at the MFA Boston which included some of Moscoso s work curated by Patrick Murphy from the print department It was fun to see the artwork with xray cardboard glasses provided during his gallery talk and to hear an informed discussion about the time period artists and works included A timed lighting installation showed the posters in strobed The 1960s are known as a decade of social and political unrest The Cuban Missile Crisis the struggle for civil ights the escalating protests against the Vietnam war the assassinations of JFK RFK and Martin Luther King the formation of Profiles in Leadership: Historians on the Elusive Quality of Greatness radical home grown organizations such as the Weather Underground It was also a time of culturalevolution in music The Beatles the Stones the ascendancy of ock 'n' oll literature Ken Kesey Richard Brautigan Kurt Vonnegut et al journalism Tom Wolfe's New Journalism and Hunter Thompson's Gonzo journalism films Mike Nichols Bob Rafelson Sam Peckinpah and the heady conflation of Fine Art with the Pop Art movement Andy Warhol Roy Lichtenstein David HockneyComics were undergoing their own evolution and no one epitomized underground comix.

Ant collection when there were so many other excellent choices Posters and a few comics and other art from Victor Moscoso one of the psychedelic artists of the sixties for various bands and social occasions Really fun and crazy Op art pop art too Did Zap comix too with Crumb so they are aligned in that way Crazy dude Flip city But in the surrealism and psychedelia of today you can see the line back to this guy and folks like him Victor Moscoso changed the way we viewed art a visual epresentation of the background music of the 60 sa type of zeitgeist synesthesia that grew out of the pulsating neon glare that was washing over the country like wow. Optical Illusions is Victor Moscoso's first major career spanning etrospective from his earliest poster work in 1966 to his most ecent graphic experimentation Optical Illusions contains his best posters that advertised bands playing in San Francisco's famous dance ballrooms of the time the Avalon the Matrix and the Fillas well as many of his Zap Comix contributions and his solo comix work many in Moscoso's signature color This wide Der Bilderw├Ąchter ranging careeretrospective Moscoso's famous techniue employing vibrating colors that he pioneered in his posters is impeccably eproduced with as much fidelity to the original as modern printing can achieve his black and white and full color comix work is collected here for the first time is an intense vibrant and evelatory experience.

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