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My least fav f this series On to book 6 I enjoyed this book just as much as the Sea Chase others in this series I love Paula Kay s ability to weave in allf the characters and show how every family truly is different but still a family I eagerly await Isabella s story Jemma s 17 can t wait until she turns 18 That s when she gets her trust fund and she can t wait to get away Her family hate all the choices she is making lately and when she finds. Xpensive vacations and all f the things to make up for their humble beginnings Her mother hadn’t held anything back from Jemma except for the truth f who she was And the nly thing Jemma had concerned herself with lately is partying the nights away with her druggie boyfriend The knowledge f this lifelong deception along with her money independence and desire to party is the perfect recipe for disaster potential.

Great seriesI have enjoyed the whole series Looking forward to the next book I hope it brings a good closure to all f the characters A good book Answered some uestions but the happy ending happened too easily to be realistic I think But perhaps if all the stars are aligned This is book 5 and I enjoyed the book but the subject was not to my liking That said the ther cast members were wonderful in how they helped Jemma So this book is. At seventeen Jemma Foster is about to become a very wealthy young girl This wealth will come not by her The Graduate own hand but becausef a trust set up for her long ago by a young woman who wanted Jemma to have every pportunity that money could buy Jemma had already become accustomed to a rather luxurious lifestyle Her famous clothing designer mother Blu Foster hadn’t held much back from her There’d been fancy clothes

Out everyone has been lying to her she runs away After a close call she goes to stay with Gigi while she tries to figure ut what to do with her life Who thought it would all come to this Circled back around to the spoiled little rich girl storylineAddition Monkey taming of the Mom is sister Gma is Mom twist was eh Sad I almost would have it rather been that moms boyfriend was the dadOne left Let s see how this all gets wrapped up in yet another bow. Ly the kindf disaster that a young girl like Jemma may never recover from unless someone who loves her can reach her before it’s too late Legacy Series Book 1 Buying Time FREE Book 2 In Her Own Time Book 3 Matter f Time Book 4 Taking Time Book 5 Just in Time Book 6 All in Good Time A Map for Bella Book 1 Bella’s Hope Book 2 Bella’s Holiday Book 3 Bella’s Heart Coming Soon Book 4 Bella’s Home Coming Soon.

PDF FREE Just in Time Legacy Series Book 5 Ô Paula Kay

Summary Just in Time Legacy Series Book 5

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