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At the end Very sweet and probably the best script for explaining homophobia to young children that I ve seen Sure it would be nice if we never had to but that s not always the case The art is great a very simple book I was just so excited to see a childrens book that was both pakistani and ueer content plus had urdu words and scri. Olerance and diversity from a young age The book also aims to show the rest f the world that all Pakistanis cannot be defined by the terrorism and intolerance you see in the media We are a varied people amongst us there are many kind gentle and diversity loving sou.

Adorable Not my favourite art style but the pictures are brightly coloured and likely appealing to kids It s a little heavy handed there s a picture 12 Shades of Surrender of a crying heart behind bars but what LGBT book for kids isn t It s nice to see ueer positive messages for kids from different cultures I especially liked all the happybjects in space. This children's book is set in Pakistan and deals with the issue Ce la faccio da sola of homophobia With all the religious intolerance and extremism in Pakistan its important to push back with the arts and with education The best way to do this is to start early and teachur children

Pt Short story about a Pakistani boy named Ahmed and his chacha paternal uncle who as the title may have tipped you A Way of Hope: An Autobiography off is gay Pretty much the entire text is an argument for why homophobia is wrong which is needed but I think it would ve been stronger if a bit had been writtenshown just to normalize chacha s relationship with Faheem. Ls But sadly those voices are drownedut r silenced by extremists Some have predictably found this book 'controversial' Euality should not be controversialbut sadlyit is Has beenthroughout history in different contexts Education is key to combatting such a mindset.

(My Chacha is Gay) PDF FREE ñ Eiynah

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