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Once upon a time when I was but a wee reader bored out of her wits I picked up this book in ho. The ueen of CleanDarci has never burped farted blown a snot bubble or heaved in her whole ife Never Not even as a baby She tried to fart once but nothingcame out Is it her fault that she ooks and smells per.

Pes of reading something worthwhileI regretted itI was scarred for ife Just remembering this FectThe Princess of PukeBut on vacation Darci is warned by a fortune teller that if she doesn't fart or blow chunks before her birthday in three days she will die Luckily Darci meets Nadine the grossest girl.

Ook make me shudder in disgust and I still wonder what the sense of writing a book ike this is. In the world Nadine eats already chewed gum off the sidewalk and blows nose noodles into her matted hair One whiff of Nadine could send anyone running If Nadine can't get Darci to gack up the goods no one can.

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