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S was a really good way to explain the background of a secondary very secondary character Marat Azarov appeared n the previous book but you never found out how he became part of the company so I feel that putting him Claim the Night (The Claiming in a novella was a good way of explaining this withoutt seeming out of place I like his character that he seems for lack of a better word decent than some of the other mercenaries I like the way his relationship developed with Ying She was a great character and I hope we get to see a bit of her Claimed by Desire in the next bookThis was a fun short story thats a great addition to the series I would totally recommend reading this especially Say Youll Remember Me if you have kept up with the series so far Very enjoyable While I usually have no problems with Ruby Lionsdrake s AKA Lindsay Buroker writing this story left me feeling very uncomfortable While I really liked Azarov and his blundering do good ness and I had to admire Ying and her determinationnot all was wellWhile Ying decries loudly and repeatedly that she doesn t need nor want help she really does wantt and as Accidental Bodyguard is made painfully obvious later needst desperately Of course Well Azarov needs a reason to get nvolved I could overlook that I mean really why would a woman be able to accomplish anything on her own sarcasm Excuses for the bitterness please except for one major ssue In her plan to seek revenge she s setting herself up to be raped She admits Mehr als das it She admits that she probably won t have the chance to kill the guy before he rapes her Repeatedly perhaps Likelyn fact With some torture thrown The Accidental Cowboy (Angel Crossing, Arizona, in for good measure toof I m reading him right Including the possibility of a sedative What fun And she still doesn t try for another plan She goes along blithely as though rape Abby and the Bachelor Cop isn t really a big deal As though because she s aware of thist s not really rapeview spoilerAnd how about the fact that a few hours maybe after she was Eye to Eye in a severe fight and beat up pretty badly with a guyntent on raping her she s Accidentally Expecting initiating sex with another guy I can t sayt wouldn t happen what with the way people respond to different things but I ve read this sort of stuff before and I ve never bought t To me f someone Herzrivalen is nearly raped the last thing they re going to wants sex hide spoiler I ve been enjoying this series but found this one to be weaker than the others I ve read so far Marat s book smart and world stupid Despite his education and military experience he keeps finding himself n unexpected and uestionable situations He kind of falls for Ying at first sight when she s being auctioned off at a slave fair Ying Alaskan Nights is supposed to be an experienced assassin yet shows no ability fo. Ot appreciate hisnterference In an attempt to redeem himself and perhaps win her regard he concocts a plot that even his grenade flinging colleague Striker deems unwise Soon he.

(The Pirate Captains Daughter Mandrake Company #55) PDF KINDLE í Ruby Lionsdrake

175 stars rounded to 2 This was a little boring but definitely not as bad as book five of this series It s so strange that I d find a story about a mercenary and pirate captain s daughter dull but t s what t s However I must say that I found the MCs backstories compelling than some of the MCs n previous books There was an emotional component that was missing n all the stories except for book three with Jamie and SergeiI enjoyed the alt This was an engaging uick short story However I think this Always Look Twice is the one story out of everything I ve read by the author under both pen names that I wasn t too wild about There were a couple of things that I just couldn t get otherwise there were some aspects that I was used to reading and enjoying sot messed with how I felt regarding the book as a wholeIt was good to see that Ankari finally got her cook The hero being a character from a previous book and one newly All For You: Halfway There / Buckhorn Ever After / The One You Want / One Perfect Night introduced was a surprise for the most part I found Marat endearing and sweet He has a real white knight syndrome going on andt was Any Man Of Mine interesting to showt working against Striker s jerkiness Some of the lines had me wondering Annalee And The Lawman if theres going on The Apollonides Mistress Scandal in that little brain of his than has previously been shown thoughI wasn t too wild about Ying s only strength being as a chemist or poisoner for her father If she was an assassin wouldn t she have a better knowledge of how to get things done I didn t like how she had these grandiose plans to avenge her father that turned out to be half baked and pretty lame I mean there was that one point where she was trussed up and pretty much helpless I wasn t too keen on her accepting that she had to put up with the possibility of being sexually torturedraped It was pretty brazen to plot to be sold as a slave for that purpose I would think thatf you were going to plan to have to deal with that part that you would do a lot preparation I would also think that a sane person would try to figure something else out but I guess t might ve been of a salacious and sensationalistic sort of plot for a story I don t want to say anything bad about the author I have loved her books for years and years and nothing pleases everyone all of the time so there s bound to be something that bothers someone and this bothered meAlso the death knell for me was the shower scene Using a washcloth there really Did anyone else not cringe at thatSo this Anything For His Son is the story that I like least out of everything I ve read by the author andt pains me to have to say that because I admire the others a lot For a short storynovella this was a pretty decent length More than I was expecting n factI thought that thi. Firefighter and mercenary Marat Azarov thinks he’s being noble when he rescues a beautiful slave woman from certain torture Alas she turns out to be than she appears and does

R sizing up her prey or realistic planning Both are dealistic an Short sh side story featuring one of the newer members of Mandrake Company Also another POC heroine yay More explanation about the colonization of this part of space which s nteresting speculation on how humans might actually cooperate to get off of Earth and what would happen once we found nhabitable planets Seems logical that the US would have to cooperate with another world power to make space travel a viable option a Meh This was short and boring The male hero was vastly uninteresting and the female was supposed to be a kick ass revenge seeking Asian chickShe came across as vastly stupid and ncompetent Her plan for revenge was so ncredibly badly thought out And just one thing Being a chemist who can mix poisons might be nice as a sideline but for being a true assassin Annie and the Outlaw it might be convenient to have some other strengths at your disposal shaking my head I had a lot of fun reading this opposites attract romance The heros a beta hero which I love and the heroine ANNIE AND THE PRINCE is a kick ass pirate who does not need to be rescued at all And then they both learn about trust Its sweet romance with lots actionI challenge this author to make Striker The Single Dad's Redemption into a hero Strikers a crude and clueless It would be fun to see him get his own book Really enjoying this series Yikes this one was tough for me Our first scene s n a slave auction and I never got past that particularly since the hero s appalled but pretty accepting that this s a thing The Apple Orchard in this world for example he rescues one woman but there are a bunch of others that he just leaves I was extra uncomfortable that this seriess fairly white and light on references to race but the enslaved women that were mentioned were explicitly mentioned as people of colorAfter this opening the rest When Hitler Took Austria: A Memoir of Heroic Faith by the Chancellor's Son is a pretty fun enemies to lovers romance with some good hate chemistry between the protagonists and a fierce heroine thats not at all helpless But the first scene left such an awful taste n my mouth I spent the whole book wishing the author had set up the situation n a slightly different wayThanks to Goodreads and Ruby Lionsdrake I won a copy of the complete Mandrake series and am slowly working my way through all 7 books Be careful what you wish forThe heading was meant to warn folks of pitfalls of hubris Not everything can be bad especially when events only presents few good outcomes for your future Looks can be deceiving when one hasn t all the facts So when Fortune turns up just don t wait too friggin long The unveiling of staunch friends should be celebrated with a ship dinner by the newly hired cookchef. ’s blowing up androids being shot at by pirates and earning the wrath of his own boss and he’s not even sure f the woman likes him Some days t doesn’t pay to be a mercena.

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