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Tion of abuse as a child is haunting and palpable it is not linked to the struggles of the author as an adult in a consistent fashion The title seems to fit only 13 of the book Touching and sad What this man has had to overcome and come to terms with is horrific I applaud the author and wish him all the best This perso. Of which forever altered his life's path Succumbing to a lack of trust and self worth Tommy descends into a tumultuous life of drug and alcohol abuse always seeking to mask the pain of his past It is his relationship with the young courageous single mother Arlene Ryan and her infant daughter that finally leads him into sobriety and brings him to a point in his life where he must uestion the failures of those he once trusted to protect him Struggling.

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Relied on too much summarysynopsis and not enough scene When scene was employed seldom was I able to see what was being described It would have been better to choose several specific incidents and zoom in on them as representative of a larger life rather than try to cover a little bit of every incident While the descrip. As a precocious enthusiastic boy of thirteen Tommy had the whole world ahead of himuntil a trusted association with his Boy Scout leader destroyed his innocence and shattered his self perception To make matters worse the abuse Tommy endured took place within the sacred walls of the Mormon Church While his tormentor went on to molest at least five other boys and was ultimately convicted on these charges Tommy's own abuse went unacknowledged the denial.

Nal story is part of a cultural picture we all need to be aware of and understand Abuse thrives in silence and I think the people that tell their truth the better our society will evolve It is a profoundly important book It was sometimes painful sometimes funny but overall intimate like a conversation with a good friend. To understand how reputable organizations can act in such reprehensible ways Tommy is soon embroiled in a legal drama with the Mormon Church itself as he seeks the retribution and recognition of the Truth that had been suppressed for far too long Throughout this journey Tommy is gradually put back on the path for which his life was destined with the ultimate purpose of serving victims and understanding the true meaning of justice forgiveness and Lov.

(EBOOK / PDF) Scouts Dishonor author Tommy Womeldorf

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