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(Candy Barr The Small Town Texas Runaway Who Became a Darling of the Mob and the ueen of Las Vegas Burlesue) PDF/EPUB ç Ted Schwarz

Candy Barr The Small Town Texas Runaway Who Became a Darling of the Mob and the ueen of Las Vegas Burlesue by Ted Schwarz Taylor Trade Publishing 2008 Biography In a nutshell a small town Texas girl is abused on all sides as a kid She was a gorgeous girl and was born into a family nest of perverts and imbeciles in small town Texas in the 1930 s The first half of the book is fairly shocking it s not about burlesue it s about cruelty the institutionalized ape of a child and the subjugation degradation Jane Doe and the Cradle of All Worlds reuired to break an individual s will in preparation for being turned out into a life of prostitution The second half of the story in which the protagonistises to the glamourous life of stripper burlesue dancer is boring and simply filler This Is That Even a Country, Sir! reader assumes that the authors have over hyped the subject s passing acuaintances with notorious public figures into high drama for the purpose of padding a thin manuscript into this biography which even came with a salacious title Myating 6510 finished 912010 This is not a light うそつきリリィ 3 [Usotsuki Lily 3] read Tragic and heavy but interesting I tried toead this but the story was just The Prince really getting to me Too many bad things happened with no hope of any type of salvation for the authornot uplifting at all I know it was true but it just made me too sad to finish it Theeviews I ve A Bold Carnivore: An Alphabet of Predators read of this book are kind of harsh if not stupid Just as an aside finding a book s subject matter upsetting is noteason to give it a Goodbye Sarajevo: A True Story of Courage, Love and Survival review especially if you never even FINISHED READING IT But I digress I do find it technically to be a little sloppy in spotsButI got this book asesearch for the novel I m working on about a former porn star but also because I find Barr s story fascinatingTalk about a book that gives you an insight into true Lifting rape culture or exploitation of women I put those two terms in uotation marks because they get tossed around like the people who use them know what theyeally mean The implication of their use is that in 2014 a woman doing porn or a man looking at it are necessarily contributing to a Mathruhridayam rape culture or exploitation of womenBut back in 40s 50s Texas if we are to believe this biography thereeally LITERALLY was a culture of exploitation and ape exemplified by what the author calls the capture where a young girl usually in her teens would get kidnapped and forced into prostitution And th. Born Juanita Slusher in Edna Texas in 1935 the entertainer who became Candy Barr was perhaps the last great dancer in burlesue a stripper who insisted on live improvisational music and who at one time commanded 2000 a week in 1950s Las Vegas But as Juanita she had started life as a prematurely well developed thir.

At s what happened to Juanita Slusher Candy s eal nameThe A Life In School: What The Teacher Learned rape culture in 40s 50s 60s Texas was a criminal operation in which kidnapped women were forced into prostitution and kept there until they either died or were for lack of a better way of putting it used up They were kept there by force Juanita for instance was picked up hitchhiking at age 15 and forced into it Even BEFORE Juanita was captured though as a child she was serially sexually abused byelatives and close acuaintances of the family Her story is doubly horrific even though it ended with her escaping the capture and becoming a celebrityThe worst thing about the capture was that it truly was ape culture The law ignored the problem and in fact was part of it Women were considered subservient to men the prostitutes therefore didn t matter and in many cases the police not only turned the other way but essentially protected the pimps and the johns so that they could continue to exploit these womenOne big eason Many of the men who freuented these prostitutes went on to prominent positions in the community in business or government A prostitute therefore was considered expendable compared to the The House That Had Enough reputation of the man who freuented herJuanita ended up married to two of the men who controlled her in the capture but somehow escaped the fate of a lot of these women and through a series of breaks became a dancer who took on the stage name Candy Barr leaving prostitution and the capture behind Candy became perhaps the best known stripper of her time performing not only at clubs and parties in Dallas but eventually as a showgirl in Las VegasOh and Candy had a bookAccording to Joe Ash a former Dallas judge and one of the few public officials who was willing to talk and be identified by name in the book the book wasan address book of all the who s who in Dallas fullumor had it of the names of men who had known Candy back when she was turning tricks as JuanitaEveryone looked for that book Ash said And I can The Devil's Snake Curve: A Fan's Notes From Left Field remember some old newspaper stories saying that that book was going to surface or somebody had that book which would have been trouble so of course as these menose in prominence in the Dallas community and gained financial and political power they wanted to get Candy s happy ass out of circulation said Ash They were becoming federal judges and people like that. Teen year old The March Up: Taking Baghdad with the 1st Marine Division runaway victimized by a Dallasitual known as the capture that enslaved her into prostitution for a time turning over 4000 tricks a year before she was able to escape A lover of Mickey Cohen's and friend to Jack Ruby Barr's tumultuous life included a period of imprisonment on trumped up drug charge.

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And they couldn t have their names known Developers builders city planners etc Candy Barr wasn t putting a bite on them They were scared A minister would be Pimpinella Meerprinzessin 1: Ankunft im Muschelschloss (German Edition) ridden out of town on aail if he messed around No one Schwarz writes dared get caught in Candy Barr s address bookThe actual book was apparently just a list of first names and phone numbers that Candy used to book private dance appearances at parties But the THREAT of the book meant that Juanita was harrassed by the police busted for vagrancy and other charges and eventually sent to jail for possession of an ounce of marijuana serving three years of a 12 year sentenceFrom this biography I got the impression that Candy was someone who took her clothes off onstage not because she was an exhibitionist or because she was forced into it but because maybe it gave her a little bit of a feeling of control over her body in other words by being a stripper she actually was NOT being exploited any longer After all she d been through what she was doing onstage was truly to use two overused phrases empowering and her Das kurze Leben der Sophie Scholl reclaiming her sexuality Because up to her age of consent she was anything BUT empowered and everyone BUT her claimed and took and used her body sexually To Candy Barr stripping and dancing onstage was LIBERATION her way of taking back her body and taking control of her body and her sexuality in ways she couldn t when she was caught in the capture all those years before and I suspect in ways that people who toss around all those bullshit phrases about porn empowerment demeaning exploitationape culture taking back your body etc could never REALLY understandJuanita Slusher was a prostitute she said later Juanita Dabbs her first married name was a prostitute Juanita Phillips her second married name was a prostitute All those Juanitas probably turned 4000 tricks a year But Candy Barr was a dancer an entertainer a star Candy Barr was the very essence of myselfFascinating gripping Défendre Jacob reading and it s giving me a lot of great ideas for my novel and my characters Ted Schwarz is not an author he is a seasoned authorcoauthorghostwriter a producer of book product This story would make a great documentary or film It s hard to tell what kind of novel it would make This book sensationalizes things that don t need any sexing up and generallyeads like a 12 year old s book Darfur's Sorrow: A History of Destruction and Genocide report. S an appearance in a crude 20 minute stag film and unlikelyole in the investigation into the assassination of John F Kennedy Based on over 100 hours of exclusive interviews with Barr this book is not just the story of Juanita and Candy but also paints an unflattering picture of all those who sought to exploit

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